Comparison of Ammonium carbonicum and others



"We can see that Am-c. is similar to Caust. in many ways, neither of them can tolerate the injustices and abuse of values in society. But in Caust. the feeling

of injustice is predominant, while Am-c. has more resentment. As they get older the provocative behaviour changes into a more cynical and reserved kind of

attitude. They are very disappointed in their old ideals, they think that society is rotten and corrupt."


"The anger is kept inside. The reservedness of the Ammoniums is also present in the Natriums., but in the Natriums the grudge is absent, they don't really have

this type of anger. The difference between the two is very clear when we compare Nat-c. with Am-c. Nat-c. is usually refined and dignified, while Am-c. can

be very blunt and resentful." [both quotes from Scholten]



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