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Clematis erecta:


Scrofulous, rheumatic, gonorrhoeal, and syphilitic patients. Acts especially on skin, GLANDS and genito-urinary organs, especially testicles. A remedy of much importance

in disturbances of sleep, and neuralgic PAINS in various parts. Many of these pains are relieved by perspiration. Muscles relaxed or twitching. Great emaciation .

Great sleepiness. Distant pulsation in whole body.

>: in open air. <: at night, and warmth of bed [washing in cold water: new moon - (monthly <:)].


Clematis vitalba (varicose and other ulcers);

Sil.: Staph. Petr. Olnd. Sars. Canth. Ph-ac.;

Antidotes: Puls. Bry. Camph.


Confused feeling:>: in open air

Headache: Boring pain in temples

Eruption on occiput at base of hair, moist, pustular sensitive, itching.

Skin and scalp: out-break on skin, crusts, scabs


Heat in eyes and sensitive to air must close them

Chronic blepharitis, with sore and swollen meibomian glands

Iritis, great sensitiveness to cold

Flickering before eyes

Pustular conjunctivitis, with tinea capitis: eyes inflamed and protruding.

Lids stuck together morning

Discharges of mucus or pus: acrid smelling (strong and sharp):watery


Wounds conjunctiva (external lining of eye):oozing pus (including cornea)

Wounds on lids edges

Ulceration: lids margins


White blisters on face and nose, as if burned by sun

Swelling of submaxillary glands, with hard tubercles throbbing, < being touched

Pain in right side of face to eye, ear and temple,:>: holding cold water in mouth;




Gums and teeth

Teeth: Ache:<: night/from tobacco;

Teeth feel too long.

Teeth pain: left


After eating, weakness in limbs and pulsation in arteries.


Pain: groin region glands


groin region (right/glands)


pain:on beginning to urinate

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire): sudden: must hasten to urinate, or Urine will escape

urination: dribbling (by drops)

involuntary (after urinating)

urination: feeble stream (slow)

urination incomplete (see unsatisfactory)

urination interrupted (intermittent)

urination involuntary, incontinence after urinating (see dribbling)

urination:thin stream

Kidneys: pain: pulling


Sediment:containing pus (see bladder, catarrh and Inflamed)

Emitted drop by drop

Inability to pass all the Urine: dribbling after urinating


Violent erections with stitches in urethra

Tingling in urethra lasting some time after urinating

Urethra feels constricted

Urethra (urinary part of genitals)

pain:burning:during urination


Male Organs:

Testicles indurated with bruised feeling

Swelling of scrotum ( Orchitis.) Right half only

Testicles hang heavy or retracted, with pain along spermatic cord:<:, right side.

Inflamed indurated (hard from inflammation):testes

R/at night

from suppressed gonorrhoea

warmth of bed

pain:testes (sore)

swelling of scrotum:sides of

sweollen testes (r.)

testes and scrotum (balls):relaxed, scrotum

pain: sore: spermatic cords

swelling: spermatic cords: right

thickening: spermatic cords


Ilio-scrotal neuralgia

Troubles from suppressed gonorrhoea

Frequent, scanty urination: burning at orifice

Interrupted flow

Pain < at night, pain along the spermatic cord

Commencing stricture.


Red, burning, vesicular, scaly, scabby

Itches terribly <:, washing in cold water:<: face and hands and Scalp around occiput

glands hot, painful, Swollen:< inguinal glands

Glandular induration and tumors of breast

Varicose ulcers.


washing (in cold water)

Out-breaks on skin

Herpetic (itching/stinging)


rash (see granular):scaly



Dread of bathing


indurated (hard from Inflamed) (glands)

Symptoms not symmetrical:left

Swollen glands

From getting wet:wet applications


Phytolacca americana,


Aching, soreness, restlessness, prostration. Pre-eminently a glandular remedy. Glandular swellings with heat and Inflamed.

Has a powerful effect on fibrous and osseous tissues:fasciae and muscle sheaths:acts on scar tissue. Syphilitic bone pains:chronic rheumatism. Sore throat, quinsy,

and diphtheria. Tetanus and opisthotonos. Decrease of weight. Retarded dentition .

!Externally for mastitis.

<: sensitive to electric changes. Effects of a wetting, when it RAINS, exposure to DAMP, cold weather, night, exposure, motion, right side;

>: warmth, dry weather, rest;

DD.: Tincture of Phytolacca Decandra (sore throats and in the treatment of obesity);

Bry.  Rhus-t: KALI-h: Merc. Sang. Arum-t.

Antidotes: Milk and salt; Bell. Mez.

Inimical: Merc.


Loss of personal delicacy, disregard of surrounding objects

Indifferent to life.

Behaviour:habits:clinch teeth together


On rising (from bed)


Brain feels sore

Pressure in temples and over eyes

Pain from frontal region backward (Headache:pressing) (see bursting, pulling):


Scalp (Rheuma)

Pain comes on every time it rains

Scaly eruption on scalp.



Feeling of sand under lids

Tarsal edges feel hot

Fistula lachrymalis (Fl-ac.) Abundant lachrymation, hot.


arthritic (gouty and rheumatic)

glandular swellings



Dim:after diphtheria


Pain stitching, sudden, sharp when swallowing


Coryza :flow of mucus from One nostril and from posterior nares .



Mapped, indented, fissured, with yellow patch down center

Odour (halitosis, bad breath):putrid

Sensitive lips

Teeth clenched, lower lip drawn down:lips everted:jaws firmly set: chin drawn down on sternum

Gums and teeth:

Teething children with irresistible desire to bite the teeth together

Teeth: wants to bite on something hard, which relieves pain of teething

Pain on biting, chewing

Saliva: much stringy

Tongue Red tip, feels rough and scalded:bleeding from mouth:blisters on side


Discoloration tongue red tip

Tongue: movement of tongue:protruded


Dark red or bluish red

Much pain at root of tongue soft palate and tonsils swollen

“As if lump in throat) (Bell. Lach.) Throat feels rough, narrow, hot

tonsils swollen, especially right:dark-red appearance

Shooting pain into ears on swallowing

Pseudo-membranous exudation, grayish-white:thick, tenacious yellowish mucus, difficult to dislodge

Cannot swallow anything hot (Lach.) Tension and pressure in parotid gland

Ulcerated sore throat and diphtheria: Throat feels very hot:pain at root of tongue ext. ear

Uvula large, dropsical

Quinsy:tonsils and fauces swollen, with burning pain: cannot swallow even water


follicular pharyngitis.

Discoloration (dark/redness)


Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.




wash leather






uvula (lobe at back of mouth)




Pain: from warmth (drinks)




Heart: Feeling as if heart leaped into throat (Pod.) Shock of pain in cardiac region alternating with pain in right arm.

Breast: nipples:cracked/excoriated (as if grazed, chaffed)


Lumps: sensitive nodules:in breast


Abscess:breast (threatening on old scars)

ulceration:of breast



Difficult breathing:dry hacking, tickling cough:<: at night (Bell.) Aching pains in chest, through mid-sternum with cough

Rheuma of lower intercostals.


Itches, becomes dry, shrunken, pale

Papular and pustular lesions

Most useful in early stages of cutaneous diseases

Disposition to boils, and when sloughing occurs

Eruptions  squamous/syphilitic eruptions

Swelling and induration of glands

Venereal buboes

Scarlatina -like rash

Warts and moles.

Abnormal growths

Ulcers - coming and going quickly/syphilitic

Out-breaks on skin


psoriasis (red patches with silvery scales)


rash (see granular):scaly



Stiff neck at night


Aching pains in lumbar region:pains streaking up and down spine into sacrum

Weakness and dull pain in region of kidneys

Back stiff, especially in morning on rising and during damp weather.


Sore spot in right hypochondrium

Rheuma of abdominal muscles

Colic at navel

Burning griping pains

Bruised feeling through epigastrium and abdomen

Constipation of the aged and those with weak heart

Bleeding from rectum.


Scanty, suppressed, With pain in kidney region


Male Organs:

Painful induration of testicles

Shooting along perineum to penis.

Pain:sore in spermatic cords

Female Organs: Mastitis: Mammae hard and very sensitive

Tumors of the breasts with enlarged axillary glands

Breast is hard, painful and of purple hue

Mammary abscess

When child nurses, Pain goes from nipple all over body

Cracks and small ulcers about nipples

Ovarian neuralgia of right side.


Irritable breasts, before and during menses

Galactorrhoea (Calc.) Menses too copious and frequent


Shooting pain in right shoulder, with stiffness and inability to raise arm. Rheumatic pains:<: in morning

Pains fly like electric shocks, shooting, lancinating, shifting rapidly (Puls. Kali-bi.) Pain in under side of thighs

Syphilitic sciatica

Aching of heels > elevating feet

Pains like shocks

Pain in legs, patient dreads to get up

Feet puffed:pain in ankles and feet

Neuralgia in toes.

Pain (at night/rheumatic/lower limbs)

Fever and chill:

High fever # chilliness and great prostration.

Injuries and accidents:

Poisoning: by mercury


Faintness, fainting:on rising: from bed

Inflamed:indurated (hard from Inflamed):glands

Pain: sudden, sharp:upward


Scrophularia nodosa:


A powerful medicine whenever Enlarged glands are present. Hodgkin’s disease.

A valuable skin remedy. Has a specific affinity for the breast: very useful in the dissipation of breast tumors. Eczema of the ear. Pruritus vaginae. Lupoid ulceration.

Scrofulous swellings (Cist.) Painful hemorrhoids. Tubercular testis. Epithelioma. Nodosities in the breasts ( Scirrhinum.) Pain in all flexor muscles.

<: lying on right side;

DD.: Lob-erinus; Ruta: Carcinosin: Conium; Aster.

Vertigo: felt in vertex, greater when standing: drowsiness: pain from forehead: to back of Head:


Eczema behind ear

Crusta lactea.


Distressing photophobia (Con.) Spots before eyes

Stitches in eyebrow

Sore eyeballs.


Inflamed about auricle

Deep ulcerated auricle

Eczema around ear.


Violent dyspnoea, oppression of chest with trembling

Pain about bifurcation of trachea

Asthma in scrofulous patients.


Prickling, itching, <: back of hand.


Pain in liver on pressure

Colic below navel

Pain in sigmoid flexure and Rectum


Painful bleeding, protruding Piles.

Sleep and dreams:

Great drowsiness: in morning and before and after meals with weariness.



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