DPT  = Diphterie, Pertussis, Tetanus Vaccine


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[David Kent Warkentin]


Local skin symptoms (near site of injection)

Pain (50%).

Redness (37%).

“A giant hive 1/6th of an inch by 3 inches. Red, purple, hot, swollen, walnut size lump.



Other skin symptoms:

Swelling of face, hands, and feet.



Over 100° F (50%)/Over 102° F (5%)

Occurring rapidly.

With hallucinations.

With convulsions.


Diarrhea (Chronic).

Yellow, curdy, “strange smelling”, offensive.

“Greenish and curdish?”

“Violent dark green, almost black diarrhea”.

“Clumps of mucus”.

“Violent explosive gas every few minutes”.

“Yellow, looks like attic foam insulation.”

Projectile vomiting.

Anorexia and weight loss (chronic).

Respiratory Organs:

“Constant runny nose”. (Chronic).

Clear discharge.

Nasal congestion.

“Allergies” (chronic).

< spring and fall.

Ear infection (chronic).

Sore throat.


Protracted coughing – up to 30 minutes, croup, hard, with vomiting, must sit up.

Spasmodic, “pertusis-like”.

“Cough day and night.”


Bronchial asthma (chronic).

“Allergies to milk”.


“Strange high pitched cry”.

“Terrible screams,” rigid with head bent back, eyes open.

High-pitched piercing screaming.

Walking at night with high pitched screaming (chronic). Brief period of sleep interrupted by long bouts of screaming (chronic).

“Persistent inconsolable crying continues for hours or days.”

Cri encephalique, “a thin high-pitched eerie wailing sound”.

Collapse with white or ashen skin, and death like unconsciousness (more than 1 in 1750).

“She `d turn blue and didn`t appear to be breathing. She`d start breathing on being shaken” with white skin and blue or purple-blue around mouth – going to death.

Periods of unconsciousness (chronic).



Loss of muscle control.

Flaccid paralysis.

“Nonresponsive, limp, flaccid, with screaming, eyes rolled back in his head.”

Seizures (chronic).

“Sitting, staring ahead with eyes dilated and mouth open. Her lips were blue and her body stiff. The right side of the body would tremble and she`d occasionally make sucking sounds”.

Extremely brief “generalized bending’ or “Jack knife” spasms with sudden forward dropping of the head with adduction and flexion of the arms (with hypsarrhythmia, as EEG abnormality).

“After a short period of starting, dropping head to chest and falling asleep with eyes open; progressed to starting and sudden violent jerking of upper body forward.”

“Her hands would go straight up in the air, her feet would go straight out, and she would clench her fists and hold her breath for 2 t o3 seconds, and then cry a high shrill cry”.

“Tremor of insanity” in the hands and feet.

“Open eyes and mouth and utters a brief shout shortly after falling asleep.” With or without fever.

“Generally tonic-clonic, resistant to routine anticonvulsant therapy and with poor intellectual prognosis”.

Difficult or impossible to control with medication.

Grand-mal, petit mal, and localized of lower limbs.

Eyes twitching.

Dyslexia, visual perception problems, auditory processing deficit, fine motor delay, and an attention span deficit. (Chronic).

Learning disabilities (chronic).

Brain damage (chronic).

Cerebral palsy.

Viral meningitis.


“Screaming as if afraid of being dropped”.

“Timid, nervous, trembling, fearful child, screams in terror at the sight of balloons or the idea of leaving the house. HE wouldn`t enter the room if someone was chewing gum. He wouldn`t leave the doorstep when we went out. He`d just stand there and scream and shake until we picked him up”. (chronic).

“Ran around the house and hid as if was frightened to death”.

“Sudden fear while playing, with desire to be held (a great feeling of anxiety and doom)” (chronic).

“Restless, hyperactive”. (chronic).

“Hyperactive, to the point of being out of control.’

“Explosive, emotional dynamics.”

“Unable to sit still for more than a few minutes, cries easily without warning”. (chronic)

“Does not want to be held, rocked or fed. Pushes the food away. Would arch his back when crying, especially if being held”. (chronic)

“Screaming temper tantrums”. (chronic)

“Passive, in a daze as if sleep walking”.


Excessive sleepiness.

Deep stuporous sleep; “unable to be awakened”.


Infantile spasms.


Hemolytic anemia.

Yellow skin, colourless lips.





Increased susceptibility in premature babies (especially if there is a family history of milk allergies).

Readers will notice that DPT may prove to be a valuable addition to our materia medica for fevers, febrile convulsions, seizures; SIDS and diarrheas, especially when these are found with classic high- pitched inconsolable crying.

Reference – Quarterly Homoeopathic Digest, Vol. IX. No 1/ 92.


Injections are not innocuous, they may have adverse effects.



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