Comparison: Chelidonium and acute alcohol intoxication


Impaired sensation                                        Numbness

            Incoordination                                               Vertigo

            Cognitive and memory difficulties                Aversion to mental exertion

            Incoordination/ataxia                                    Limbs “As if paralyzed”; lower limbs heavy/paresis/muscles rigid

            Nausea/vomiting                                            Nausea/vomiting

            Lethargy                                                        Great lethargy and indisposed to make any effort

            Respiratory energy decreased                        Dyspnoea/short breath and tight chest. Hypoventilation        

            Cardiac arrhythmias                                       Violent palpitation


Chelidonium C 3H and C 30H reduce alcohol content of the blood significantly in 30 minutes.



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