Abies ceya = Balsh Fir/= Blister Fir


Vergleich: Siehe: Tracheobiontha


One of the more important conifers of the Boreal Forest, a small to medium-sized evergreen conifer, averaging 15 to 23 m (50 to 75 ft) in height; symmetrical topped with a dense crown. Branches whorled; branchlets principally opposite in flat sprays with smooth, waxy bark. Bark on trunk of young trees is smooth, with aromatic resin filled blisters, but becoming scaly with aging. Trunk, slightly tapered, is usually covered with dead branches that persist for years, dih.eter up to 60 cm. Roots are shallow; twigs greenish; buds waxy with rounded tips.

Leaves - flat, needle-like, 2-3 cm (1 in) long; tip blunt or minutely notched; unstalked and attached spirally to the stem; twisted at the base in two rows making the spray appear flattened. Upper surface shiny and dark green; underside with 2 white bands or lines; margins toothless

Flowers - is monoecious. In spring, 1 year before pollination, male (sth.inate) and female (ovulate or pistillate) strobili differentiate from flower buds. The strobili are microscopically recognizable at this time.

Male strobili usually are distinguishable before the female strobili because they initially develop more rapidly. Flower buds usually open in late May or early June before vegetative buds.

Male strobili (cones), yellowish-red and tinged with purple, develop in the axils of leaves along the undersides of the 1-year-old twigs, usually in dense clusters. Their position in the crown is mostly within 5 m (15 ft) of the top and is almost always below the female strobili. Female strobili (cones) are purplish and are found singly or in small groups, confined to the top 1.5 m (5 ft) of the crown.

They are located on the upper side of the twig and, like the male strobili, develop on the previous year's twig. Flower production is best on the outer end of branches. At maturity, male flowers are about 3 mm (0.1 in) long; female flowers are about 25 mm (1.0 in) long.

Fruit - Pollen grains are yellow; when developed. The mature fruit is an erect cone 5 to 10 cm (2 - 4 in) long with short, round, irregularly notched scales and pointed tips. There are thin, closely overlapping fan-shaped scales near the center of the cone. The cone matures and ripens during late August and early September. The scales and shorter bracts drop away with the winged seeds, leaving the bract, which can persist for many years.

Balsh. Fir grows in all moisture regimes and soil textures; a component in many stand types (mixed woods, pine and tolerant hardwood stands); in conifer swh.ps in association with black spruce, th.arack and eastern white cedar. It is most common in cool, medium to wet sites preferring soil pH of 5.1 to 6 (acid), but tolerant of wider range; shade tolerant; in a wide variety of uplands and lowlands. The least fire resistant conifer in its range, it is usually destroyed, as are the seeds, in a fire.

Range: Newfoundland to Alberta, south to northern Minnesota, east to New Jersey and in mountains of Virginia and West Virginia

The resin or gum is used to make turpentine; resin historically used as remedy for colds, sores and wounds. Balsh. fir wood is soft, light, odourless and white and is used for pulp and light construction lumber.

It is likely best known for its use as a Christmas tree - its fragrance and long lasting needles. The buds, leaves, seeds, sap, bark and twigs provide food for many animals and birds.


Used for this proving was a piece from a dead branch taken from the live tree as shown in picture on page 1; the specimen was taken from the tallest tree in centre of picture.

We used a small piece from this specimen, shown below, including the dried red needles and bud. (Proving co-ordinator’s note: the reason I chose a dried reddish piece for the proving was twofold.

First, 1 h. very interested in ageing processes and life cycles, and how the oldness or near-deadness of a plant specimen may be reflected in human symptomatology and feeling states.

Secondly, the enchanting smell of these dried branches is one of the quintessential smells of North H.erica, both out in the bush, and in the home, as the Christmas tree starts to dry out and drop its needles.-C.S.)

The proving took place in a private home in Toronto, Canada, where a group, including Homeopaths and Naturopaths, had gathered to view the DVD recording of Frans Vermeulen’s seminar “Conifers in Homeopathy“ originally presented in Berkeley, California, September 23rd to 25th, 2005. The proving specimen was gathered by Christopher Sowton, ND, FCAH, and facilitator for the event.

At 9:28 h. on Saturday, January 28, 2006, the trituration began of the specimen, as described above, into lactose powder and progressed to potency of 3C. At this point it was dissolved in alcohol and the resultant liquid form was further diluted and succussed to make a potency of 30 C. A drop of this was then dropped into vials of sac lac pellets, one for each person in attendance, and labeled properly.

Symptoms were recorded as they occurred during the preparation procedure - most provers had some significant symptoms during this time. In the report, these symptoms are bulleted under the time they occurred. Provers took the remedy pellet that evening, January 28th; some provers decided not to take the remedy [Provers # 3, #4, and #6] as stated. Resultant symptoms and dreh.s were recorded and discussed the

following morning before continuing the seminar. 

More ‘live’ symptoms were recorded that day, January 29th.

Provers were asked to continue observing for a few weeks following that weekend and report symptoms that they attribute to Abies Balsh.ea.

Elaine S. Hutchison, BA, HD

Proving Data Coordinator

Special Thanks to

Laura Margaritis, ND, “Live” Data Recorder,

Mara Zadnoff, for opening her home to the workshop and proving,

And to All Provers

Proving Supervisor

Christopher Sowton, BA, ND, FCAH


red needles and buds from a dead branch taken from a live tree

Prover #1

January 28, 2006 (began triturating at 9:25 h.)

• Sensation of ears filling upon smelling the branch as it was being triturated

• Prover is feeling protective of the proving...does not want to give up her turn triturating for someone else to take over

• Itchy nostrils (both) and outside L-nose feels like nose hairs standing on end

• Left ear full up to temple pulsating and feels like muscle behind eye is weak

• Fullness in left ear moving up into head

• Felt the need for wind and air and sun and to be away from group so went outside and ear fullness got better, but when came inside it came back

• Chilliness but being outside I’m not cold (though only 3 - 5° C outside)

10:30 h. (Starting on the C 2 trituration)

• The song, “Me and My Shadow” going through my head

• Uplifted spirit, happy camper feeling

• L-ear fills up

• Desire to go outside (beautiful, warm day outside...unusual winter day) (several provers)

• Restless, don’t want to sit anymore


• pain in back of neck may be associated with hitting my head on the pool wall

• Feeling of clarity

January 29th


1. --like a snapshot, as if I was higher up, and on the road there were two bare trees, ready for logging and they had been forgotten and somebody was coming back

for them...feeling of “stoic” as if the trees being logged should be upsetting but that is just the way it goes...part of life that you have to get used to...logs were

long and thin and part were on the road and part were on the grey road...branches had been cut off so they were long, bare brown logs, a little bit shiny, as they had been stripped of bark. - - - -

2. I was in my teenage home and the doorbell rang and my dog would not let me go to answer door...he put his snout underneath my Right rib just underneath my breast to prevent me from

going...he pushed me backward and I fell onto my bum and back...he was aggressively trying to keep me from leaving to go answer the door...he would stop me from even trying to take a step,

he wanted me to stay in one place - - - - -

3. --in the same teenage house and some young girls there who were talking about their mothers and I commented that I should bring my mother in to see what happened...as if they thought

their mothers were bad they had seen nothing yet compared to mine - - - -

January 30th, and After

--I've experienced quite a noticeable shift since taking the remedy.

--Sleeping better

--More grounded

--Less in a hurry--more patient

--Less judgmental of myself and others

--More comfortable in my own skin

--More mature

--Watching and listening more than talking (at least I think so...that may have to be verified by family members!)

--A strong sense that I'm into a new phase or journey in my life

--Easier to adjust to physically painful moments

--Heightened senses--I was already sensitive to perfumes, but now nausea accompanies a more intense headache

--Dream about myself at an older age (saw myself) and the need for air--not just to breathe, but to smell and feel


January 27th, the day before the proving:

• Huge lump in stomach as if did not digest lunch at all

January 28, 2006 (trituration began at 9:25)


• Feel like want to start crying as I triturate, the motion of the trituration brought it on...feeling of sadness...starts to weep

• Wonder if it has antidoted the remedy I h. on (Lycopodium) which was given to address sadness

• Feel so ridiculous (crying)...don’t want to triturate anymore

• The sadness is more of a grief...

• Think I will go for a walk...by myself...reconsiders and takes friend (Prover 10) with her


January 29th (report of Symptoms of evening before)

Took the 30C pellet just before bedtime last night

• Went to bed with vision of forest and feeling of wanting to go towards the trees but somehow being prevented from walking towards it...as if could not allow myself the  pleasure of it (the forest)...

weeps when telling her Symptoms’s...the forest looked like the group of seven painting of the pines

• As I lay drifting off to sleep I saw an image of a pine tree that I felt I wanted to approach, but held back because somehow I thought I shouldn’t.

• After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that the image was of a Jack pine

• Again the feeling was one of sadness

• L. arm got itchy when lay down to bed - this did not last long

• Pressure in stomach

• Developed really dry cough and was really hacking and needed a lot of room-temperature water to get rid of it

• Now, a residual sadness from yesterday as well...weeps

January 30th - after

--I felt good until Tuesday when some of my old symptoms reappeared


January 2th

--had heavy head sensation on Friday night at the movies...as if couldn’t find place to put head and finally put it back against back of chair

January 28, 2006

 (began triturating at 9:25h.)

• Left hand feels colder than right

10:30h. (Starting on the 2C trituration)

• Extremities and head feel icy cold

• Anxiety from mid torso rises upwards, comes and goes

• Strange taste in mouth on l. side

• Head pressure continues..., sometimes goes to the nose

• Upper left chest pressure

• Yawning and sleepy

• Pain in r. hip that is creating spasms in my r. leg with need to stretch it out

January 29

Sunday of proving 

• Felt alone, started in the morning. Everyone ended up taking the remedy, “why didn’t I” running through my mind. Feeling I didn’t want to share how I was feeling, not sure if it was proving or me.

Felt alone in my energetic space all day.

There was a different energy also present, I thought to join it, I couldn’t, didn’t like it. Actually prefer the alone energetic space than the other energetic space present. 

January 30 and After

--On the Tuesday evening after the proving (day 3) I became angry. Thoughts were going through my mind of the Sunday of the weekend and my feelings.  How I look at it all now, is that there was

a split that occurred on the last day of the weekend. One polar side, and I took the other side, feeling alone, not a part of the group, and not wanting to share. Mostly because I thought it was my typical stuff,

feeling alone, the energetic space

I ended up in, I was alone. 

But it was part of the proving, because a split happened. 

--I became angry at coordinator; if he was holding this, why didn’t he hold the energies, and lead the proving. Talking about it would have been beneficial, and may have shifted

what was happening, and brought the opposites back together. In the end I feel we weren’t able to express what was happening, so we lost some valuable proving info;

I was mad at that too, why do we do provings if we cannot contain what comes up. 

I was angry at coordinator; a shh.an would have managed it differently. But then if there was something different in me I could have managed it too. I see that I was projecting out to him my own potential, but don’t have the knowledge or something, a good inner mother voice to guide me. 

In short I think I needed the coordinator to be the ‘good mother’ that would have helped me with my feelings, if I could have expressed them and contained them I think there would have been a shift in the energy. This remedy did not manifest a ‘good mother’ at that time for me, this remedy is lacking a ‘good mother’ in general I think. 

--While I was irritating about all this (2 hours), the whole while, there is pulsing in my uterus.

--My next period 2 weeks later was less profuse than normal.


Absent on day of trituration

Nothing to report


January 27, 2006

 – the day before trituration of Abies-b

-- On way home from seminar felt needles pricking in both ears...painful

-- Head pain, band-like sensation as if top half of cranium would lift off because brain was swollen

-- Fear, anxiety about proving...fear of going insane with Symptoms’s

-- fear of ear pain becoming so intense will need to flee but will be unable to escape the pain

January 28, 2006 (trituration began at 9:25h.)


--Started my menses this morning, Day 28...never had a 28 day cycle in my life, usually 35-40+ days

• Feeling strange sensation in throat, makes me have to swallow...maybe globus

• Right eye pressure sensation

• Head feeling too heavy for my neck as it did last night

(Starting on the 2C trituration)

• Extremities and head feel icy cold

• Numbness/paraesthesia traveling down l. arm, mildly painful

• Strange linear pain in l. leg momentarily

• Itching on left side under arm on torso

• Still icy internal coldness felt, < feet and extremities

• Slight pulsating pain starting deep inside head on l. side frontal area deep behind and above l. eye

• Itching here and there, scalp, back of neck, upper arm...mostly R-sided

• Spasm in right eye

• Flatus, offensive smell

• Uncontrollable gas that passes with sound (unusual)

1:45pm (diluting and succussing to C30)

• Hair standing on end all over body...strange sensation/premonition

• Sharp pain in left thumb as typing

• Lightheadedness

• Free-floating anxiety

• Sore throat starting...mild sharp, stinging pains

• Top of head (hemicrania) pressure like last night, feeling as if brain too large to fit in cranium...waves of pain

• Feeling as if outside of self...soul is only loosely connected to my physical body

• Heaviness to the afternoon...feeling in the room

• Notice I h. nodding my head back and forth slowly and rhythmically (bobbing) and head feels heavy

• As if spirit separating from body

• Feeling like going to pass out, hot flash, lightheaded, palpitations of the heart

• Left hand curled in (wrist flexion), went limp

• All these symptoms ch.e on suddenly, when passed felt weak and shaky

January 29th

• Hacking cough this morning, sounded like smokers cough and irritated my throat


1. wolves - - - -

2. broken bones, lots of them - - - -

3. going to HS dance in my local church hall and looking for somebody to go with...people from my life now in the dreh. but the time was as if back in HS

4. picking up new business cards and they were done horribly...the print coming off not perforated yet, done really shitty and I was irate with the print shop staff but could not

find who I needed to yell at...even looking for them out in the parking lot...

the printshop was as if in one of those pharmacies where the postal outlet is at the back in a corner...the printshop was tucked back in the corner of some other store/pharmacy

January 30th: Symptoms on or after

Note received March 9th, 2006: --

It is difficult for me to attribute symptoms to the Abies-balsamea proving as I am so often "overtaken" by the various remedies I come into contact with while dispensing remedies

to my patients...even reading materia medica has induced proving symptoms in me before but in the hopes that other provers may have experienced something similar (thus making

it easier to ascribe to Abies-b) here are the most profound new additions I can offer:

1. The week after the proving a large red pimple, erupted on my right cheek, that never came to a head but was red and angry and sore...it lasted almost 3 weeks before my face went

back to normal...very unusual for me to get acne...virtually never happens.

2. This is more recent. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that both sides of my neck were really itchy, underneath my ears, and I wondered if I was coming down with a viral infection.

No enlarged lymph nodes, just very itchy.

After several days of this itch without any eruption, both sides of my neck (in a peculiarly symmetrical pattern) have erupted in a hot, red, scaly, dry, eczematous-type rash

 (absolutely no eczema in my family, I have never experienced anything like it)...it continues to be voluptuously itchy and burns now as well as I have itched some areas raw...it looks

horrendous and I have to wear my hair down (I prefer to wear it up in practice as I feel it makes me look a little less like a teenager :)...with this outbreak I have experienced a lot of anxiety,

wondering if something serious is wrong with me...my mother thought it looked like shingles but there are no systemic symptoms with it and there was no vesicular stage...now the skin is

indurated as well and you can palpate swollen (non-tender) lymph nodes underneath, especially on the left side...possibly a reaction to dry-cleaning chemicals because I had my coat

dry-cleaned and the area on the neck is just where the collar of the coat rests...I have never had a reaction to dry-cleaning chemicals before and while I certainly don't have much dry-cleaned

(just my coat once a year and a wool suit about once a year too), I have never before reacted to these articles post-dry-cleaning so really don't know what to make of all this...

July 25, 2006: The Skin Symptom Continues

Update and pictures received:

It has been determined that the eruption on my neck (formal diagnosis from a fellow naturopath with much knowledge in skin disorders) that began a week or so after the Vermeulen weekend,

and has gotten progressively worse, spreading symmetrically across the back of my neck, is a tinea infection. 

The weird presentation is that it is almost exactly symmetrical on both sides of my neck, with a separation between both sides at the spine. It has spread all the way up, along the hairline, to

behind my ears, and is appearing on my ears as well now. It is fiery red (this waxes and wanes, although lately has been really bad) and is extremely itchy and burning hot, especially aggravated

in the evening although the last few days has been more often.

Since it showed up, it has progressively spread and now almost comes around to the front of my neck.  I had suspected tinea last week when I looked at it using a mirror and noticed some

central clearing (the sharply demarcated edges are raised and the most itchy areas).

I have begun an aggressive anti-fungal botanical protocol (both topical and internal) since receiving the official diagnosis and hope it finally goes away.

September 21, 2006

....Symptoms continue...

I see a dermatologist this month to get it tested to confirm the diagnosis of tinea, but for all intents and purposes, we are fairly certain that is what it turned out to be as it did respond almost

immediately to herbal antifungal treatment (while it had not responded to anything before that). It recently began flaring up again and I have been in communication with two well known

Homeopaths about trying to figure out how to more completely deal with it.


January 28, 2006

--No Symptoms reported

January 29th

--Went to dinner party last night so did not take the remedy

...really wanted to be with them so I went and had a lot of fun, felt good

No other Symptoms reported


January 28, 2006

--No Symptoms reported

January 29th

--Remedy taken last night

• Feel unusually clear and good

• Woke up this morning at 6 h. to noisy, bubbly borborygmi starting from low central abdomen and moving upwards (to solar plexus), as if in ginger ale or champagne where you see a straight

line of bubbles going upwards (unusual) and it happened every 3 seconds, regularly

1. Dream: a friend, male, who was in charge of a project that involved many people but was very personal to him and I was consulting on the project...he was like a foreman on a construction site...

another woman there involved who I didn’t know...it was Friday and the day to usually pay the people on the project so I asked for a cheque and he went inside a temporary tent like structure and

said “I thought you said you didn’t need to be paid this week” and I said, “okay, don’t worry about it”...and he called the whole thing off and told me not to bother coming back...he changed really

quickly and was like, “forget the whole thing”...I felt bad that I had provoked this.

January 30th: Symptoms on or after

--I think the only symptom I can positively attribute to the Abies-b was the eruption on my scalp--small resinous sticky blisters that came out 3 to 7 days after taking the remedy-

-not painful or itchy, but slightly irritating (I wanted to pick at them) and they had small flecks of blood in them


January 28, 2006


• Frequent urination

10:30h. (Starting on the 2C trituration)

• Restlessness, cannot sit down

• Sensation of fullness on l. frontal side as if a pounding from inside out

• Forgot to add more milk sugar at correct time, feeling attacked by group

• Mesmerized by the rhythm of trituration, as if the pestle was an extension of my hand, as if the pestle was moving without applying force

• Trance-like while triturating, almost did not want to stop

• Feel like coming down off a run after doing my shift triturating, hot

• Time distortion...looked at watch and only 5 minutes had passed and felt like 10-15 minutes

• Restlessness

• Nodding off for a nap

January 29th

--Took remedy, last night, but don’t remember a whole lot, but didn’t sleep well...had eaten too much before going to bed

--Woke to go to bathroom and evacuated my bowels and felt good, but when alarm went off shortly after I was really annoyed

--Draft off duct in shower really bothered me, the draft while I was in the shower...I hated it

Both Days

• wanting to stand more than usual

January 30th: Symptoms on or after

-- No additional Symptoms reported


January 27th, 2006

Before proving (which is being done tomorrow)

• Craving for meat last night (27th)

• Also, a really bad left sided headache

January 28th, 2006 (trituration began at 9:25h.)

• Sensation of urging to urination (also felt yesterday)

• Feel as if have poppy seed stuck in my throat

• Burning, pricking sensation in l. testicle

• Head pain, threatening, over left eye...later moved to right eye

• Pressure over l. eye

• Frequent urination

10:30h. (Starting on the 2C trituration)

• Lower bowel cramp may be due to coffee

• Sticking pain in L-throat and spasm/twinge in l. kidney

• Pain on l. edge of shoulder blade, like from tension

11:40h. (Starting C3 trituration)

• Secretive quality, I want to whisper my Symptoms’s to recorder, rather than broadcast them out loud

• Desire to get up and take turn triturating but did not feel like I had right to assert myself and take a turn

• Stitching pain in l. kidney and prickling in L-testicle again (....now triturating)

• Cramping pain in l. kidney

• Nodding off for a nap (earlier)

• Sharp pain l. occiput

• Brief stab in bladder, just left of centre

January 29th

Took Remedy last night

• pricking sensation at the end of urination continues

• l. side headache persisting today


1. --started out on a plane and had forgotten something and one of the stewardesses was going to bring whatever I had forgotten to me and that was when the dream

changed to the warehouse and the pursuit started...in a warehouse and had to escape (as if I was somewhere I shouldn’t have been, maybe related to government), people were hunting

me down, they had a paintball/spray gun, I was shot with this thick, resinous, sticky chemical on the back/side so they could identify me...the chemical made my clothes stick to me and

restricted my movement...then open fields with lots of fences and had to find place to jump fence to get away from these people...jumped fence and was in old park near where grew up

and went into friends backyard and friends sister was pregnant...people swimming in neighbours pool...and the idea/sensation that her husband had just recently died after they conceived...

she was still her normal happy self...after dreh. this morning pulled an angel card and it was “expecting” - - - - -

Both Days

• wanting to stand more than usual

January 30th: Symptoms on or after

Dream: --A week after taking the remedy, I had a dreh. that someone cut down the big pine tree on the front lawn of the home where I grew up. I was really upset - - - - -


January 28, 2006 (trituration began at 9:25h.)


• Chilly in torso

• Concentration gone, feeling of dissociation from reality; altered consciousness “As if pulling inside somewhere away from normal”; cannot comprehend what is said on DVD

and have to work to focus on it; this uncomfortable state lasted about half an hour

• Cool feeling in back of throat, high in my throat

• Perspiration across breasts, head, some on back and in armpits and neck

• Pressure in l. side of head

• Feeling of pressure in head

• Feel cold

• My body fights this

• My feet are extremely cold but rest of me is warm and fine

• My concentration is slowly coming back

• Feeling really hungry despite eating breakfast

• Hungry for sweets (unusual)

• R. eye felt really cold

• Sexual arousal, in washroom after urinating; not unusual for me to have in the wrong places...opens up a whole issue of this for me in my background and in dealings with

my partner and inability to express it in way I want to...whispered this Symptoms to recorder; brief, lasted maybe 5 minutes


1:45 pm (diluting and succussing to C30—group together around table)

• Anxiety felt in stomach, abdomen

• Anxiety that started in abdomen, went to heart, then to back, and went out left scapula with burning pain quality to the anxiety

Periodically during day

• As if can smell somebody smoking cigarette (no smokers in group); seems associated with drinking coffee - taste/smell distortion?

January 29th

--cigarette smell again while having a coffee when I got home last night

--last night more impatient with other people’s annoying behavior and rudeness

--excessive confusion of mind; excessive fear and disorganization in trying to speak in front of people -memory loss for the words- felt humiliated

--Took Remedy about half an hour before bed (before shower)

--found the remedy tasted very sweet with a hint of the balsam fir taste to it

--first, had an empty, hollow, vacuum feeling in my stomach, and was hungry

--went to bed in the nude (will do that sometimes) and felt completely comfortable

--stabbing sharp pain in my right heel with feeling of a crack in my heel at same time as a sharp pain in radius bone of right forearm—made me ‘jump’

--slept well and woke up at 3:30h. (usually wake up at 5:15h.)

--had to have the fan on all night and window open (need window open normally, but unusual to want fan on in winter)

--desire to get out and walk in the wind...it was exciting...when I was younger I loved walking in the wind and loved the seashore in the wind

--spent some time crying this morning about my pathetic attempts at a speech last night...I was seeing myself doing the speaking and feeling the agony of my

attempt...feeling was pity, not the usual self-condemnation

• Continue to smell somebody smoking cigarette when drinking coffee today

• Today feel unusually clear and good

• Noise in the room distracted concentration

• Felt happy as allergies and sensitivities were diminished—I could join in group activities without being “hit”


1. –of another prover who had huge shoulders like a football player but a weak neck; was having trouble holding his head up—it kept flopping to one side or the other,

so I offered my blow-up pillow to him to help hold his head up but he didn’t want it--as he walked away his head kept falling over...I worried that he had strained

his neck at the dance - - - - -

2. --Cleaning my husband’s car, although it was a late 60’s model white Cadillac like my brother collects, which I had parked by the curb at an ocean beachfront. I was cleaning raisins

and dirt out of the car and thinking that I should be cleaning my own car and was going to run out of time to do my own car...thought I’d have to move the car to get to the other side

to clean but then I’d be parked in the wrong direction and worried about getting a ticket...then I go to my house and a woman there is also concerned with being distracted and wasting

time...later I am a passenger in my own car and the driver stops real fast throwing myself and a woman with me high up into the air and we land on that beach front -puzzled as to why it

happened- sandy beach, big waves coming in (usually have dreams of my car being stolen, damaged, smashed, but in this dream it was not damaged, I was just thrown out of it when

someone else, female I believe, was driving) - - - - -

January 30th: Symptoms on or after

--On Monday (30th), hopeful gains felt on Sunday plummeted to the other side; Abies-b aggravated and intensified all my M/E issues pushing them deeper, further and altering some

--became deeply depressed, discouraged and pessimistic;

--feeling more inferior and reluctant to approach anyone

--where in periods of depression in past alternated with resentment, anger and self-deprecation— these 3 were basically replaced by self pity and self sympathy (new)

--more easily overwhelmed and confused

--feared dementia as my mother had developed by my age

--MEMORY and brain fag <; brain felt scrh.bled at times (latter not new)

--periods of dizziness and vertigo (slipping mostly to right)

--deeply affected by stories of brutality—weeping much (new Symptoms)

--lethargy, strong desire to do nothing

--impulses, stronger than in past, to quit everything and run away (into planning stage -new Symptoms- lasted intensely about one day)

--2 days after taking Remedy, a friend called on phone and confronted me aggressively about what I considered a trivial issue—she went on & on repeating -I excused myself, said

I would not take any more of that and hung up- normally I would have put up with it until the ranting settled and try to make up—I had no energy for it; resulted in lasting toning down

of relationship which is for the better.

--Blood sugar went out of balance (Hypoglycemia), like 10 yr ago (may explain some of above Symptoms)

--CRAVE SWEETS (a more recent Symptoms which got stronger—for many years I disliked anything sweet)

--eyes SORE, COLD, PHOTOPHOBIA to the point where I could only briefly use my computer even with screen turned down; looking at screen = nausea (new Symptoms)

-lasted many days- nausea still comes now if tired

--low back pain—sacroiliac joint like 6 years ago before therapy began (one day only)

--Urination—larger amounts with thirst for 2 days then switching to scanty with no thirst

--all Symptoms > fresh air, walking in, and > out in windy weather (loved wind as a child to young adult)

--loved my bed & wanted to stay in it longer

--skin felt softer and good after a few days (new, and lasting improvement—with a few ups and downs with the Remedy since)

--that sudden improvement in chronic right heel pain, Achilles tendon insertion area, has remained.

--on 5th day after taking Abies-b, I was given a different Remedy—what Abies-b started essentially continued—this was a strong Remedy for me

Dream: Day 4, (about 7:00 h. on waking)  

“In a Deep Rock Crevice”

--I was deep down at the bottom of a crevice between two vertical rock walls

--was standing as if to walk, but not walking, on the dirt and grassy (yellow & green) pathway between the rock walls—grass very short

--sides, rock walls, go straight up about 100 ft; looking up I could see blue sky—this vision is strong

--my elbows were at about a 90° angle when I put my hands on the walls, which I did—crevice about 3.5 ft wide

--looking forward the crevice seemed to stay about the same distance apart for a long ways....at first there seemed to be a brightness at the end, but then it became hazy, foggy with the

amount of brightness as if under heavy cloud

--intent seemed to be to move fwd but I was not moving, no rush to; just in the surroundings

--remember feeling no emotion....was just there - - - - -



• Ravenously hungry (several)

• Desire to go outside (beautiful, warm day outside...unusual winter day)

• Heaviness to the afternoon...feeling in the room; sleepiness, afternoon

• Head heaviness: Tere-ch, Sabin, Thuj, Tax (perhaps a general conifer symptom)

• Desire to stand more than usual

• Everyone who was triturating stood while in process, despite chair present


The following two dreams were dreamt by the Proving Data Coordinator  during the time that she was collating and organizing the proving symptoms into this report.

October 2nd, 2006

I noticed a woman selling earrings; she had them pinned to the branches of a Balsam Fir (abies balsamea)

tree for display—she had put the stud through the needles or twigs complete with the holder (on the back side of the earring).

In the process of getting them down for a potential buyer to try on she would get the sticky sap on her fingers.

Well this was a problem, so I asked her how she managed to put the earrings on the clients without getting the sticky sap on their ears—not a good combination, earrings and sticky sap!

She just shrugged her shoulders.

Suddenly I remembered that Orange Oil would dissolve this sap; I offered to bring her some. I could not find my bottle of it so I just took to her some rags, which I had soaked earlier with the

orange oil to do some cleaning, to use until I found it.

October 9th [--I had fallen asleep that night thinking of how I was going to organize the introduction to this report]

The Proving Supervisor had designated a case number, which was mine and referring to a particular client of mine, as the number for the Abies-b report. I had already given it another case

number (which in actual reality refers to another of my clients!).

This upset me - I’d have to straighten him out on this!

There was a message on my phone from someone who had inspected the tree; he said that this particular tree had some different characteristics from other Balsa Firs. It was observed that

this tree has its needles farther apart and....the other difference I cannot remember.

I returned the message saying that he should put all this in an email and send it to me. Then I was in some room with the Supervisor asking him how he wanted the pictures arranged on

the introduction page - one or two on the front page.

He began to physically demonstrate, in gross body movements while facing the wall (as if drawing a huge picture) how he wanted them. Then I am looking at a movie screen (size like for home

movies) -a film strip is showing of this same Fir tree being cut down- for inspection! When felled, the base of the tree was toward me;

but NOW the tree was a Spruce - a Red Spruce (ie, picea rubens)! 

I was dismayed that they had cut this tree down! There was no need for it in order to inspect the tree! I was questioning, “Why would they do this!?” when I woke up.



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