Comparison Carcinosinum with Cuprum metallicum


Carcinosinum con Cuprum


Cars. will endeavour to cope with low self esteem by avoiding disapprobation. To this end they will try to please, be a model example, make no errors so as not to draw attention upon themselves, adapting to the demands of others so as not to make a show he fails to stand up for himself.

Cupr-met. endeavours to prove themselves worthy and the opinion of others is wrong about him. As a consequence they put tremendous energy into achieving success. They have a strong determination and never give up for that would mean to admit failure. Cupr constitution therefore aspires and can be found in the highest echelons of society.

Thus these two remedies are polar opposite in characteristics.

Carc. essentially a weak personality/want of confidence, fear of failure

Cupr-met. essentially strong/want of self esteem.

How can both traits exist in one individual? The answer: both characteristics are the result of a charade or play acting. The traits cannot be constantly maintained.

The individual has to relax sometime.

In the case of Carc. (who they are always trying to please) when they are in the stillness of their own home where only their own family is present (ie no prying outside eyes) they relax by being untidy, disorganised, casual, unreliable, offhand, unresponsive etc.

Conversely with Cupr-met. (who always try to portray success, high aspirations and determination) when likewise they are in the stillness of their own home where only their own family is present (ie no prying outside eyes) they relax by becoming pliant, acquiescent, non confrontational adapting to the needs of others etc The phrase “road angel” and “home devil” comes to mind as a way to describe a personality with two opposing attributes.



Carc.: Cancer

Cupr-met.: Cardiovascular complaints of cancer or heart disease


Carc.: because of uncertainty

Cupr-met.: Because an admission of wrong would undermine the purpose of life which is to prove oneself they feel that they have to be strong and willful to achieve their goal and never give up.


Carc.: Fastidious at his work to avoid being criticised; for the same reason they will be on time and anxious if late. However they may be untidy in private life.

Cupr-met.: Irritable or angry when others are late because it disturbs their planning and because they want everybody to follow the rules, otherwise their own capacity for controlling every situation is undermined; it is easier for them to make mistakes if it does not jeopardize their final goal.


Carc.: feeling of guilt when taking a rest without having finished all the work; even when sitting he has the feeling that he must do something: reading, knitting, crocheting, etc.

Cuprmet.: he is a workaholic because he has to perform in life; he has to finish his work because he has planned it for that day; he has high expectations of himself


Carc.: because they wants to hide their uncertainty

Cupr-met.: because they cannot stand contradiction, they do not want to be weakened by criticism.


Carc.: They have fear of failure, they feel uncertain; they are anxious when people are late, because of emotional dependence; anxiety about others

Cupr-met.: They have anticipation because they cannot control the situation, especially in new, unknown situations; they will try to inform themself as much as possible about the situation and organize things in advance


Carc.: because of overwork, of too much pressure; they try desperately to answer the expectations of others and those who impose on them

Cupr-met.: because they have only one purpose in life, to prove they can make it therefore they are unable to relax and work twice as hard. Eventually they become overworked completely burnt-out.


Specific Symptoms of Carc.

1. WEAK DEFENSE MECHANISMS on the mental, emotional and physical plane

2. LACK OF REACTIVITY; no fever for a very long time

3. INABILITY TO REFUSE ANYTHING; wants always tp please, feeling of guilt when refusing anything; occupied with the needs of others, but completely unaware of his own; permits others to overstep his own boundaries

4. SLEEPLESS: difficulty falling asleep, overactive ideas, needs several hours to fall asleep; wakens at 4 a.m.; sleepless during a large part of the night; unrefreshing sleep; sleepless after 4 h.; > a short sleep during the day

5. EXHAUSTION: from overwork, too much pressure

6. SYMPATHETIC; anxiety about others

7. SENSITIVE TO ANGUISH: Horrible things affect them profoundly; cannot watch murder, suffering, cruelties, surgery, etc., on TV

8. SENSITIVE to music; weeps from music

9. FEAR of cancer; in a crowd; in narrow places; in high places; spiders, mice, snakes; failure in examinations; failure; thunderstorms

10. DESIRES dancing, marked sense of rhythm

11. DESIRES: to read but finds it impossibile because of difficult concentration or mental exhaustion, difficulty due to dysexia

12. DESIRES: to travel

13. DESIRES: animals, loves nature, sea, thunderstorms, storms.

14. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Hay fever; chronic, long continued coryza; chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis; infectious mononeucleosis, acne; fibromas, ovarian cysts; sterility; warts on soles and palms of hands; acne, pustules on the back; severe acne; molluscum contagiosum

15. <: before menses: aggressiveness, sadness, irritability, industriousness, swelling of mammae, painful mammae

16. >: short sleep; occupation


Specific Symptoms of Cupr-met.

1. RIGID mentally and physically, strong willed., lack of flexibility


3. SERIOUS; closed mind, suppressed feelings

4. METHODICAL: Very organized; planning everything; likes to have an overview of the entire situation; likes to have everything under his control

Very respectful of rules angry when others do not follow them

5. TENSION & CRAMP on the mental, emotional and physical leves; mental

6. AMBITIOUS; to be the best

7. SENSITIVE: to injustice

8. ATTITUDE: Hard worker, very active, never has time to rest or to relax; has many activities, very organized; other people can hardly believe that one person can do so many things; works so hard yet does not feel fatigue; he plans the whole day; strong desire to finish the task at hand.

9. ATTITUDE: respectful of rules

10. ATTITUDE: Perseveres, never gives up

11. ATTITUDE: Critical of himself and of others

12. ATTITUDE: Dictatorial

13. ATTITUDE: Requires being independent

14. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Muscular tensions, convulsions, migraine, asthma, angina pectoris, hypertension, spastic colon, cramps or tension in muscles, trembling, twitching, Raynauds, coldness of extremities, icy coldness; coldness of hands, of fingers (Raynaud's), cold feet

15. <: mental or physical overwork, touch, before menses; suppression, suppressed foot sweat

16. >: occupation; cold drinks (cough, nausea, vomiting, hiccoughs and spasms); perspiration

    Likes strong physical exertion that requires endurance: running, swimming, bicycling; wants to win and goes to the limit; feels much better after strong physical exertion.



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