Comparison between waters


[Dr Raymond Sevar]

There is great variability in the extent and quality of the Materia Medica of spring waters. Of the 20 waters in Radar/Synthesis only two are provings using triturated

of the evaporated water (Gettysburg aqua and Skookum chuck aqua).

The Materia Medica of the other 18 waters are symptoms produced by drinking or bathing in the water.

Sanicula aqua (a geo-thermal spring) has the most symptoms in which one family drank the water for a year.

Carlsbad aqua and Vichy Grande-Grille aqua each contain mixed symptoms from the water of 2 or more springs – one a hot spring and other/s of ambient temperature.

Symptoms of the Cross Spring in Bath and other waters are mainly non-specific weakness, lethargy and enervation.

It is possible that the spring waters are not one family of remedies – the hot springs and ambient temperature springs may be inherently different.



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