Comparing Row 4 and Row 6:


Row 4 ††††††††††† Security and Task

You are responsible and duty bound to someone else or to the organization or to the people above you. You are a part of the structure and you need to fulfil your part in it.

You basically do your job as well as you can.

∑ You are the boss.

Row 6 ††††††††††† Responsibility and Leadership

∑ You are responsible for people below you.

∑ You donít feel you are reporting to anybody.

∑ You have to make decisions although you can delegate. You decide the fate of the entire organization.


Comparing the guilt of Row 4 and Row 6:

Row 4

The guilt is for having failed to do their job or task and then they get blamed by others (the boss or the spouse or family members)

If they blunder they lose security, i.e. their job, money, health, house, etc.

Itís a feeling that duty and responsibility is in context with their job and security

Row 6

††††††† The guilt feeling derives from having failed in a responsible role (in taking the leadership or in a position of power), and here they reproach themselves for the same.

††††††† Itís a feeling that they have not only affected the lives of several people but of the entire organisation of the entire nation

††††††† If they blunder then consequences are much more serious.



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