Comparison Diphterinum with Pertussinum


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Re: Bacillinum vs Tuberculinum       From brisbanehomoeopath on 2012-01-27

Pertussin displays a feeling of being blocked or obstructed from within, which prevents the change that the Tubercular person feels is necessary to achieve health. This blocked feeling can cause aggression, desperation, violence. There is a feeling of having to exert great force to break and destroy the block so you can reach health. It is as if they are pushing against a great wall, and there is the typical Tubercular feeling of running out of time to break this obstacle down.

Diptherium is a much more collapsed and weak Tubercular state. They are extremenly prostrated, often too weak to even complain. In some ways it resembles Baccillinum. However Diptherium talks about a barrier or membrane that is blocking him or choking him (like Pertussin) but unlike that remedy he has no strength to fight, he is too exhausted. This film, layer or membrane will finally suffocate him to death. Pertussin will aggressively attack the wall, Diptherium is more passive due the extreme weakness. Pertussin's description of the blockage is hard, resistant, requiring great force. Diptherium's description is of a soft barrier more like a curtain, but their lack of strength makes it impossible to penetrate.

This information comes from Drs. Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi, in their book 'Nosodes and the Imponderables Come Alive'.



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