Comparison child Tarentula with others


Children requiring spider remedies can easily be confused with:

Ars. children, because of the anxieties.

Phos. children, because of the hyperaesthesia.

Zinc. children, because of the restless body.



Tarentula.x                                                                          Zincum metallicum.x

Increased levels of energy with violence.                             Restlessness all over the body (feet).

Gets exhausted easily.




Slightest touch on the back produces a reflex,

with irritability of the intercostal muscles.




                                                 Phosphorus.x                                                                                 Tarentula


                                                  Driven and influenced by external events.                         Mainly influenced by internal drives.

                                                  Fingertips numbs.                                                               “Pins and needles” in the fingertips.



                                                                                  Headaches, < noise, light, touch.

                                                                                  Increased sexual desire.

                                                                                  Loves raw food.

                                                                                  Sensitive to cold.

                                                                                  Soothed by rubbing the part.


                                                 Iodum.x                                                                              Tarentula


                                                  Child fears people, and so shuns everyone.                       Child averse to company, but wants someone present.

                                                  Child not as physically restless as Tarent/more                  Very restless child, physically and mentally.

                                                           easily debilitated, with profuse perspiration.

                                                  Glandular atrophy and induration more marked.               Hysterical and nervous symptoms characteristic.

                                                  Hot patient, with a desire for cooler surroundings.            Chilly

                                                  Loss of flesh in  spite of a ravenous appetite.                    Emaciation not due to lack of appetite, but to easy satiety.

                                                 Not so competitive or deceitful.                                         Very competitive and deceitful children, who can employ any means possible to not allow

                                                                                                                                             anyone to go ahead of him.

                                                  Sexual desire not as strong as Tarent.                                 Early and strong sexual desire.


                                                                                  Most complaints > in open air.


                                                  Arsenicum album.x                                                                      Zincum metallicum.x


                                                 Anxious and restless come from an inner insecurity,          Restlessness due to overstimulation of the C.N.S.

  and more emotionally driven.

  Very demanding but are often quite dependent.               Not so dependent.

Talk very fast and answer quickly and abruptly.                      

Requires only 2 - 3 hours sleep per night.

Walk very quickly, cannot wait for anybody and get annoyed easily if other

children are slow in front of them.

Threaten parents and other siblings, and can react violently.

Very competitive children (Nux-v).




                                                  Tarentula                                                                           Nux vomica.x


                                                                                                                                             Child requires a lot of stimulants like tea and coffee to keep up the pace of his life.


                                                                                  High energy levels.

                                                                                  Intense personality and driven by competitiveness.



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