Anthocharis cardamines = Orange Tip Butterfly


Vergleich: Siehe: Schmetterlinge


[Su George]

Meditative Proving.

Many homoeopaths still disregard meditative proving results and only value traditional proving data, out of curiosity I wanted to undertake both proving methods and compare the out

comes to ascertain any similarities and symptoms.

I also wanted to undertake a meditative proving to enhance the experience of the proving. A small group had already been practising meditation regularly within the school and there

fore I decided to conduct a separate proving with individuals who were not involved in the Hahnemannian proving, to avoid any collusion.

The individuals held a 30c potency of the remedy for a one hour duration and then submitted their reports, the full texts of which can be reviewed after the proving data in Meditation



Life Cycle of Orange Tip Butterfly.

The orange tip butterfly belongs to the super family Papilionoidea, family Pieridae, genus Anthocharis, species Cardamines, subspecies Britannica. The Pieridae are a large family of

butterflies with approximately 1,100 species. Most Pieridae butterflies have yellow, white or orange colouration, many also having black spots. The distinct colouring of these butterflies

is the pigment, which originates from the waste body products.


The orange tip has a wide range of habitats including damp pastures and meadows, woodland margins and glades, riverbanks, ditches, hedgerows, country lanes and also gardens.


The orange tip is widespread throughout southern Britain, Wales and Ireland and has spread further north over the period of approximately twenty five years into Scotland.

It is one of the few species whose population has been increasing and therefore is not a conservation priority.

They are non migratory and may be found throughout Europe, as far as parts of Asia and Japan.

Appearance and Behaviour.

The male and female of the species differ greatly in appearance. The male which is more striking in appearance due to the orange tip to the forewings, which provides the butterfly

with its name and the female which lacks the orange colour and may be mistaken for any of the other species of white butterflies, especially the small white or green veined white except

the female orange tip has a single black spot on the front edge of its forewings.


The orange colour warns predators of the males unpalatability and the male camouflages himself by hiding his forewings behind his hind wings whilst at rest, in order to prevent unnecessary

attack from birds or predators such as spiders, wasps and other mammals.

However adult butterflies appear to be defenceless and fragile, whilst the larva is  vulnerable to all forms of attack from predators, their camouflage at all stages is their main form of de

fence. Predators include spiders, wasps, birds and other small mammals.

Males and females have the same mottled green and white underwings, which provides excellent camouflage. The green colouring is actually a combination of black and yellow scales.


The Cuckooflower and Garlic Mustard which grow in damp meadows and along hedgerows and ditches, are popular species of Crucifers on which females lay their eggs. Occasionally

Hedge Mustard, Winter Cress, Turnip and Charlock may also be used on which to lay eggs and in gardens Honesty and Dame’s-violet attract females due to their large flowers but larval

survival can be poor on these host plants.

The presence of mustard oils in the plants attracts the females to feed and lay eggs, which she is able to detect using the sensory hairs on her forelegs.


There is a single brood each year with males emerging a week or so before the females.  The butterflies transform from egg to adult, via a complex series of changes known as metamorphosis.

The eggs transform into larvae and the caterpillar then undergoes a series of several stages known as instars of which, there are five at the larval stage and in order to grow, they larvae

have to shed their skins known as moults. They then pass through a phase know as the chrysalis or pupa during which time the internal organs are rearranged and proteins and other

chemicals are broken down and put back together in a different form, this transformation is from the larval to the adult structure.

The final moult is when the winged fertile adult or imago emerges and the main goal of the adult is to fly, mate and breed. The adults start to fly from the beginning of April and last until

8 June, although some may last until early July in suitable years. Butterflies are also important for pollination to occur, with the adult butterflies transferring pollen from one flower to the

next, where germination and fertilisation can occur.

Eggs are laid singly on the stalks of the crucifer species of foodplant and are greenish-white in colour. After a few days the egg or ovum turns bright orange in colour, before becoming

darker and then hatching after one to two weeks.


The larva eats its own eggshell on hatching and due to being cannibalistic,  it will also eat any other orange tip eggs in the locality. The caterpillar mainly feeds on seed pods and occasion

ally flowers, buds and leaves and has excellent camouflage at all stages. This stage generally lasts for approximately twenty five days, during which time the caterpillar will have four


The pupa or chrysalis is formed upright on a vertical structure or stem, where it will remain over winter for approximately ten or eleven months. The pupa is held at an angle by a silk girdle

which is attached to the stem of the plant and is initially green in colour eventually becoming light brown.


The male imago or adult butterfly is often more easily recognisable than the female due to its distinctive bright orange wing tip and there is currently no other British butterfly which is

similar in appearance. The male is more active than the female and can fly for long periods in search of a mate. The female is more secretive and she is often found near the food plants

where she will eventually lay her eggs. The female leaves a pheromone signal to deter other females from laying eggs on the host plant.


The larva or caterpillars have a soft body with a well developed head, mouthparts and eight pairs of legs, which are like suckers and enable the caterpillar to hold onto the leaf or stem.

The adult butterfly however is very different and has a skeleton on the outside of its body, known as an exoskeleton and is divided into three parts; the head, thorax and abdomen and

has two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs.

In Louisiana butterflies were a symbol of good luck, however a white butterfly flying into the house in Maryland was an omen of death.

The butterfly has been seen as a symbol of nature with the Shoshone Indians believing that butterflies were originally pebbles, which the Great Spirit blew precious life into.

Hopi Indian folklore had a ceremonial dance known as “Bulitikibi” or butterfly dance, which they used to encourage the gods to provide them with a good harvest.

In Mexico a dancing flame reminded the Aztecs of a butterflies wings hovering and therefore became a symbol of fire.

Mexican Indians saw the butterfly as a symbol of Tlaloc, the god of rain and believed that souls who pleased him, would remain in a state of bliss.


Difficulty articulating words, I’m having difficulty expressing myself [P3]

Difficulty expressing myself, sentences are all jumbled. My language is more poetic, I can see my thoughts as pictures, which I then try to express into words [S3]

I’m forgetting my words, I’m misunderstanding words spoken by others and people can’t understand me [P4]

Difficulty communicating [S7]

Difficulty communicating- a breakdown in communication with myself and colleagues. I have a non- verbal desire to express myself in mime [P8]

Communication, aversion to.

Aversion to communicating with my supervisor [P1]

Didn’t want to communicate with my family or colleagues especially about trivial stuff [P2]

I don’t want to talk to anyone [P4]

I don’t want to speak to my prover [S4]

I don’t want to talk, I’m communicating via text [P6]

Aversion to communicating with my prover [S6]

Aversion to communicating with my supervisor [P7]

The prover and I keep missing each other’s calls [S7]

Aversion to communicating with my supervisor and colleague [P8]

Didn’t call prover [S8]

Concentration difficult.

Difficulty concentrating, I feel very scattered [P2]

Difficulty concentrating, my mind is floating off [P3]

Lack of concentration, my thoughts just drift away [S3]

Easily distracted (driving) [P4]

Poor concentration [P5]

Concentrating is really difficult (driving) [P8]

Lack of concentration [S10]


Lack of confidence, I feel inadequate [P1]

I feel confident [P2] US

I can be true to myself and accepting # feeling inadequate and insecure [P3]

I’m not good enough to do this proving [P4] NS

I’m more confident, as a result of the proving [P5] CS

I’m more self- accepting, whereas before I found myself disapproving [S5]

I’m more self- accepting, it’s a feeling of liberation. I feel confident and no longer inferior [P8]


Conflict all around me at work, at home and with the children [P2]

The boys were fighting at home [P4]

Lots of conflict with my husband [P7]

I encountered an aggressive, confrontational female. Also more conflict and confrontation with another female [P8] NS


Feel confused, my thoughts are all jumbled [P3]

I feel confused and disorientated on waking [S3]

I feel confused, my mind feels cloudy [P4]

I feel like I’m losing my mind [P8]

Confusion, driving.

I got totally lost and forgot how to change gear, I felt totally confused. Driving felt very unnatural [P2]

Confusion, time.

Making mistakes with dates and times [P1]

Confusion over dates and times [S1]

Lost track of the time, I was 30 minutes late collecting daughter [P2]

Confusion over dates [P3]

Confusion over days


I feel in control [P2] US

A strong desire to be in control, everything is chaotic and out of control [P4]

Desire for control and order [S5]

Loss of control, nothing is going to plan [P8] NS

Everything is out of control, nothing is going according to plan [S8]

No control- a sudden change of plan [S9]


Strong desire to bake things [P4]

Strong desire to create something-maybe to knit something [S9] US


I’m growing bigger- either my head is getting smaller or my abdomen and chest are growing bigger. My body feels out of proportion, I have  to push my abdomen out-I cannot suck it in. [P2]

I saw a brown patch attached to my arm and breast, is was like a wing [P2]

I’m sprouting wings and flying upwards [P3]

Everything is dirty [P4]

Someone is laughing at me, whenever I get frustrated [S5]

I was a tortoise, I had to keep my shell clean [S5]

I feel like a bird, with a real sense of freedom [P8]

I feel like a tortoise [P8]


Feel disconnected, as though I don’t belong [P2]

Feel very detached, I reflect without emotion [P3]

Feel detached, remote and really lost [P8]


Desire to be outside, as free as a bird [P2]

Desire to escape [P3]

Need to escape, with a desire to break free [P8]


Fear of cancer, my old fears are resurfacing. Also a fear of being rejected. [P3] NS

Terrified when I climbed a mountain [P6] NS

Feel scared and defensive [P8]


Really forgetful, I couldn’t remember where I was. Begin sentences but then I can’t remember the words [P2]

Very forgetful, forgot how to park the car, buy milk and speak! [P4]

Really forgetful [P5] NS

Forgetful [S5]

Very forgetful-forgetting everything, left the keys in the ignition and the door open for 3 days [P8]

Forgetful [S8]

Forgetful [P10]

Forgiveness (and letting go) [P3]


Feel alone and unsupported [P2]

Insular- I’m entering an inner space, I feel very alone [P3]

Feel isolated and alone, forsaken feeling [S3]

People are ignoring me, it’s as though I’m invisible [P4]


Desire to hide under the duvet in bed [P3]

Desire to go back to bed and hide under the duvet. I don’t want to get out from under the duvet [P4]

Desire to be wrapped up in my duvet and stay in bed all day [P8] NS


Desire to stay at home [P2]

Desire to be at home, feels really good [P4]

Desire to be at home with my family [P8]


Lacking motivation and lethargic [P1]

Can’t be bothered [P4]

Indifferent, I just can’t be bothered [S4]

I can’t be bothered, I have an air of indifference [P7]

Feeling indifferent and worn out, like Sepia [P8]

I can’t be bothered [P10]


Very industrious [P2] NS

Very industrious [P3]

Very industrious, have to keep doing things > occupation [P7] NS

Very industrious- hardly settling at one thing, very like a butterfly [P8]


I feel more mature, like a wise woman- wise beyond my years [P2]

I’m acknowledging an inner knowledge/intuition that is a gift. I knew that I was taking a

placebo [P3] US

Very surreal day- I dreamt about today’s events 2 days ago [P5]

Lots of synchronicity [S5]

Intuitive sense of what my Mum and other people are thinking and about to speak [P8] US

I followed my heart [S9]


Really irritable [P2]

Really irritated with annoyance [P3]

Very, very irritated [S3]

Feeling very irritable, lack of patience [P4]

Feel really irritated and impatient [P8]

Irritable and impatient especially with my family [S10]


Desire to read, I have so much to learn [P2]

A sense of being on the verge of something dynamic and learning something new [P3]

Desire to read and learn [P4]


I feel full of love and very blessed. I have a heightened feeling of caring for others [P2] NS

Feeling of love and affection to all my family, friends and husband.  It’s a feeling of unconditional love [P3]

Feel more empathetic for others [S3]

I feel full of love [P6]

I feel more loving towards my family [P7] NS

I had a wave of love [S9] NS


Lots of mistakes writing and spelling [P1]

Difficulty spelling words and reading [P2] NS

Difficulty writing and spelling- lots of mistakes and really messy and untidy [P3]

Mistakes typing on the computer and writing on paper [S3]

Difficulty writing, lots of mistakes writing and spelling [P4]

Mistakes writing and an inability to spell [S4]

Incorrect spelling [S5]

Lots of mistakes spelling [P10]

Mood Changeable.

Very calm # anger [P2]

Feel chaotic emotionally and very unstable, I wept for hours > comfort and cuddles then

laughed [P3]

Mood is very changeable [S3]


Very organised (at work) [P2]

Very organised [S3]

I changed my usual routine today, which is very unusual [P5] US

Very organised and efficient. A desire for routine, whereas normally I’m chaotic [P7] NS

Very organised [P8]


I’m being pulled in several directions, everything is piling up there’s too much to do [P1]

Overwhelmed [P2]

Really overwhelmed- too much to do [P4]

I’m much less overwhelmed, it’s easier to cope [P5] US

Much less overwhelmed [P6] NS

Too much to do and not enough time, I feel desperate and overwhelmed [P8]

Too much to do,  I’m really overwhelmed [P10]


A strong sense of responsibility towards my family [P3]

I’m co-ordinating lots of groups, I’m the leader the one making all the decisions [S3]

Responsibility, aversion to.

Trying to avoid any responsibility [P1]

I desire no responsibilities [P3]

I need a rest from responsibility [P8] US


I woke feeling restless, as though I need to go somewhere but I don’t know where [P2]

I feel very restless and unsettled [P3]

I’m very restless [P4]

I feel restless, a hurried feeling [P8]


I feel sad [P2]

I feel sad with a huge sense of loss [P3]

I feel sad for a lost opportunity [S3]

I feel sad, with a desire to cry [P4]

I’m giving lots of grief and weepy remedies at present [S4]

I cried with grief and indignation [P8]

Spatial Awareness.

A lack of spatial awareness [P2]

Clumsiness [P3]

All my fears are resurfacing [P3]

I’m wrapped up in my own chaotic thoughts [P3]

I lay in bed “fluttering” through the stages of my life [P2]

I find myself thinking about all the past hurts. Deep, painful emotions from the past are being dragged to the surface-a sense of emotional purging. The remedy has brought up every single

past issues, I want to get beyond the hurt [P3]

Whilst dusting a butterfly mobile, I had thoughts of my daughter as a baby [P8]

There are leaves of all colours on the ground, it’s a time of shedding ready for new life, its all part of the cycle of life [P2]

A visual image of a clean blue soul, being pulled from the blurred murkiness [P3]

An image of a reptilian woman shedding her skin and morphing into another being [P3]

There’s a sense of being on the verge of something dynamic, new and changing [P3]

I want someone to witness how I’m changing [S3]

I feel really contented since the start of the proving [S5]

I can be true to myself and accepting [P3]

I’m more confident as a result of the proving [P5]

I’m more contented than normal, I had a feeling of love throughout the proving [P6]

I’m more self accepting-a feeling of liberation. I no longer feel inferior after years of being manipulated [P8]

The proving has given me an inner strength and helped me to achieve things that I have found difficult in the past. I feel powerful, justified and proud. I finally feel at peace with who I am [P2]

It’s a process of rebirth; intense emotions followed by calmness, in preparation for the next part of the process. A feeling of contentment and reconnection, all my life I have felt a deep

sense of loss but now I’m whole again and a lot lighter [P3]

It’s about sharing the beauty of the process and where it leads us to. It brings down the defences, allowing the heart to be light and happy. I feel gentler and calmer at the end of the proving [S3]

Dreams: Grief for something lost [P8]

A bus turned into a boat [P4]

A wedding dress changed into a bridesmaids dress [S5]

A girl passed through a window and transformed into an angel [P10]

I travelled to the core of the earth, it was amazing. I was surrounded by rocks and I could see a vortex opening, I kept thinking why am I here? I was in awe at the beauty, flashes of bright light came

and went. I had a strong sense that I didn’t belong there, was it death or was I shown where I came from, a feeling that my soul was reborn [P2]

I feel like I’m going through a process [P8]

It was like a shower of the psyche, all the toxins were washed away as though I have expunged my vortex [P8]


Eyes: Both my eyes were watering [P4]

Nose: Lots of sneezing [P1]

Violent, frequent sneezing [P8]

Nasal discharge which lasted all day [P3]

Copious nasal discharge [P8]

Stomach: Vomiting with acidic bile [P3]

Vomitted on waking [P8]

Rectum: (Sudden) diarrhoea [S4]

Urinary Organs: Frequent urination [P3]

Chest feels calm, as though there’s a shield is around my heart [P8]

Expectorating yellow phlegm [P3]


Yellow, sticky sputum [P8]

Clear vaginal discharge [P2]

Brown, stringy vaginal discharge [P3]

Watery, bloody vaginal discharge [S3]

I woke up feeling really refreshed, like a new woman [P3]



Meditation Transcripts.

Meditator One.

I see wings and have a wonderful peaceful feeling. I can hear the sound of birds wings. I have a feeling of detachment, dissolving... nothing matters, I’m being taken outside of myself and extending into the auric layers

Sensations- Headache with pressure in the brow area and my ears Tingling and pain in my occiput which resonates through my torso

Sensation of energy moving through my spine and exiting through my upper back

Feeling of being stretched and pulled upwards through my head feels clearermore energised

All my chakras are open, my energy is being grounded in my abdominal centre

Itch under right nostril

Feel nauseous

Empty sensation in solar plexus

Pulling pain in left breast towards outer side of body

Cramp in right arm.


Meditator Two.

Sensation my crown chakra is opening

I NEED fresh air, I feel as though I can’t breathe...I can’t do this, I feel completely overwhelmed

Feel very tearful

Attracted to the bright colours of the carpet, it’s so vibrant

Sensation of energy flowing up my spine

Feeling of lightheadedness and dizziness

Tightness and pressure sensation across my forehead, also affecting my vertex

Nasal congestion and a feeling of being unable to breathe

Irregular palpitations of my heart and my hands feel cold, which were previously warm

Heavy sensation central chest

Pulsing sensation across my back from my ribs upto my neck

Intense sharp pain lumbar region

Heaviness felt in my solar plexus, as though a weight pressing inwards

Pelvis and legs feel numb, I can’t feel my legs -I have to check that I’ve still got legs! Could this be used to treat Multiple Sclerosis?

Heavy sensation pelvic area, I wish I was talented and then I could create something wonderful

Left arm is twitching with spasms in the muscle

Left hand and fingers are now twitching and shaking, I wonder if this would help Parkinsons Disease?

Tingling sensation both legs, I’ve got to move them.... Feel really restless

Shaking of hands and legs, as though in shock

Reflection at the end of the meditation-

I feel completely calm, at peace. I feel full of love and compassion and lighter in some way.

I’ve made lots of spelling mistakes in my report could this remedy be good for treating

learning disorders and dyslexia?


Meditator Three.

A feeling of stillness

I just want to get it right

I feel really impatient and I doubt myself “Can I really do this?”

I feel pathetic, paranoid and angry


Body feels tingly, almost electric

I feel nervous, as though in shock

My body feels heavy with a floating sensation, almost suspended

A real sense of expansion and contraction, when I breathe it feels as though I have a bubble around me- that is me!

My left eyelid won’t close properly

Tightness in my nose, I have to breathe through my mouth

My mouth is watering and it is really difficult to swallow

Great difficulty swallowing, everything feels stuck

I cannot feel the saliva when I swallow, it doesn’t feel as though I have swallowed- I want to swallow really hard but I can’t

Tightness in my lower jaw and throat

Shiver across my neck and shoulders

Tightness of my upper body, mainly on the right side

Can really feel my heart pumping the blood around my body, getting stronger with a flowing sensation

Pulsing sensation in my stomach

At the end I cry and I have no idea why, I feel a sense of shock with shivering, shaking and coldness.


Meditator Four.

My crown chakra is pulsing, throbbing like a heartbeat

Feeling the need to communicate clearly but a sense of being misunderstood and that communication is difficult; why can’t it just be easy?

Could this be a remedy for dyslexia?

Really strong sensation in my vertex, as if it is “opening”

A sense of freedom

A strong desire for fresh air, sun and light

I need my personal “space”, with air around me

I see lots of the colour purple

A sense of needing a soulmate, no communication would then be required, there would be a nonverbal understanding with body language alone

A desire for symmetry and symmetrical patterns, this is very important [wings?]

A need for simplicity

Pulsing sensation in my throat chakra

Marked increase in the wetness of the mucous membranes

Nose is running and my dry mouth has increased salivation

Restriction around the heart

Moved remedy to heart chakra and felt an intensified openness of the crown chakra and a sense of connection through this opening

Can see images of symmetrical eyes- deep all seeing, all knowing, all communicating eyes

Towards the end I have an aching sensation in both legs, however during the proving I have no sense of any legs

At the end I feel cold and shivery.

Reflections and Observations.

“Throughout the proving I had a feeling of fluidity and of ease both mentally and physically.”


Prover One

“At the start of the proving there was a lot of confusion over dates and times.”

Supervisor One

“At the end of the proving, I feel at total peace with who I am, what I’m doing and the future.”

Prover Two

“I feel as though something has reached deep within me, pulled out the tangles and reconnected me on a deeper level and yet, it has kept me very safe during the process.”

Prover Three

“The process is so clear, it involves looking at old issues and letting everything happen, as it needs to happen. Inevitability comes up again and again.”

Supervisor Three

“Many times throughout the proving, I felt completely spaced out, as if on drugs.”

Prover Four

“During the proving process stiffness, inflexibility and a desire for order have been uppermost in all the physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms.”

Supervisor Four

“The proving has given me a feeling of wellbeing and an ability to cope with life. I feel more confident and everything appears to be so vibrant.”

Prover Five

“The prover and myself have mirrored each others physical symptoms throughout the proving.”

Supervisor Five

“I had a wonderful feeling of love, patience and contentment throughout the proving.”

Prover Six

“During the proving, I became incredibly tidy and organised which is most unlike me!”

Prover Seven

“After the initial proving meeting, I started to itch violently and felt really nauseous. The remedy has a really “nice” feel to it.”

Supervisor Seven

“On reflection, I feel as though the remedy has expunged my vortex.”

Prover Eight

“Since the start of the proving nothing has gone according to plan and I feel totally overwhelmed.”

Supervisor Eight

“I have experienced a strong desire to create something.”

Supervisor Nine

“All the symptoms occurred at the start of the proving and settled down towards the end, similar to the lifecycle of the butterfly. There are many changes from egg to caterpillar and

pupa, however it then lies dormant with many internal changes, until it finally emerges – transformed into a butterfly.”

Prover Ten

“Organising the proving has been a totally exhausting and chaotic experience. Nothing has gone according to plan, everyone is “flitting” about without any firm commitment. I feel

totally frustrated, overwhelmed and scattered which is most unlike my normal self. However once the proving commenced, there was a feeling of peace, calmness and going with the flow

of  life.”                                                   



My Journey.

The initial idea of the proving, originated from a series of very vivid dreams and these continued throughout the duration of the proving. The most striking dream was the night

before the proving commenced, I dreamt of a Native American Indian who transformed my upper body into that of a beautiful eagle, whilst my lower body remained in human form.

It was clearly about the theme of transformation and was the most striking, surreal and vivid dream that I have ever encountered.

I also had another incredibly vivid dream where someone was literally sucking the life force from within me. I was terrified and knew that I would die if they continued, I felt totally helpless.

Throughout the duration of the proving from the very birth of the idea, I had a strong sense of connection with nature and the universe, I also developed a strong intuition with a deep inner

knowledge and wisdom. I became very interested in meditation, which I practised daily and yoga, I even considered training as a yoga teacher- interestingly this quickly diminished upon

completion of the proving. Throughout the proving, I also became really creative and started writing monthly articles for a local magazine regarding health and fitness, I have never done

anything like this previously but felt compelled to seek some sort of attention or recognition.

Once again this feeling resolved after completing the proving and I stopped writing.

Communication became a real problem both verbally and non verbally and my mood alternated from a feeling of bliss and calmness to anger and indignation. I had a strong desire

to be at home with my family, alternating with a desire to escape and to be alone and free. I felt as though I was constantly “flitting around” with an inner restlessness, I also felt spaced

out and everything felt very surreal. My concentration was really poor, I felt confused and forgetful and feeling totally out of control, disorganised and overwhelmed. I felt very

claustrophobic whilst indoors and had to open windows and yet I craved warmth and sunshine.

I had a strong desire to rest and sleep, due to feeling completely exhausted and frequently had the desire to wrap myself under duvets and blankets and return to my own “cocoon”

especially mid afternoon. I also developed a feeling of vulnerability due to numerous conflicting issues and events that occurred around me for the duration of the proving, I also

appeared to have attracted large numbers of big, black hairy spiders who continually chased me or landed upon my head!

My physical symptoms revolved around sensations of constriction as though from a tight band and pressure around my head, ears, jaw, chest, heart, abdomen, pelvis, shoulders,

lumbar region and calves. I developed intermittent “fluttering” heart palpitations and spasms, numbness and twitching of the muscles in my legs, arms, hands and gluteals.

 I developed poor spatial awareness and became incredibly unsteady and clumsy whilst walking, with frequent episodes of vertigo and lightheadedness.  I also had the sensation that

my vertex was open and that my energy or soul was rising upwards through it. My sense of sight, hearing, smell and taste all became very acute.


Significant Events.

The butterflies started hatching on March 23rd and the final butterfly was hatched on April17th. The proving commenced on Monday 6th September and was completed on Saturday 9th


April 17th - Eruption of Mount Eyjafjallokull in Iceland. Over one million Britons were stranded abroad, due to the unprecedented cancellation of all air travel. Over 29,500 European flights were

cancelled, as the dust cloud travelled at speeds of 20-80 mph and at a height of 24,000feet.

April 20th - Explosion at Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which resulted in 210,000 gallons of oil per day flooding into the Gulf of Mexico. Many animals were killed or endangered by the slick

including hundreds of species of fish, birds, sea turtles, whales dolphins and manatees.

September 16-19th - Pope Benedict XVI visited Britain and held several open air masses, which were attended by thousands of people. The tour around the U.K.  lasted 4 days.

September 23rd - A huge full moon which glowed bright orange and lasted for approximately four days.



Thankyou to all the patients and relevant Homeopaths for sharing their knowledge and experiences of the remedy Anthocharis cardamines. Here are a few brief cases demonstrating

the language and theme of the Orange Tip butterfly.

Case One.

Male aged 52 who is recovering from an acute episode of Atrial Fibrillation for which he received Aconite 200 C, which reverted the heart back into a normal, regular rhythm.

However, since the episode he has felt anxious and unable to take a deep breath due to a sense of heaviness in his chest. He also felt nauseous, a lack of appetite and exhausted, with

weakness in both legs which was much worse on standing but better for lying down and resting. He felt slightly lightheaded and generally shaky and cold both internally and

externally in his extremities.

Orange Tip 30 C in water was given and sipped over the duration of a few hours. The following day his energy was restored, his anxiety  and appetite had improved, the sensation

of chest heaviness and nausea had resolved. He could breathe normally and his legs were much stronger and the lightheadedness, shakiness and coldness had resolved. He hasn’t

experienced any further episodes of fibrillation since.

Case Two.

Female aged 40 presented with intermittent muscle twitches and spasms, mainly in the buttocks, legs, feet and in the left hand, which was also accompanied by a tremor. Her mood

was calm and contented and she described herself as a “hippy, dippy tree hugger”. She was much better for being outside in nature, especially on warm, sunny days and had an aversion

to winter and cold, wet weather saying “I could hibernate all winter”. She enjoyed sitting and reading but couldn’t concentrate on one book, she was currently “flitting” between four

books. Whilst she felt contented, she still felt that she was “searching for something more, as though I have an inner restlessness”. Last week her energy dipped and she felt “exhausted”

and had a strong desire to go back to bed during the daytime and “snuggle under the duvet”.

Her sleep pattern was good and she dreamt about past negative events and building “relationship” bridges, which resulted in a positive outcome.

Orange Tip 30c was given in a split dose of night and morning. Initially after the remedy “everything felt surreal, as if on drugs” there were lots of “clearing out” symptoms; sneezing,

nasal mucous, increased muscle spasms and twitches,  breasts felt enlarged and tingly, nausea with heartburn, bloated abdomen with increased wind and a sore throat with increased

mucous. However within a few days her energy improved, she felt “far more settled” and was able to “concentrate on doing one thing at a time”, her original physical symptoms had all

improved and she felt “full of life”.

Case Three.

Female patient who was feeling “overwhelmed there’s too much to do”,  “time is just going too fast”, “I’m always doing something, at present I want to start clearing-decluttering”

“I feel frustrated at not being able to do the things, that I want to do, creative things. I need quiet time, ME time!” “I’m flitting from one thing to another”. She feels apathetic and her energy

is low, whereas generally she is happy and contented.

Family life is normally really important but at present she “feels claustrophobic, I just want to get away from people, I don’t even want to talk to anyone, I just want to be on my own”,

“I feel a loss of connection”. She loves being outside in the fresh air especially on a warm, sunny day. Her sleep pattern has altered, she’s going to bed later and has difficulty getting up

in the mornings, recently she has started going back to bed in the daytime “I curl up under the duvet”. At present she has the sensation of blocked throat “as though my throat is plugged

with mucous” and generally has felt “tense”.

A single dose of Orange Tip 200c was given and she reported feeling “lighter and brighter” “I feel much calmer and more relaxed, I’m now doing much less” “My sleep is good and I wake

up feeling really refreshed and my energy is better”,  “I am happy and relaxed with my family now”. “I feel that the remedy has moved me out of my wallowing and given me balance,

I’m waking up, something has been sparked inside me and I’m starting to connect!”

Case Four.

Male patient who is a vicar, has been suffering from post viral chronic fatigue for the past few years. “I just can’t be bothered, I’m too exhausted”, he feels indifferent and apathetic and has

difficulty concentrating “I was trying to read a book but just couldn’t focus and I found it so difficult to do one thing at a time”.

“I feel completely exhausted, I just want to lie down and go to sleep now” His sleep is deep and yet he wakes feeling unrefreshed, and has been going back to bed most afternoons.

His eyelids are heavy and he has intermittent blurred vision, he is also experiencing vertigo and dizziness with unsteadiness whilst walking, his legs are weak and wobbly and he has poor

spatial awareness. His right ear feels blocked with a pressure sensation. He has a frontal pressure headache extending above both eyes and a tingling sensation on his vertex “As if it is

open”. He is currently also experiencing bouts of nausea and abdominal bloating with flatus and diarrhoea several times per day and “my abdomen feels really large and protruding”.

His right shoulder feels tense and aching which extends down his arm.

A split dose of Orange Tip 30 C was given night, morning, night. After the remedy he reported that “My energy is better, I’m no longer exhausted and I don’t have to go back to bed in the

afternoon.” He is waking feeling more refreshed and has been busy doing more, over the past few weeks. “I’m more myself again, enjoying doing things. I’ve been enjoying reading once

again and I can concentrate and focus better.” “I feel more grounded, no longer spaced out”.

All the physical symptoms have improved and he appears brighter and full of life “ I’m interested in life again and I’m enjoying spending time with my wife and family”.



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