Comparison Lanthaniden with Snakes


[Stephanie Nile]

Snakes in general are quite solitary and avoid people.  There is Secrecy, misanthropy, and delusions of enemies.  Some are quite egotistical. These place the Snake remedies between

Stages 12 and 17.

The Series is more difficult to discern, but one clue is that there is a strong focus on Sexuality which suggests the Silicon Series = establishing relationships outside the family.

Lachesis seems to resonate with Stage 12, Crotalus with Stage 15 and Cenchris with Stage 16.

Just revising Philip Baileys Lachesis, I started noticing hints of Lanthanide qualities such as autonomy, independence, depth, sexuality and so on.

We all know that Lachesis seems to hate restriction and have inner tensions > discharging emotions in the form of loquacity or sexuality. Philip Bailey says the hatred of restriction

can also manifest as a need for their own space in a relationship or a loathing of being ordered about (typical teenagers).

Some Lach. can be quite extraverted and enjoy being the centre of attention which reminds me of Stage 10. Lach. is often known to be quite philosophical (Sulphur).

Many remedies in bold type in the rubric:

Contradiction - disposition to contradict: Anac. Caust. Hep. Lach. Lyc. Nux-v.

What's really confusing about Lachesis is that it comes out on top if you "collect" rubrics that might suggest a Lanthanide, e.g. philosophical, thoughtful, curious, sympathetic, mystical

(Sulphur too!).

This path is seen in Buddhas sutra teachings; but these are the common preliminary practices, and can also be found in many world religions. This path, on its own, can be merely

intellectual spirituality. It has neither the depth of Mahamudra nor of the Lanthanides.



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