Comparison Haliaeetus leucocephalus and Falco peregrinum

(syphilitic miasm).


Bird Themes

According to Shore the bird mind "organises itself around concepts which allow a dynamic shifting of emphasis". It a state of mind where the significance of events or feelings can easily change. She changes her opinion every moment, so you'll never get the same answer twice. It doen't imply that she is irresolute - her current 'fad' is the only one that has any real validity. Like some of the drug remedies she lives in the NOW!

Contrast this with the people who understand a subject and then form an opinion that can never be changed, even if you can show their reasons are faulty (very sycotic traits). You wouldn't want to get into an argument with these guys (Ferrum Series - Traffic Wardens, Security Guards and so on). Minerals so their ideas are compartmentalised and structured.

The birds, eagles can be very impartial (= unabhängig), just witnessing, without emotional prejudice. A kind of emotional detachment that allows the truth to be seen.

When you start feeding birds in the garden they soon come to expect a morsel. They know - there's a kind of empathy, but there's no emotion like the unprejudiced observer, as in Stage 16 (e.g. Ytterbium) and Stage 17 (e.g. Lutetium). This knowing has been linked with a the autonomous spirituality of the Lanthanide series as a whole. Like the Lanthanides, they are free spirits.

A closer look at the rubric: "DELUSIONS - separated - world; from the - he is", shows this feeling is common to the predators:

Androc. (scorpion) Bit-ar. (puff adder) Heliac-lc. (eagle) Lac-del. (dolphin) Loxo-recl. (recluse spider).


Haliaeetus leucocephalus (= Bald Eagle) has an interesting clairvoyant aspect. They have an inner psychic world - a beautiful retreat - and sometimes use Cann-i. to enhance their experience.

[Jeremy Sherr]

Assessment of Bald Eagle (Haliae-lc) Sx. Stage 15.

They migrate along routes which have good thermals of updrafts. They are often thought of as spiritual messengers from the upper world. This was described as a crack in the universe or the soul.

Provers experienced freedom and also a dread of being trapped by the mundane, which was frequently expressed in dreams of rising above difficulties. DD Merc - who can be discriminative and pragmatic one moment and detached and intuitive the next (the messenger). It is all used for personal power.

This eagle had been caged and hooded. Provers experienced extreme emotions - elation and despair and low self-esteem. They made quick decisions and related to others very directly. There were also aimless and ungrounded sensations. There is irritability from the least disturbance and the anger is intense. They blame others and feel that they are always right.

Eagles are very private. It was well prescribed for a sensitive girl who felt human nature was very selfish, she was especially sensitive to gossip and criticism. She wanted to be a pilot so she could fly above the world.

1. Altered Thinking

DELUSIONS - laughed at and mocked at; being; insulted is.

DELUSIONS - separated - world; from the - he is separated. Confusion - identity.

DELUSIONS - looking - down; he were looking; Flying. Floating - air in.

DELUSIONS - crack in his soul, or in the universe.

BEING in the present; feeling of

2. Altered Feelings




ANSWERING - aversion to answer.; family to.

ABRUPT. ANGER - misunderstood, w

3. Altered Behaviour




DREAMS - MAPS - old. ESCAPE - attempts to.


Falco-p. (= Tame Falcon). Stage 17.

[Misha Norland]

Adapted for speed and agility and can dive on their prey at 200mph (inlet cones in the nostrils guide the shock waves). They have been used by European falconers since 400 AD. Provers found Issues of Pride; humiliation and domination cause deep problems.

Misha Norland was led towards the proving of this remedy by a case of sustained sexual abuse ... "The relationship between falconer and falcon suggests a perverted bond of persecutor and victim". In general, the remedy is useful where the client feels constrained or dominated.

Falco-pe is "detached yet in the present" - this also gives the impression of watching.

[This is well observed in Bubo virginianus (= Great Horned Owl). The main idea is that Owl is a wise old soul who loves to teach].

1. Altered Thinking

DELUSIONS - Worthless. abused, being. Betrayed. Body looks ugly..

DELUSIONS - Separated from the world. division between self and others. He is friendless. Repudiated. Persecuted.

DELUSIONS - Space - expansion of. Timeless.

DELUSIONS - He is transparent. Made of glass.

DELUSiON - the world is disintegrating.

Spirals - awe. Desires speed. Loves nature.

Thoughts move in circles. Inability for logical thinking.

2. Altered Feelings

Discontented. Discouraged. Disgust. Loaths self.

Ecstasy. Elated. Feeling of ease. As if in a dream.

Estranged from self/wife/family/society.

Hatred. Anger - cold and detatched.

Injustice - cannot support.

Insecurity. Jesting. Playful. Naive.

3. Altered Behaviour

FASTIDIOUS (or untidy)

Determination. Wants to fight. Fearless. Heedless.

Indifference to dictates of conscience. Unsympathetic.

Aversion to duty. Escapes.

Weeping - feels forsaken.

Loss of will power. Reproaches self.



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