Comparison Nux vomica and Nitricum acidum


Nux vomica and Nitricum acidum are found in the rubrics: „Iritability‟, „Violent‟, „Sensitive, external impressions, to all‟, „Horrible things, sad stories, affect her profoundly‟, „Anger over his mistakes‟, „Sympathetic‟, „Anxiety, conscience, of‟ and so on.


Nitricum acidum „Hatred, persons of, who had offended, unmoved by apologies‟.


Comparison Nux-v. Gels and Ign.


    Nux-v.: bossy, fastidious, impatient, irritable.

    Gels.: nervous, tremulous, sleepy, drowsy person who cannot take bad news.

    Ign.: woman who has had a big grief, disappointment or shock and has to hold everything within herself (Silent grief).

Although the three remedies have different expressions they share a common sensation i.e. “Shock- How can this happen!” The difference is that each remedy perceives the shock in a different degree. Though the common sensation is shock, each remedy has its own pace, depth and degree of desperation, the common sensation is experienced in a different way by each of the


Nux-v feels “How can I recover from this quickly? (Impatient) The stock market has fallen and I must recover quickly.”

Gels. “I cannot withstand the shock, I am too weak and must avoid anything that causes the shock” In anticipation of the shock he becomes tremulous, gets an urge to go to the toilet or

becomes sleepy.  If asked to give a speech on the spur of the moment he avoids it.

Ign. perceives that she cannot avoid the shock and must be in control of herself in the face of shock. e.g. A woman with children suddenly learns about the death of her husband.

Her life is changed from total order to chaos. She needs to hold the grief within herself and be in total control.

Nux-v. perceives it as a critical situation (typhoid), Gels needs to avoid (sycotic) and Ign perceives as chaos and needs to be in control (cancer). The three remedies perceive the situation of

shock in different ways. So we understand that a particular family has a particular sensation that is common to all the remedies of the family and each remedy in that family perceives it in

a different way, which is the miasm.



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