Capsicuum annuum Kind Anhang


Kind: Chamomilla-Kindergruppe.x;

Learning disability





[Douglas Boreland]

Fat, lazy, somewhat obstinate and clumsy in movements. I have never seen a neat Capsicum child. Very forgetful, touchy, easily offended and irritated. Poor memory, slow learning in school and dislike of being away from home. Sore throats with high fever, flushed face, thirst for cold drinks.

[Dr. W.A. Dewey]

Otitis media with rupture of membrana tympani and great soreness of mastoid portion of temporal bone. Chronic suppurations of ear with bursting headache and chilliness. Ear is hot, pain goes to throat, purulent discharge.

DD.: Hep. the area of sensitiveness is bigger.

Dr. Weaver has seen cases needing mastoid operation relieved by Capsicum.



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