Comparison Nitricum acidum + Arsenicum album + Carcinosinum


Nit-ac., Ars. and Carc. all cancer remedies. All are dealing with situations of life and death, and when that is the case, what you do has to be perfect, since anything less than perfect can cause death or injury

for self or others.

Nit-ac. needs everything to go according to his plans, or else he feels like his life is in jeopardy.

Arsenicum needs to be perfect so nobody can judge him or gang up on him, since that is what happened in his core situation.

Carcinosin has to save everybody, and if he makes a mistake, other people can lose their lives as a result and it will be all his fault. So, Carcinosin has to be perfect, and not only that, he also has to work under

time pressure as well, because Carcinosin is always the hero that saves everyone at the last minute. This is why Carcinosins often work in emergency rooms, and this is also why Carcinosin homeopaths attract

clients that are half dead because they always come to ask for help when it is almost too late. So if Carcinosin can pick the perfect remedy, before it is too late, the person may survive. If he doesn’t get the

remedy right, the client may die, and Carcinosin will blame himself forever. So, even though they are all perfectionists, they are all operating from different perceptions of reality, and knowing what this

perception is, gives us valuable clues about what remedy to give someone.



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