Comparison Folliculinum and Diethylstilbestrol (= DES)


[Dr. Farokh J. Master]

The contraceptive pill had its birth in the early 1940’s where it was chiefly introduced as a safer method of contraception. However, time has confirmed that it has never been a safe method of contraception, as the estrogen pill is loaded with side effects, not only to the woman but also to the children of the generation that follows, whether male or female. Here some of the astonishing facts

    High incidence of uterine, vaginal, ovarian and breast cancers in women who are on contraceptive pills.

    High incidence of thromboambolytic phenomena.

    High incidence of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

    High incidences of cervical dysplasia.

    Children that are born out of DES mothers usually suffer from abnormal genitals like small testes, infertility, sub-fertility, etc.; and sons born to DES mothers usually have a low sperm count.

As a homoeopathic student I was very much interested that there had to be a proving of DES in homoeopathy. Unfortunately till today there has been no Hahnemannian proving of DES. Hence my experience of using this remedy is purely clinical. My first experience of this remedy comes from a lady who had consulted me in 1982. Her husband was an eminent builder in Mumbai and he wanted me to visit his wife in Harkisandas Hospital for threatened abortion (inevitable abortion). I examined the lady and following were the symptoms:

    Abortion in early months of pregnancy.

    The hemorrhage was bright , < slightest exertion. It was a passive hemorrhage.

    Even though the hemorrhage was not excessive, the patient was complaining of severe weakness.

    She was feeling very thirsty.

At that time my first choice was Ars. C 30. I gave her a few doses but the next morning to my disappointment there was no change. The bleeding was increased Hence I decided to change my prescription to Sec. C 30. This worked like a miracle. The bleeding was reduced by more than 50%. Hence I was relieved, thinking that this was the right remedy. Later on during the course of the day I received a frantic call from the husband saying that the bleeding had become worse, and now she was bleeding like tap. At that stage the gynecologist decided to go for an early dilatation and curettage. I was quite nervous to repeat Sec. or increase the potency. The patient was in no state or frame of mind and neither were the relatives ready to give the constitutional symptoms of the patient. Hence, I had to solely depend on my observation of the local symptoms. One point, which was very strong in the history of the patient, was that she was married for the last 4 years and immediately after her marriage she was on oral contraceptive pills for 2 years. This point I thought was worth considering. I decided to give this DES in potentized form, but to my unfortunate destiny this drug was not available in Mumbai. Hence the only way the drug could be made available was from Ainsworth pharmacy in London. I explained my handicap to the husband and asked him to import this medicine as a life-saving drug. Till the time the medicine arrived, I was too skeptical to start any other medicine. Instead I gave placebo for a day and after 20 hours I started with DES 30C just one dose. Then I waited for 6 hours. There was no change, so I repeated one more dose.

Next morning the bleeding had reduced by 40% and in the next 4 days, without repetition of the dose, there was no bleeding at all. Of course I have to admit that the patient was on simultaneous allopathic anti-hemorrhagic drugs. But for 4 days this was administered to the patient without any effect. It was only on the 5th day that I started homoeopathy. After a period of 7½ months the patient delivered a healthy child who has now passed his HSC examination successfully.

The next case was of a woman, 32 years old and who complained of premenstrual breast heaviness. She was treated previously by eminent homoeopaths using Calc., Bar-c., Calc-f., etc. unsuccessfully. I studied the case and selected the remedy Graph. as she was full of fear, with poor self-confidence, and was timid, reserved and slow. Unfortunately there was no result after using various potencies of Graph. In the history it was mentioned that she had consulted a skin specialist in the past for treatment for cystic acne, for which he had advised her oral contraceptive pills. This was a big turning point and I immediately gave her a few doses of DES in 30C potency. This removed the breast heaviness during the subsequent menstrual cycles, permanently.

Gradually I became more clear in understanding the clinical picture of DES as I saw case after case improving with the help of DES. Here are a few indications where one can use DES successfully: uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical dysplasia, genital anomalies, low sperm count, abortions, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, and acne. The chief indication in all the above conditions will be – excessive use of contraceptive pills.



Folliculinum arrived in my life at a much later stage of my practice. Madame De Mattos introduced it into homoeopathy. Later on Melissa Assilem gave a beautiful picture. Folliculinum is a potentized form of natural estrogen.  In the 1950s Dr. Donald Foubister, a Scottish homoeopathic physician declared that it is very closely related to the homoeopathic remedy Carcinosin.

How do I identify Folliculinum in my practice?

    Folliculinum is one remedy that has lost its identity (ego), due to strong influence of a dominating or dictatorial person in his or her life. To some extent this is a very common syndrome observed in India where females are still considered inferior to males, where females are still dominated by males, because in India, till date, many females, especially in the rural parts, are not at all educated.

    Like Nat-f., Nat-br., Med. and Carc. – Folliculinum is a remedy after abuse, sexual assault, rape, sexual violence and incest, where the patient has not completely recovered from the emotional trauma.

    Early and precocious pubescent – which means that there is an early sexual development and maturity in young girls and boys. For any problem that arises during puberty, emotional or physical, Folliculinum can be used as an intercurrent remedy. However the other symptoms of the remedy should be confirmed.

    Folliculinum best covers ailments from menopause and troubles that arise from menopause.

    Delayed convalescence after any acute illnesses.

    General aggravation before menses.

    Difficult emotional bonding with the child, post-delivery problems like – postnatal depression, postnatal hysteria and postnatal psychosis.

    Strong craving for sugar, wheat and farinaceous food is seen in this remedy.

    In this remedy all symptoms > as soon as the menstruation starts.


[Dr. Christina AriI

It is a special honour for me to point out the importance of a remedy which can without doubt be considered the most female of remedies of Materia Medica Homoeopathica.

The substance I am talking about is a sarcode,

Folliculinum or oestrone, a natural hormone, which is secreted by the ovaries, playing the leading part in reproduction of our organism.

This steroid hormone with typical steran structure and the formula C18H22O2 is able to directly interact with nuclear DNA if connected with a steroid-receptor, well known as an important and urgent transmitting substance.

The name oestrogen is derived from Greek. Oistros means “rut or lust” and genao “to create”. What we are talking about is a “rut or lust generating substance”.

The oestrone used in homoeopathy is derived from the urine  It is a water-insoluble, white, crystalline substance, triturated to C3.

A number of renowned colleagues have already closely studied the substance over the past decades and through their findings have described a wide spectrum of indications.

The remedy was proved clinically in detail by Madame De Mattos already in the 1950s. At that time mainly low potencies of the remedy were applied and that primarily showed positive effects against the so-called Hyperfolliculinia Syndrome.

Real Hyperfolliculin ia takes the form of a glandular-cystic hyperplasia. It is manifested in an anovulatory cycle whichcan lead to clinical disorders in terms of, for example, a polycystic ovary syndrome, cysts or tumours of female organs that finally leads towards infertility.

This real hyperfolliculinia can be histological verified through biopsy and is differentiated from functional Hyperfolliculinia.

Donald Foubister followed Madame De Mattos to examine the remedy. Publications added by Melissa Assilem have essentially contributed to the development of contemporary remedy characteristics. In her manuscript `Mist or Miasma`, she was the first to show the fatal consequences of hormonal abuse, effecting the following generations, starting in the second half of the past century:

During a period of about thirty years a drug called Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was given to numerous of women, to prevent miscarriages, in U.K. and U.S.A., causing a rare form of cancer, a vaginal clear-cell adenocarcinoma in daughters of those women. Although these cancers could arise

very early, many were not triggered off un

til the girl was exposed to more hormones,

e.g. the pill, or another hormonal treatment. Assilem claimed this to be a case of an acquired miasma triggering off an inherited one. Many sons of those women treated with DES suffered from low sperm counts or abnormally shaped sperms. The so-called morning after pill was made from DES as well.

Finally in 1999, Folliculinum was proved by Andreas Holling during a seminar in Münster with Jayesh Shah involving 10 participants. Complemented by the symptoms derived from this proving and by my own extensive experiences with the remedy over a period of more than ten years

I managed to work out a precisely characterized picture of Folliculinum, showing a very wide spectrum of indications, exceeding cases of symptomatic, hormone specific disease patterns.

This lecture will concentrate on indications concerning afflictions in preference of the female sex. The effective range of oestrogens expresses itself in the complexity of the feedback mechanism

between hypothalamus, hypophysis and the gonads.

Connections between symptoms and clinical pictures on different organ system levels, including mind symptoms and sensations can be explained that way. It has been proven that sexual hormones directly influence the neurotransmitting systems, unless they are considered to be neurotransmitter themselves.

Primarily oestrogens are responsible for sustaining fertility in human organism. They stimulate the development, the functioning, and regulation of female sexual organs and finally affect the spermatogenesis in men.

They dictate the female hormonal balance and they safeguard the dynamics of an individual balanced ovular cycle of a woman.

Oestrogens are the pace maker in a healthy female cycle. Every healthy woman, therefore, has her own individual rhythmical cycle which helps her to find the right measure in relation to empathy, devotion, self-determination, strength of will, and individuality. These are the essential prerequisites of a healthy female organism.

Any disturbed or suppressed physiological cycle signifies a missing pace setting  signal of the oestrogens and leads to well known disorders in the sense of hyperfolliculinia and its reflecting symptoms, concerning the entire organism, body, sense and mind.

As a sarcode Folliculinum contains information of a healthy mode of action in organisms of mammals, therefore it must have the inner capacity to re-establish health and fertility.

To show indications for Folliculinum, in preference of female sex,

I will proceed in aetiological terms, according to clinical aspects, which correspond with the typical pathognomic symptom complexes, including all psycho vegetative symptoms, and also showing up

the side effect symptoms of synthetic hormones.

I would like to start with indications which can be put down to physiologic fluctuations of the hormonal balance: In puberty, if the development of the ovulatory cycle shows disturbances, characterized by difficulties concerning the individualisation process leading to womanhood.

In case of abnormalities at the time of ovulation and the days before menses, especially afflictions in terms of a premenstrual dysphoric syndrome or menstrual disorders in general, despite the modality that the start of the period causes improvement.

During pregnancy, around birth, during the breastfeeding phase, especially when there is a lack in a balanced mother-child relationship, to the point of puerperal psychosis.

In menopause, the whole spectrum of physical and mental symptoms is covered.

Furthermore, Folliculinum is indicated in case of functional and organically manifested female diseases, which can be attributed to an impaired ovulation cycle, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, ovary cysts, myomas, malignomas and other tumours, depressions and other physical or mental manifested disorders.

All diseases regarding breasts should remind of Folliculinum.

Now for iatrogenic causes:

Long lasting hormonal suppression or replacement therapies represent a serious iatrogenic cause, as severe physical side effects and a higher risk of developing cancer are proven. That fact shows

one of the main indications for the remedy. It is common practice to treat functional endocrine disorders with synthetic hormones. In that way to us homeopaths alarming disorders such as acne vulgaris, endometrios is and PCO syndrome are basically and simply suppressed.

Hormonal contraceptives, no matter what kind, totally block the functioning of the ovaries. They are made available too easily to even very young girls, whose cycle is barely developed yet. Suppression and deception of one`s own balancing mechanisms often leads to an ovular cycle not able to regenerate itself, which may cause infertility. This drastic consequence, the side and after

effects of contraceptives such as widespread urinary tract infections, migraine etc. can successfully be treated with Folliculinum.

First stop suppressive drugs and than prescribe rhythmically repeated medications of Folliculinum,  because oestrogens are the pace maker in an ovulatory cycle, this is a simple way to induce


This method has proven to be very successful in my experience, in the sense of functional therapy, in intervals, supplemented by the treatment with a Simile. We know that modern medicine`s answer to infertility is further hormonal treatment and finally in vitro fertilization, which most often needs to be repeated causing severe symptomatic and functional disorders within the organisms of those women.

Consequently, children procreated this way may suffer from problems and diseases. This could be a theme for us in future and shows up a severe miasmatic pressure already!

Antihormone therapy against hormone-receptor positive carcinomas, causing lots of side effects, can clearly be made better tolerated by rhythmically repeated medications of Folliculinum C200. Some women respond to weekly, others to doses given every two weeks.

Over the past ten years of intense studies with this remedy, functional and miasmatic prescriptions of Folliculinum have become more and more common to me. In this way and especially when

complemented by a Simile the nosode accompanies chronic recoveries. This method has proven to be successful with many patients and resulted in lasting recoveries.

Foubister already experienced good effects giving Folliculinum 3 - 4 days before an individually selected constitutional remedy.

Folliculinum and Miasma

Hormonal balance in women is very sensitive and easily effected, either by endogen or exogen disturbances.

Pressure and suppression induced by dominant forces on an individual such as dominant parents, husband, harassment at work or religions dominance can be a cause to create a so called

Folliculinum state, as well as results from immune system suffering after long lasting and profound infection, which is suppressed by medication.

As a result of growing environmental stress and an overload of forced hormonal supplement in food together with treatments of synthetic hormones including contraceptives such as the

Anti Baby Pill over a period of many decades, hormonal abuse has become part of our lives and should be taken as a severe risk for our health, concerning both sexes.

The increase in breast cancer and cervical dysplasia in even very young women is alarming.

In Austria one out of eight women develops a carcinoma in her mammals. The fertility rate in so-called industrialized countries is constantly decreasing, while syndromes such as

endometriosis and poly cystic ovaries are on the rise.

Even men develop sub fertility, disorders in spermatogenesis are frequently observed. This severe situation is putting tension on us and assuming a miasma in general to be an influence that induces illness and is hidden behind common pathologic symptoms which are signs of a disrupted force of life.

These circumstances allow for discussion of a new kind of miasma, which can be acquired or inherited, and which primarily leads to degenerative disorders to sign up for reduced regenerative properties.

Folliculinum in general serves as a remedy in case of suppression or loss of the individual rhythm of life.

As a sarcode it owns the inner capacity to re-establish its healthy mode of action within organisms to prevent infertility and degeneration.  

Over the past ten years of intense studies with this remedy, functional and miasmatic prescriptions of Folliculinum have proven to be successful with many patients and resulted in long lasting recoveries, especially when complemented by a simile.



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