Commons Magnesium carbonicum and Chamomilla



Ailments from emotional excitement.

Aversion to be touched or looked at.

Aversion to mental exertion, with dullness.


Contrary, with a disposition to contradict.

Difficulty in concentrating when studying.

Easily frightened, especially at night.



Makes mistakes in writing.

Marked irritability and violent anger.


Restless in bed; drives him out of bed; tossing about in bed.

Sensitive to noise.

Shrieks easily, especially during sleep, on waking, and with pain.


Perspiration of scalp.

Unable to hold up head; is drawn backward.

Uncovering the head aggravates.


Pain on touch.

Red discoloration.


Acute smell (strong odors).

Coryza with cough.

Discharge: Dripping, watery.


Red discoloration.

Swelling of cheeks during toothache.


Dental caries.

Difficult and slow dentition.

Salivation during toothache.

Stammering speech.


Appetite: Capricious and ravenous.

Vomiting after milk.

<: Coffee/milk/warm food;

Aversion: Meat;

Desires: Cold drink/cold water/bread/sour food;


Colicky pains in nursing children.


Diarrhea in children (during dentition).

Stool: Frothy, green, watery, and covered with mucous.

Urinary organs:



During sleep: Moaning, shrieking, startles easily, talking, twitching of muscles.

Frequent yawning.

Sleepy after dinner.

Sleepless during dentition, from fear, from restlessness.


<: Bathing, cold wet applications, uncovering, walking in open air.

Aversion to bathing.

Convulsions with pain in abdomen.




Magnesium carbonicum                                                            Chamomilla

Ailments from: Discord between parents.                                    Ailments from: contradiction.

Anxiety with fear; before going to a physician or                        Anxiety in infants; at night

dentist.                                                                                     Anger: Throwing desired things

Homesickness.                                                                        Behavior problems: Abusive,

Orphans; forsaken feeling.                                                            kicking, obstinacy, and striking.

Anxiety with fear; before going                                                 Aversion to be caressed

to a physician or dentist.                                                            Cannot bear to be looked at

Aversion to violence; desires                                                            Capriciousness

harmony; ailments from quarrels.                                                Desires to be carried (> restlessness)

Desires: to travel/to nibble.                                    Concentration difficult reading            

Difficult concentration writing.                                                Fear - of approaching others/people.

Gourmand/Greed.                        Puts fingers in mouth/stamping feet

Restless from toothache.                                                            Inconsolable

Starting from sleep (about midnight)                                    During dentition - irritable/shrieking/colic

Talking loudly in sleep.


Head:                                                                                    Head:

Knocking his head against the wall (in sleep).                        Perspiration: Clammy, hot, during sleep, and sour.

Open fontanels with sunken occiput.                                    < Warm covering on head/washing the head

Perspiration on forehead during vomiting, occiput.

Nose:                                                                                                Nose:

Inclined to blow constantly.                                                Coryza with laryngeal inflammation.

Obstructed on waking from sleep.


Mouth:                                                                                    Mouth:

Open during coryza.                                                                        Toothache: With involuntary flow of saliva; < emotional excitement like anger/on

Teeth sensitive and tender to touch.                                                becoming cold after getting overheated/from and when lying on the painless side;

Toothache: < change of weather/cold water/biting teeth            > holding cold water in the mouth.

together; > lying on the painful side.

Stomach:                                                                                    Stomach:

Vomiting: After soup; of curdled and undigested milk.            Pain: < breakfast/after coffee/before an attack of cough/from touch.

<: Cabbage/farinaceous food;                                                <: Coffee/sweets/warm drinks;

Aversion: Bread and butter/mother’s milk/(green)                         Aversion: Food (after eating a little)/soup/warm food and drinks;


Desires: Delicacies;                                                                        Desires: Cold food;

Abdomen:                                                                                    Abdomen:

Pain: Colic after milk/after diarrhea; > bending double.            Pain: After anger/after coffee and from taking cold drinks; colicky pains > warm applications, not > pressure.

Rectum:                        Rectum:

Diarrhea: After artificial food, and after milk.                        Diarrhea: In nurslings; < downward motion/fright/after crude food/after taking cold.

in nurslings; < downward motion/fright/after crude

food/after taking cold.

Stool: Green, like scum on frog-pond; hard stool                        Stool: Offensive, like rotten eggs; green, like spinach flakes or chopped eggs.

followed by soft, forceful, and gushing.

Sleep:                                                                                                Sleep:                                                                                                :

Sleepless from excitement (after midnight).                                    Sleepless newborns; infant must be carried around.

                                                                                                Sleeps with the lower limbs drawn up or stretched out.

General:                                                                                    General:

Emaciation: During diarrhea; in infants with ravenous       > becoming cold; Kicks off covers. < touching anything

appetite.                                                                                    Weak (paralytic), from pain.

Sour body odor.



Vorwort/Suchen                                Zeichen/Abkürzungen                                    Impressum