Amborella trichopoda


Vergleich: Siehe: Laurales


[Jan Scholten]

Number: 61111.01

Series: Hydrogen series; emphasis on Hydrogen series.

Glades: Amborellaceae; Amborellales.

Phase: 1; Subphase: 1.

Stage: 1.


The theme can be that of a very vague kind of existence. It is like an experience without action, just being.

Sense proving, 30-10-2012, between Los Angelos and Detroit, Melanie Grimes.


Happy bouncy expectant.

Homesick. Seeking water.

Alone, like a small child looking for parent but content and safe right now. Don't know where parent is and not worried about it. 


Snow flakes.

Innocence. Like a boy in school yard chasing a girl but doesn't yet know why he does it

Dry. Tingly. Sparkly. Not an itch but an excitement of nerves. Tingly a bit.

I taste it. A bit astringent. Chalk like, lemony. Dry. Same sensation of a tingly numbness. 

Chalky creamy as if I'd had milk in my mouth. This lasts a while the creamy feeling in my mouth. 

I feel a bit bored and want to dp something different.

Creamy lemony sensation continues. 

Fingers feel a bit sticky. 

White foam. Like snow, like sea? 

In a shady spot on a sandy beach under a larger sheltering tree.

Pulsing in fingers holding the flower. Left hand first finger. Because I squeezed them too hard or from the proving?

I feel impatient having to write this up from my hand written notes.

Continue to have a lonely happy feeling like in kindergarten. Don't know that there are things to worry about (retarded). Life is simple and fun. Like a box of new crayons.

I am part of the group without knowing the group.

Still amorphous personally. Merging with the rest of the class. We are one. All in sync together. 

There must be a teacher but she is around. 

We are children playing in a group. Merging with each other, happy contend. 

Like lights on a Christmas tree. 

Some slight nausea. Maybe drowsy, not sure. 

A bit anxious to move on, as if this is not enough but I don't know why. I want to stop doing this proving because I am a bit bored like talking to a child, it's not

very satisfying. I want more. I am not fascinated, attention wandering, though the child still needs some of my attention. And I am responsible, like for a niece or nephew, not my child.

Or I am baby sitting and want the parents to come back so I can so something else. I feel bad for feeling this way, as if I should be more engaged, but the child is not needy, just needs

my presence. Not much more of me, no talk, or interesting talk, so I am bored. Like a sleeping child and I can't leave but nothing to do  while I stay. Want to move on but to where? I don't feel

trapped. Not restless. Like I'm too tired to do anything anyway, but not physically tired.I wish I was somewhere else and didn't have this little boredom. Even though it's easy and not occupying

much of me.

Still the little responsibility restricts me, so I cannot do anything bigger and I am resentful but I cannot picture anything I'd rather do.I am like a teenager with no date, no boyfriend,

nothing better to do on a Saturday night and this is what bugs me. I have nothing better to do.I remember feeling this way as a baby sitter when I was and the kids were asleep and parents were out for night having fun and I had to stay awake until they got home for a little bit of money and I really didn't like to baby sit but had nothing else to do. It was all I could do for a job though it didn t suit me at all. I was tired but had this stupid job to do.



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