[David Wember and others]

Cement: an irritating rash in cement workers.

Castor equi: allergic sensitivity to horses.


Phos: Originally the more toxic white phosphorus was used, nowadays it is red phosphorus. Working in the match-making factories exposes to high doses of the chemical

and many developed phossy jaw as a result. This horrific condition is characterised by the rotting of teeth and the jaw bones, leading to appalling pain and infection.

Vanadium acid salts experience irritation of the respiratory passages, digestive system and it can cause emotional disturbances.


Asthma von Bergarbeiter/Folgen von Arbeit in Porzellanherstellung/Bildhauen/Steinmetzen/Untergrundarbeit: Card-m. Sil.

Arbeit in Salzminen: Petasites = Pestwurz (wird in Österreich gefunden in Gegend mit Salzminen).


Erste Hilfe:

Carpenters: Arn.: any bruising injury, ragged cut, head injury, broken bones.

Hyper.: For pain FUL banged-up fingers and toes. Follows Arnica in head or spine injuries.

Led.: For puncture wounds. May help prevent tetanus. Follow with Hypericum if much pain.

Sil.: For splinters that are too deep to reach. Causes the body to expel them, even if they’ve been there for years. Note: Do not use Silica if you have any kind of surgical implant.


Exzessives Stricken deutet immer auf ein Spinnenmittel.



Arn.: for any traumatic injury

Canth.: Top remedy for burns

Phos: Use after Arnica for electric shock

Carb-v.: For the effects of breathing hot air



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