Comparison Nosodes + Minerals + 11th column + cancer miasm + sarcodes


[Ghanshyam Kalathia]

1. Nosodes: (Here described the themes of nosodes I learned from Dr. Sachindra and Bhavisha Joshi)

First of all we compare sarcodes with nosodes because nosodes also have the issue within themselves rather then surroundings. Nosodes are diseased tissue so they want to become normal while sarcodes are normal tissues already. For better way to understand please take one example… One man falls in the pit on the road and

tries to come out of it, while another man becomes conscious of a pit in the road and tries not to fall into it. The man in the pit is nosode and the man on the road is sarcode. The fallen person thinks he’s the stupid one who did not see properly and fell in this big problem so he becomes desperate to come out of it and finally feels helpless. He sees others on the road and feels they are lucky and he’s unlucky, faulted, abnormal and weak compared to the others. A person who is not fallen into

a pit he’s aware of thinks he must become perfect, proper and conscious to prevent falling in. He tries his best to maintain his place. He must try to become better so

he never ever falls into it.

2. Minerals: Some times the word “function” may confuse minerals and sarcodes because minerals also has a function as a “sensation”, but minerals functions are regarding

            something missing or loosing to make a complete structure; they speak related to function of specific issue of separation, identity, security, performance, leadership

            while sarcodes’ “functions” are mostly functions of the body and by the help of that function they want to maintain their healthy state or even become better.

3. Remedies of 11th Column: ‘maintaining’ is also an issue of 11th column of the periodic table. They constantly try to maintain their state and do not want to loose it.

But their sensations are related to specific issues of the row. E.g. they have issues of security (Cuprum), performance (Argentum), leadership (Aurum) etc.

While sarcodes want to maintain their healthy state. They are conscious to not become hyper or hypo in their functions.

4. Cancer miasm: ‘perfection’ is also an issue of cancer miasm. They constantly try to become perfect and are conscious to not become chaotic. But in the cancer miasm it

            is a coping mechanism and their issue is something different than ‘perfection’. The issues of remedies belonging to the cancer miasm depend on the kingdom they

            belong to. ‘Perfection’ is an attitude of a sarcode because they want to maintain their healthy state.



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