Child in Mercurius combinations


[Dr. Ajit Kulkarni]


Born oversensitive. There is a definite pattern of sharp consciousness. The child exhibits a 'reactive' pattern.

Active child: Beneath this activity lies restlessness. Fidgety, constantly moving; never lies still and sleep of the child is only solace to the parents. Even during sleep, he is restless and tossing.

Problem child: Intellectual, cunning, mischievous and capricious. Wants the things in his own way. Obstinate.

Tantrumy child: Ready to hit others. Aggressive. Offensive. Can't tolerate contradiction and may react with rage. Hits mother, shouts loudly, screams and drives everyone crazy. Mother expresses

the child as a 'devil' one, born to give troubles. The child can't be controlled, has absurd demands and if unfulfilled absurd behavior. One often gets feeling as if the child is amoral and has no emotional attachment.

Has an attractive face. There is a definite tinge of cunningness expressed in the eyes. With manipulation and blackmailing, the child tries to achieve his demands. He will use all the techniques like sweet tongue, no communication and finally violence to get his way. IMpatient and hurried. He wants his demands to be fulfilled just now and he hates late response in a sulky way.

The child learns well that aggressiveness and dictatorship are the dependable means, the weapons to become a warrior. He uses these weapons while playing with inmates. He quarrels with friends, often takes the role of a leader and oppresses others. Childhood delinquency. Some Merc. children are born with criminal tendencies. The parents often seek the help of a psychiatrist.

Precocious child: born under syphilitic miasmatic activity. Born with deformities like ASD, VSD, Spina bifida etc. Family history of major illnesses like Ca, Stroke, IHD, TB, Epilepsy, Psychosis, AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea etc. This makes the child vulnerable, the susceptibility tampered with to attract noxious stimuli. The mesenchymal system, the reticulo - endothelial system, the defective phagocytosis tell upon the economy. The child is especially prone to strepto / staphylococcal, bacterial, E-coli, parasitic, amoebic and viral infections. These get reflected at respiratory, GIT,

genito-urinary and skin level. Inflammatory response with or without infection characterized by congestion- exudation- suppuration- fibrosis- necrosis- granuloma may be observed as per the

intensity of process. With illness, the child becomes more cranky, more ill - humored and peevish.

Merc.s are also indicated for Autism, mentally retarded children, and cerebral palsy and also for puny children. Merc. childhood passes more through sickness; diarrheas and dysenteric stools are common as also recurrent throat infections esp. tonsillitis. Frequent use of the antibiotics alters already fragile flora to thrive the organisms.


The child carries forward the traits and in the adolescence phase we get typically boyish ones (Merc-s-cy. Merc-sul-n. Cinnabaris. Merc-sul. are indicated more for males due to sulphur as masculine element). The youths appear more immature, detached and as if in their own world. They are sensitive but unpredictable. They are always hurried, restless and almost running. While watching TV,

they will go on changing the channels so frequently that the very purpose of watching TV is lost. They become bored easily and they must be kept busy. They will go on playing video games or

with mobile sets constantly pressing buttons. Their speech is hurried and one has to carefully listen to what they say. There is a penchant for violent movies and rap / pop music. They enjoy dancing

with loud music. They may go in a pub with the group or alone. Dancing, however, is clumsier and orderly rhythmic Tarn dance they are unable to perform. Early sex awakening leads Merc. to indulge

in sex. Merc.s are sensual and they are more guided by 'id' than 'super-ego'. Hence they enter into danger zone to contract sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, granuloma

inguinale, lymphogranuloma venereum etc. Homosexuality is a feature of Merc.

What worries parents is youth's neutrality. He doesn't maintain close, amicable relations neither at home nor at school. In addition, being non-routinist, they pick up new fashions, new cloths, new cassettes, new influences, new friends and these new things soon become old. Being capricious, their demands are diverse and unending. Some Merc. youths are excited and lively. Being intellectual, they are able to influence others, being cunning they are able to manipulate others and being destructive they are able to harass others. They are quick and hence some intellectual Merc.s grasp the subject readily. They do their study work fast and they do not like to repeat the work. Merc.s do not like to sit in one place for a long time and in a boring class, they become very restless. They attend the school/college infrequently and yet they get good marks. They are intuitive and recall in the nick of the time the precise words and sentences. However, tempting forces distract mature youths and their journey then marches towards non-idealistic path.

Merc. youths do not like the advice of elders and they can't tolerate contradiction. They take everything contrary and go to extreme. They prefer to remain alone and outside home and get addicted

to wine, women, and drugs. Many Merc.s become robbers and murderers. They start spending time in jail from an early life. The journey towards perversion begins in early life and now they need monitoring, counselling and treatment.



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