Comparison Hyos. + Magnesiums +Puls. + Lach. + Verat. + Thuja. + Bell. + Stram.


Hyoscyamus characteristics can be found in such positive rubrics as precocity, intellectual, introspection, inquisitive, and clairvoyance.

Pulsatilla (complementary–Hyoscyamus demonstrates a more extreme need for attention),

Magnesiums (fear of abandoment),

Lachesis and other animal remedies (loquacity, themes of attractiveness),

Veratrum (themes of persecution),

Thuja (chameleon personality, reproaches oneself) and

Belladonna and Stramonium (other members of the solanaceae family).

The reader may read the proving and examine other rubrics for Hyoscyamus in order to fill out the above description.

In summary (with apologies to Shakespeare!), the Hyoscyamus state can be respectfully characterized as: ‘To be exposed or not to be exposed, that is the question.’



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