Cathartes aura = Turkey Vulture


Vergleich: Siehe: Aves + Greifvoegel


[Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia]

    Hair was a recurring theme in the proving as it is for the vulture. Vultures by necessity become bald to prevent infection.

    Foraging for food and rummaging through old things were recurrent themes. (Vulture are frequent forager)

    Taking care and guardian to the others (Vultures live in group)

Core issue:

    The central theme is soaring associated with themes of flight, flying and floating sensations. (Soaring is specific to vulture)

    The feeling was that of feeling calm, centered, peaceful and content while flying. (The vulture is vulnerable on the ground.)

    Phoenix rising from the ashes. (The phoenix is a bird that through purification it disintegrating and develop further from its ashes.)… transformation and


    Probably Leprosy miasm

Physical General:

    Chilliness and left sided

Physical Particular:

    Tendency to abscess formation

    Most effected area is the throat

    Itching with strong feeling of formication

General Themes

A. Transformation or change




    Vision/New Vision

B. Soaring versus vulnerability




    Getting Away With Something

    Feeling of Panic


C. Leprosy miasm

    Animals Peeing/Defecating

    Cleaning Out

D. Extra

    Huge Amount

    Warning followed By Biting


    Guardian/Care Taking


DD.: Andean condor and Turkey vulture share common theme of death, clearing, but Cathartes have additional to letting go. of purification and detoxification is physically cath.

Would be have boils, sepses, pus while Vult-g. would be have itching cath. Focuses on the polarity of releasing something toxic that was hitherto blocked. Vult-g. holds within

it the theme of sacrifice, collective guilt and shame, and tremendous self-judgment. vult-g is its great size, a theme of gentle giant, great gentleness in all the energy.


One theme which strongly appearing in Cathartes while absent in Vulture-gryphus



    Being the invisible, unrecognized

    Acting as the unseen force, or being susceptible to and/or a victim of unseen force



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