Comparison Phosphoricum acidum with others


Chin.: "Deterioration of health from nursing“. Also apathetic, indifferent, taciturn, but from loss of vital fluids (haemorrhages/excessive lactation/suppurations

Ph-ac.: Deterioration of health from nursing/breaking down (nerve strain). Mental enfeeblement: mind tired: perfectly exhausted.


Ign.: "Ailments from care, grief" and sensitive, easily excited with incredibly rapid changes of mood; Ailments from disappointed love. Profuse watery urine

Ph-ac.: Ailments from care, grief. Apathy and indifference. Profuse watery urine


Staph.: "Ailments from chagrin“. Has to control himself, he goes all to pieces, trembles from head to foot, loses his voice, his ability to work, etc. More intense and energetic in suffering than Ph-ac.

Ph-ac.: Ailments from chagrin. Apathetic, indifferent, low spirited, but its ailments from pride, envy or chagrin.


Nat-m.: "Ailments from disappointed love", emaciation, passionate, intense: weeps, hates sympathy:

Ph-ac.: Ailments from disappointed love, emaciated, dull apathy


Hyos.: has marked jealousy, and is far more intense mentally


Mur-ac.: muscular prostration comes first, and the mind seems clear until long after the muscles are prostrated.


Ph-ac.: the mental symptoms develop first; 1. mental/brain, 2. physical/muscles: muscles may remain strong after the mind has given out.

Ph-ac. pines and emaciates, grows weaker and weaker, withered in the face; night sweats; cold sweats down the back; cold sweats on arms and hands more than on feet:

cold extremities: feeble heart and circulation; catches cold easily and it settles on the chest (Tb.). Pallor with increasing weakness and emaciation.

Most writers on Ph-ac. give prominence to the curious fact, that with all its prostration, its diarrhoea, acute or chronic, does not cause prostration, points to Calc. "feeling better, every way, when constipated“.

In Ph-ac. there may be "complaints > ending in diarrhoea“. Kent: child with copious, watery stools in summer: so copious that the napkin seems no use: the stool runs all over the mothers dress and forms

a great puddle on the floor: the stool is almost odourless, thin and watery, and the little one smiles as if nothing were the matter. The mother wonders where it all came from, yet the child seems well“.

Diarrhoea > many of the symptoms and the patient feels better. Some patients say they are never comfortable unless they have diarrhoea".

Ph-ac. has pinching and squeezing pains.



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