Antennaria diocia = Mountain Everlasting/= Catsfoot/= Cudweed/= Stoloniferous Pussytoes/= Pied de chat


Vergleich: Siehe: Asteraceae                       


[Jan Scholten]

Series: Hydrogen, Carbon, Silicon, Iron, Silver series and Lanthanides; emphasis on Lanthanides.

Clades: Astereae; Asterales; Campanulidae.

Phase: 4; Subphase: 5.

Stage: 2.

Botany: can reproduce without fertilisation.


They want to keep their dignity and respect which is difficult in the situation they live in. They can feel degraded and belittled by their parents, friends,

teachers or authorities. Feel powerless to act on it. Their solution is to become invisible, to hide and go their own way in secret. They feel very precisely

that it is incorrect what is done to them, knowing their own value and talent. It is only that they are to weak to resist criticism and beatings.

Mind: He does not understand the opposite sex, affection, sees only sex.

No self-reliance, no self-confidence.

Anger, << being forbidden or impressed.

Ailments from admonitions.

Defiant, naughty, < reprimands, admonitions, being forbidden.

Obstinate, angry, bossy.

< laughing/anger;

Desires to have a red rag with him.


Weather: < 3 h./heat; > mountain;

Aversion: soup:

Discharge: blood.

General: immune system undermined.

Fever: high, < eating/drinking, + redness cheeks, eyes, upper lips,

nose, + abdomen pain, > stool + icy cold feet but > uncovering feet.

Ears: otitis.

Nose: sinusitis, frontalis; hayfever, sneezing.

Throat: sore; subacute pharyngitis; hoarse.

Mouth: inflammation; << dentition, late.

Lungs: cough + vomiting.

Stomach: belching, << after eating, + weeping; hiccough << laughing.

Rectum: diarrhoea, like spinach.

Urinary organs: cystitis, after influenza; urine scanty, frequent.

Limbs: O-legs.

Skin: wounds.



Woman, 40, cystitis.

She has recurrent cystitis with pain in her abdomen and bladder, burning, as though beaten black and blue. Once she had a miscarriage after a cystitis.

She has menorrhagia and metrorrhagia.

A clairvoyant told her it came from her youth, her mother never having been happy with her. Her mother wanted to have children but choked on the burden of them.

She was very critical, full of norms and values, very talkative. No one dared to object to her. As a child she effaced herself, trying to do her best, hoping that then

all would go well. But her mother was very good in sabering her down, very clever in finding the weak spot of others. In puberty she opposed her mother, as the

only one of 4 children. Her father was a good and quiet man but too weak for her mother. She left home early.

She is a teacher. She is often unsure about her teaching and afraid it will go wrong or the students will not listen. She is afraid of losing her grip.

She has a tendency to adapt, to be sweet so that others will give her affection. She is discontented with herself, easily nervous. As a child she could have outburst

of anger after having suppressed her emotions too long. She is not assertive, especially with strangers.

She has a swollen liver for 10 years, a yellow skin, swollen abdomen, some pain in her liver. She has abdominal pains from stress, >: breathing deeply/lying bend/warmth;

<: anger;

She has had fevers with tonsillitis, otitis, meningitis, dermoid cyst in her left ovary.

Weather: chilly; > sun; < grey;

Time: < 7 h.

Desire: fruit/dried/dates/sweets/vegetables/raw;

Aversion: spicy/sharp/fat;

Dream: swimming in a long, boring canal, meeting no one.


Carbon series: wanted and unwanted child.

Lanthanides: > sun, < grey; opposed her mother.

Phase 4: father was good.

Asteraceae: beaten black and blue; fevers; miscarriage.

Subphase 5: outburst of anger; mother

very talkative, sabering others down.

Stage 2: unsure; adapt; effaced herself.

Follow up

A year after starting with the Antennaria dioca she is doing much better, emotionally and physically.





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