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Cannot tolerate any bossy or contemptuous behavior, either towards themselves or their mentally or physically handicapped friends.

Dependent on their parents and teachers or guardians, as they need constant encouragement and support.

Feel ridiculed or laughed at in school.

Feel unloved or uncared for by parents or by his guardians.

Inability to concentrate when reading or studying.

Sensitive to how people treat each other in society.


Very chilly, worse from slightest exposure to cold.

Other important symptoms


Low self-esteem.

Morbid impulse to walk.



Gets bullied easily.



Retarded development.



Yielding disposition.


Recurrent tonsillitis from every spell of cold weather, or from eating or drinking any cold food.

Rawness in the throat from a cold (swallowing).

Sensation of a lump in the throat on swallowing, as if the food became lodged inside.

Examination findings:

- Enlargement and suppuration of tonsils (r.)

- Post-nasal catarrh.

- Induration of tonsils.

- Submaxillary and submental glands enlarged and indurated.


Aversion to food after eating a few morsels, in spite of hunger.

Extreme, unquenchable thirst.

Frequent vomiting after drinking milk.

Indigestion in young children who have a habit of excessive masturbation.

Ravenous appetite and marasmic.

Sudden nausea while eating with loathing of food.

<: Bread/chinese food/warm or hot food and drinks;

>: Cold food and drinks;

Aversion: Fruits (bananas/plums)/sweets;

Desires: Eggs/sweets;


Gaseous distention with urging for stool; doubles over with the pains; > warm applications.

Gurgling in the abdomen.

Painful distension of the abdomen in marasmic children with thin legs.

Examination findings:

- Hard, rigid, distended tender abdomen with retracted umbilicus and emaciation of body.

- Indurated, swollen inguinal glands.

- Inguinal hernia.

- Ultrasound image shows enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes.


Constipation in infants with ineffectual urging and straining and passing of insufficient knotty or sheep dung-like stools.

Itching in anus due to worms.

Painless diarrhea in children after emotional excitement or after consumption of cold drinks.

Passes copious, offensive flatus.

Examination findings:

- Stools: Pin-/roundworms.

Urinary organs:

Retention of urine.

Examination findings:

- Urine: Pus cells +, and RBC +

Male organs:


Early disposition to masturbate.

Perspiration between the scrotum and the thighs, causing excoriation of the part.

Examination findings:

- Induration of the testes.

Female organs:

Copious milky white leucorrhoea in small girls.

Delayed first menses.

Early disposition to masturbate.

Larynx and trachea:

Hoarseness and roughness of voice with coryza in wet weather.

Painful roughness and soreness in the larynx due to constant dry coughing.

Rattling of mucus in the air passages.

Respiratory organs:

Asthma in wet weather, exposure to slightest draft of cold air.

Child finds it difficult to breathe while lying down at night due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

Dysponea with cough when going out in the open air.

Examination findings:

- Rattling respiration as if the chest is full of mucus.


Tormenting dry tickling cough from irritation in the air passages (at night/from exertion/in cold or open air/in the presence of strangers/in wet weather, when taking cold drinks or warm food/when talking/thinking of it and on uncovering; > after breakfast/lying on the abdomen.

Chronic cough in scrofulous children.

Cough is accompanied by increased salivation.

Cough seems to come from the stomach (Bry, Sep).

Rattling cough as from a lot of mucus in the chest.


Examination findings:

- Pneumonia with flushed cheeks.

- Valvular cardiac murmurs.


Examination findings:

- Curvature of spine in the dorsal region.

- Spina bifida.


Offensive and excoriating perspiration from between the toes, which makes the part raw.

Pain in the lower limbs at night (growing pains) > warm applications.

Paralysis of the flexors of the feet + ankle clonus (cerebral palsy).

Stumbling when walking due to awkwardness of the lower limbs.

Examination findings:

- Atopic eczema.

- Dry, crusty, eczematous eruptions.

- Gooseflesh.

- Intertrigo.

- Sebaceous cysts.

- Warts.


Chilly with lack of vital heat.

Cannot tolerate slightest of uncovering of any part of the body.

Tendency to take cold easily.

<: cold in any form (air/bath/drinks/weather/wet applications, draft of air)/full moon/lying on painful side/presence of strangers/room full of people/pressure/wet weather;

Desire for and better by warm air or warm clothing.

Dwarfishness with arrested development.

Emaciation in spite of a ravenous appetite in infants, with painful glandular indurations.

Family history of abuse of allopathic medicines, aneurysms, aortic complaints, apoplexy, repeated vaccinations.

History of recurrent tonsillitis.

Increased reflexes.

Lack of reaction and sluggishness of the body.

Never well since vaccination.

One-sided complaints: first right, then left side affected.


Unconsciousness in a crowded room.

Wounds tend to suppurate and heal slowly.



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