Bacopa monnieri = Brahmi


= Gink-b.-ähnlich;

Improves memory and learning ability. A government research institute in India carried out extensive research and obtained very positive results. In all disorders of the brain and nervous system, Brahmi plays a positive healing role.

Thrives in a wet, marshy habitat. It is nootropic (Wikipedia), i.e. enhances clarity by providing more oxygen to the brain.

Experiences: Vivid recall of old memories has been reported, "... as if reliving the year in just a few moments".

After three days the user reported more fluid conversations at work. There was a welcome reduction in social anxiety: "I was no longer constantly worrying about what those around me are thinking about me". This experience echoes the Lamiales theme of connection vs. disconnection.

On the opposite polarity, another user reports waking feeling dull and tired; with dreams of biting insects and with a prickly skin sensation. Higher doses tend to produce fogginess and dullness.

Ayurveda: Bitter taste (Air + Ether = dry and light). Astringent (Air + Earth = dry and heavy).

It is cooling to Pitta, whilst enhancing the other Doshas by combining light and oily qualities.

Reduction of stress and improvement of memory, awareness and concentration. It is said to open the crown chakra.


Vergleich: Siehe: Lamiales



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