Comparison Ubiquinon with others


Repertorisations of six symptoms were chosen as representing  the fundamental nature of Ubiquinone 30CH as described above in the summary overview. This produced the following results.

Nat-m., Nux-v., Sulph., Gels. and Puls. were shown to be the most prominent on repertorisation of the proving symptoms of Ubiquinone 30CH .

Nat-m. and Sulph. from the mineral kingdom.

Nux-v. Gels. and Puls. from the plant kingdom correlating best.



Natrium muriaticum


hypersensitivity and emotional fragility. Extreme irritability with an overwhelming sentiment was experienced. need for attention from loved ones but at the same time preferred to be alone and isolated as this would increase their agitation.

detests consolation and comes across as being irritable. They want to be alone to cry and appear to bid for sympathy yet become angry when they are consoled

increase in energy with happiness

more sadness is experienced which alternates between tears and laughter

Vertigo weakness of the limbs and dizziness.

Vertigo feels as if they are falling with some jerking in the head and < standing near a window and > lying down

Headaches very prominent and severe. All aspects affected. Occiput, vertex, temples and forehead had much pain /experienced as dull, pulsating and pounding, with such intensity that the head felt like it was splitting down to the temples and the brain matter would explode into a thousand pieces.

movement of the eyeballs caused much distress and < intensity of the  headache 

Both remedies share the intensity of the headache < sneezing and coughing. < motion

of eyes. > being still/applying pressure/resting;


Headaches: throbbing and feel as if a thousand little tiny hammers were knocking on the brain (morning on waking). Bursting on coughing, heavy, over the eyes with disturbed vision

Caused by eye strain or menstruation

Both remedies share the intensity of the headache < sneezing and coughing. modalities

< motion (eyes)/< frowning/reading/cold air/anger/> pressure on the eyes/lying still and perspiration

bruised sensation upon the eye

Burning, itchiness and redness

bruised sensation upon the eye. Burning, itchiness and redness. seeing fiery, zig-zag appearances around objects, lids swollen and experiences more lachrymation

Ulceration, inflammation and a feeling of sand in the eye + agglutination in the morning

In Ubiquinone there was blocking of the ears whilst experiencing the sensation of being able to hear running water. Acute hearing whereby every noise and sound was magnified,


The ear and hearing symptoms: noises such as ringing, buzzing, humming and difficulty hearing. Discharge with some swelling. Difficulty in hearing.


Nose: A thin watery discharge that does not burn. Fluent coryza making it difficult to breathe.

much itchiness within the nostril ext. Eustachian tube. Congestion in the sinus cavities

Fluent coryza and stoppage of the nose making it difficult to breathe. Discharge thin, watery like the raw white of eggs.

Face: sense of heat upon the face with 1. burning, tingling sensation along the lips,

2. cold sores appearing on the lip

Edges of the lips have fever blisters along with an intermittent fever. The lips and corners of the mouth dry and ulcerated

much itchiness and swelling on the mouth and tongue ext. down to the throat


tongue mapped with a coating on it and red insular patches

Mouth: Gums bleed easily. Deep sense of pain in the teeth was felt.

Pain was located in the upper front region radiating from one incisor to another.

A vibrating feeling was also felt in the tooth which was worse for blowing the nose. One of the provers showed salivation


Gums bleed easily. Teeth sensitive to air and touch, pain is experienced in the teeth, < chewing with salivation in the morning

Throat: Difficulty swallowing both liquids and solids with an intense scraping of the back of the throat as if with razors. A hoarse dry feeling of the throat and a tickling

of the throat with a feather.

Throat hawks bitter salty mucus/dry, sore, tickles and causes one to cough. Only fluids can be swallowed. A hoarse dry feeling of the throat.

Bottomless hunger followed by a decrease in eating. Also nausea, with vomiting bringing about relief. Heartburn and indigestion.

Right side mainly affected with a dull hypochondrial pain and a cutting like pain towards the umbilicus. The liver felt enlarged or bloated with abdominal cramps

with a twisted knotted type of pain.

R. side of the abdomen mainly affected with a dull hypochondrial pain and a cutting like pain towards the umbilicus. The liver felt enlarged or bloated with abdominal

cramps with a twisted knotted type of pain. Cutting in the abdomen and distension.


Stomach and abdomen, drinks large quantities of water, is hungry yet loses flesh and experiences heartburn with palpitations. Craves salty food and have an aversion to bread or slimy foods. Nausea in the morning, vomiting of food and have pain after eating.

Heartburn and indigestion with palpitation. Cutting pain in the abdomen and distension.

Experiences shooting pains in the region of the liver. Shooting in region of the liver

The diarrhoea experienced after each meal and had no foul odour while the constipation just brought about an unsettling feeling.

The rectum experiences both constipation and diarrhoea. The stool dry when constipated and has painless watery diarrhoea.



Discrepancy in urine output as compared to liquid intake. The urine was clear with a sense of urgency and an increase in frequency,


Pain, burning and itching after urination. Thirst for large quantities of water


Increase in the male libido along with a dull aching pain in the left testicle.

Mainly impotence and a retarded emission

Irregular and profuse menses. brown discharge changing into bright red blood with huge clots. > doubling over.


Irregular and profuse menses. More severe menstrual pains along with prolapse of the uteri and leucorrhoea that is watery and acrid. Bearing down pains were experienced < morning.

Respiratory symptoms difficulty in breathing along with breathlessness. < walking fast or running. “As not being able to get enough oxygen into the lungs” and had a tight sensation over the chest region.

Shortness of breath on going up stairs and suffers with many cough symptoms such as

coughing with asthma, bloody expectoration or even having a whooping cough present

Couth: The cough due to a build-up of phlegm at the back of the throat which was itchy and brought on the coughing.

Both dry and wet coughs were experienced. The wet cough “Like a razor like sensation at the back of the throat < the wind and cold rain. The dry cough caused itchiness in the trachea < at night/talking/exertion; > eating/drinking (hot and cold drinks);


The cough and expectoration symptoms mentioned above in respiratory symptoms. The cough

is like that of whooping cough, coughing with asthma or palpitations and a cough with a bloody expectoration. < winter/morning/evening/after lying down/empty swallowing.


Chest: Constricted feeling in the chest region. More intense pain described as being dull, sharp and stabbing and the pain ext. neck and down the left arm. 

Chest symptoms stitches all over the chest. Tachycardia present along with the heart and chest

feeling constricted. The pulse is either full and slow or weak and rapid. There is a shared symptom. Intense pain described as being dull, sharp and stabbing and the pain ext. neck and down the left arm.


Back: Deep pain in the back, neck and scapula. Pain caused such tenderness that one

could not even lie on their back and < movement.


Pain in the back and desires firm support. Stiff neck with backache as if the back is bruised and feel > lying on something hard/pressure/lying on the back

Limbs: The similarity in extremities of having a feeling of tightness in the calves. Also

coldness and warmth in the hands and feet. The main difference was that Ubiquinone

experienced more pain on the right hand side.

Feeling of tightness in the calves. Coldness and warmth in hands and feet.

Entire body along with extremities fatigued. The right arm had a deep aching pain ext. down to the shoulders.

More restlessness in the legs and feet with a numbness and tingling sensation.

Neither side more affected.



Raging heat on face and feeling miserable, and wanted to lay around naked entire day.

Chills 9 – 11 h. and with the heat they have a violent thirst that increases with the fever.

Increase in perspiration on the back, chest and armpits.


Much itchiness and became red and swollen. A fungal infection that produced vesicular eruptions with a clear fluid expelled from them. < warm water and > cold.


Urticaria itching, burns and > after exertion. Skin unhealthy or yellow and shows eruptions of a

ringworm nature > warmth.

Awoke unrefreshed. Extreme exhaustion yet battle to sleep or sleep very lightly with many disruptions. Desire to sleep the entire day.

Sleepy but cannot sleep at night and awakes unrefreshed. Awake feeling weak and sleepy during the day with frequent yawning. Desire to sleep the entire day.

Anxious and paranoid dreams

Dreaming of robbers

Generals: exhaustion to the point where the person cannot function. Rundown feeling along with the entire body feeling achy. A cold sensitivity is also shared, could not

tolerate the cold and preferred room temperatures.

Desires: coffee, fried and fatty foods;

Increase in energy and the ability to get more done in a day.

Increase in energy on one hand and extreme exhaustion on the other.

Generals: Suffers with great debility, and show extreme weakness and weariness. experience coldness and a high risk of catching a cold

Desires: salty, bitter, sour foods and an aversion to bread and anything slimy.

Not much energy, suffer with great weakness and weariness. Great debility




Nux vomica

Emotional fragility stems from a feeling of being overwhelmed. Annoyed with the external environment and with others, which led to being irritable. External factors such as noise and increased sensitivity.

Angry or irritable when consoled and prefer to be on their own.

The main fears of being socially rejected with a paranoid feeling that they are being watched.

A lack of concern mind felt exhausted with no order of flow in thought processes.




Highly irritable, sensitive to all impressions. Angry and impatient on the one hand and can be nervous and excitable on the other. Leads a sedentary life with sedentary habits. Hypersensitive: do not want to be touched, reproach others and fault finding. Noises,

odours and lights increase the irritability.

External factors such as noise and increased sensitivity. Angry or irritable when consoled and prefer to be on their own. Fear of poverty and of knives as one feels they would kill themselves or others. Can be quite melancholic and suffer with anxiety with an inclination to commit suicide but they are afraid to die. Unable to think connectedly, easily make mistakes and concentration is difficult while calculating.

Vertigo with a momentary loss of consciousness. Dizziness.

Occipital headache > resting/lying down; “As if the head and brain matter would explode into 1000 pieces”. < moving the eyes and > resting. Headaches on the right hand side with a dull, pulsating pain.

Occipital headache > resting/lying down; “As if the skull will burst” < moving the eyes and > resting. Headaches of a congestive nature, and the individual experiences violent jerking or dull stitches on the left hand side of the brain from the orbit to the occipital region.

Eyes: pain in the r. upper lid in the r. corner. Only redness and itchiness followed.

Eyes: photophobia, optic neuritis and atrophy. Conjunctivitis experienced with burning and smarting as the lids of the eyes are sore and difficult to move.

Ears: noises magnified with a compression sensation in the ear. Felt blocked mainly on the right side. Produces coryza of a fluent nature. Blocked, stuffy noses with flu like symptoms are also seen.

Ears: Itching in the ear with tearing stitching pains. Noises: ringing, roaring and hissing  with loud sounds and pain.

Produces coryza of a fluent nature. Blocked, stuffy noses with flu like symptoms are also seen.

Nose: Non burning, yellowish discharge. Much itchiness with pain in the sinus cavities.

Nose: Stuffy nose after exposure to a dry, cold atmosphere with an acrid discharge.

violent sneezing with the margins of the nostril sore and ulcerated

Face: Jaw person feels contracted or snapped shut and is stiff, did not want to speak as their jaw felt clenched tight. Tingling sensation is felt on the lips.

Face: Jaw person feels contracted or snapped shut and is stiff.

Painful peeling of the lips

Mouth: pain and swelling of the tongue was shown. Itching of the palate and the Eustachian tube. Accumulation of saliva.

Vibrating sensation was felt in the teeth.

Itching of the palate and the Eustachian tube.

“As if the gums are torn when brushing” Accumulation of saliva.

Chattering of the teeth.

A feeling of scraping at the back of the throat with razor blades with a sensation of the diameter of the throat decreasing with each breath.

A sensation of tickling, came back when exposed to cold air.

Rough scraped feeling (inhaling cold air) and a sensation of tightness, tension and the pharynx being constricted.

A sensation of tickling, in the morning after waking.

Cough: A wet and dry cough. The dry cough caused much itchiness in the trachea along with the cough < night/talking/exertion; > eating/drinking hot and cold drinks;

Phlegm salty and green to yellow in colour.

Cough: The dry cough tight, hacking with bloody expectoration. > drinking;

Expectoration bloody.


Respiration: shallow/oppressed


Chest: Breathlessness. Difficulty in getting enough oxygen which caused shallow respiration. The breathlessness < walking or running. A tight feeling across the chest which was more pronounced on deep inspiration and is described as constriction. Build-up of mucus brought on coughing as an accompanying symptom.

Nausea and vomiting.



Chest: Heart feels tired along with palpitations on lying down or after a stimulant. The pulse rapid and irregular. The person feels a spasmodic constriction across the chest region and in the air passages. < walking or singing.

Difficulty in getting enough oxygen which caused shallow respiration

Above symptoms bring on a cough as well. Difficulty in getting enough oxygen which caused shallow respiration. A tight feeling across the chest which was more pronounced on deep inspiration and is described as constriction.

Nausea and vomiting. Nausea in the morning after eating. Wants to vomit but have difficulty in doing so/> if only they can vomit.

Abdomen/Stomach: Need to vomit after every meal and feels better afterwards. Clenching pain is felt in the stomach region.

Painful heat moving between the oesophagus and epigastric area = dyspepsia > drinking cold water.

Ravenous hunger, abdominal discomfort, 1. increase in appetite, 2. decrease in wanting small portions which sustained them for longer.

A dull pain in the hypochondrium that extended to the back with a cutting pain below the umbilicus towards the appendix.

“As if liver was enlarged”, “As if a beach ball in the abdomen”.

Increase in flatus and borborigmi.

Abdomen/Stomach: Fluttering sensation in the epigastrium. Dyspepsia mostly from drinking strong coffee and eating acidic and fatty foods.



Ravenous hunger before the onset of heartburn and then becomes averse to food.


A dull pain in the hypochondrium ext. back with a cutting pain below the umbilicus towards the appendix. More bruised feeling of the abdominal walls. Also weakness of the abdominal ring region leading to hernias which can occur. The liver is engorged. Increase in flatus and borborigmi (described as rumbling and gurgling).

Rectum/Stool: Diarrhoea with a muddy, smoky appearance. Happened after each meal

with no foul odour to the stool. Constipation with urging was seen on a small scale.

Rectum/Stool: constipation is a major symptom/ineffectual urging with an incomplete feeling along with diarrhoea from the abuse of purgatives.

Male sphere the only comparable symptom a dull pain in the left testicle was experienced on waking.

Male: has a constrictive stitching pain in the testicles.

Female symptoms: irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Delay in the onset of the menses

was seen followed by an increase in the menstrual flow, accompanied by huge clots.

Discharge bright red. Cramps experienced ext. to the entire body, pain in the sacrum with an urge to pass a stool

Female symptoms: Menses too early, prolonged and always irregular. Discharge black in colour. Of a cutting nature and was > bending double.


Back: lower back was mainly affected along with the neck, shoulder and scapula. Deep

pain and described “As if the bones were twisting or grinding against each other”.

Movement and lying on the back < pain. In scapula a stabbing pain with the backache.

Pain described as being more bruised and tearing < morning. Difficulty lying on the

back due to the extreme tenderness felt. In scapula region stabbing ext. down.

the right hand side of the body. The right arm and shoulder had a deep pain with the body feeling bruised. Cramping/burning in calves.

Back: More of a burning, neuralgic pain in the spine.

Difficulty lying on the back due to the extreme tenderness felt.

In scapula region a bruised feeling.

the arm suffers a paresis (Vermeulen, 2000:715).

Cramping in the calves, < at night.


Perspiration/fever: fever with body aches. Perspiration on the face # becoming cold and clammy.


Perspiration/fever: Colder state predominates. Rigors and fingernails blue.

Chilly/prefers to be covered during the fever. Also dry heat of the body along with heat in the head and face.

Skin: Extreme itchy with redness and swelling/< warm water; > with cold water. Little round weals were present on the skin from scratching.

Acne with the skin being red and blotchy. A peculiar symptom is seen where there is urticaria with a gastric derangement.

Sleep: tiredness with many sleep disruptions leading to them awaking unrefreshed, worn out and battling to get out of bed.

Sleep: drowsy after meals. Able to fall asleep before bedtime and arise between 3 – 4h. They are sleepy after daybreak, leading to them awaking stupid and dull. Even feel weak and averse to rising.

Dream:about being chased and has a sense of paranoia along with anxiousness.


Dreams: Centred on hurriedness. Anxious dreams where they can be pursued by animals or can involve more of the amorous dream settings.

Generals: sensitivity to cold. sensitivity to the cold air and cold water. Craves fats and coffee. Strong craving for coffee and fatty foods, the provers could smell the aroma and taste in their mouth.

Extreme exhaustion which led to the body having an overall run down feeling.

The muscles experience a bruised tight feeling described as contracted along with the bones having a sensation as if breaking.


Generals: sensitiv to cold. Chills easily, symptoms come on in the open air and > when indoors.

Craves fats and coffee. need for stimulants like coffee which helps people to keep going due to all the activities and mental strain they take.

Leads to a sedentary life, craves fatty foods but this brings on dyspepsia.

Many pains of twisting, jerking.

In muscles a tense contracted sensation. A general bruised feeling is felt in the mornings in bed with trembling of the hands.





Can be selfish with no regard for others/can weep without cause and < consolation. Wants attention from loved ones but prefer to be alone.

Increase in the amount of energy, felt light and carefree.

Weeping for no reason experienced emotional fragility in which one felt > after weeping.

The mind felt exhausted which made it hard to concentrate and led to a lack of motivation to complete tasks. Thought process lacked order. Experienced difficulty in thinking and showed confusion.

Anxiety and unsettling feeling experienced with having a fear of being watched, socially rejected or being bitten by a cobra. Delusions and paranoia were centred on forgetting to lock car doors or people messing with their food.

Anxious and a depressed mood preventing sleep and making restless. Quarrelsome, irritable and impatient and nothing pleases. They can be very forgetful, with difficulty in thinking and confusion in the morning upon waking (Vermeulen, 2000:921). Tends to fear ghosts, robbery, poverty and even starving along with delusions of thinking one’s rags are beautiful things with an indifference to personal appearances. Strong tendency towards religion and philosophical reveries. Melancholic.

Weeping for no reason. Tears could also be brought on with the slightest provocation.

Experienced difficulty in thinking and showed confusion.

Anxiety and an unsettling feeling.



Vertigo: Walking in the open air, on looking down and from rising from a seat. dizziness experienced in Ubiquinone with weakness in the limbs. Short-lived and does not prevent people from performing their activities.


Head: throbbing pain in the vertex with pain radiating down to the temples.

Head felt cold with an intense pain “As if splitting down the middle to the temples and the brain would fall forward”. < for movement and > pressure/in a dark room. In the temples a stabbing pain with the head feeling heavy and dull as if the brain matter would explode. Pain < for light, motion, noise and lifting the head which improved when pressure was applied, when sleeping or when the person had a warm shower. The pain in the forehead had a pulsating, pounding nature with the same modalities as in the other parts of the head.

Head: constant heat on top of the head. Headache ascends from the nape of the neck to the vertex where the vertex becomes hot, heavy and throbs with pain. Pain described as being deep in the brain or “As if a band is around the head”. Head feels full with a rush of blood to the head (morning and evening) with pressure in the forehead. Pressure in the temples in the morning after rising and in general a Sulphur headache can last for 2 - 3 days. Headache < stooping/open air/light/> hot applications/being in a dark room.




Eyes: Bruised sensation which was felt in the right corner of the r. upper lid.

“As if a stye was present and was worse for touch. Redness and itching of the eyes was also present which was better for rubbing them. The eyes felt warm upon

closing them which was one of the unusual symptoms experienced.

Eyes: Burning ulcerations of the margins of the lids along with burning and heat in the eyes. Pain of a bursting nature with trembling of the eyes or of painful inflammation due to the presence of a foreign body. Styes and tarsal tumours.


Ears: Pressure along with a pain in the ear upon swallowing and sneezing. 

“As if the ear is ulcerated” (Vermeulen, 2000:923).



Hearing: magnified hearing along with hearing imaginary running water. Slight deafness for a short period of time was also seen. “As if compression within the right ear was felt ext. down jaw”


Hearing: Deafness preceded by sensitive hearing. A ringing, roaring noise can be heard in the ear in the evenings with a rush of blood to the head.


Nose: fluent coryza non excoriating with a clear discharge which can turn to a yellow colour. Itchiness of the nostrils. Itching ext. Eustachian tube. A dull congestion at the base of the skull and sinuses were also experienced

Nose: A fluent and burning coryza is present with frequent sneezing in the morning and evenings. Itchiness of the nostrils.

Discharge: thick, yellow, purulent mucus with itching and burning of the nostrils

Smell: overly sensitive to odours

Face: burning, tingling sensation was felt on the lips followed by a fever blister. Heat was felt in the face with the jaw being clenched closed.

Face: lips dry, red and burning with herpes at the corners of the mouth.

There is a drawing, jerking pain in the lower jaw as well as swelling in the parotid and submaxillary glands. A bitter taste with the tongue being white and having a red tip and borders.

Mouth: Tongue painful, red and swollen with extreme itchiness of the tongue and mouth ext. down to the right inner ear and throat. Increase in salivation that ran out of the mouth.

The gums felt torn and burnt upon brushing of the teeth.

Mouth: Accumulation of saliva in the mouth (after eating).

Teeth: Vibrating feeling within the teeth and pain radiating from one incisor to another.

Teeth: Boring, throbbing toothache with swelling of the gums.

Throat: pressing discomfort along with pain swallowing solids or liquids.

Throat hoarse, dry and itchy.


Rectum/Stool: Constipation while diarrhoea is also experienced. The diarrhoea was painless, odourless and was passed after each meal. The stools had a muddy and smoky appearance.

With regard to the constipation, some straining took place with burning in the anus (after a spicy meal). Stool hard and brown while some had bright red blood in them. No pain was experienced.

Rectum/Stool: Constipation and diarrhoea. Frequent, unsuccessful desire to pass a stool hard and knotty “As if burnt”. The diarrhoea painless and drives out of bed.

Stool has an odour, is watery, greyish and frothy < drinking milk. Burning and a pressure in the rectum during a stool or even after a stool are also experienced.

Bladder: Urgency and frequency to urinate despite the intake of liquids being less. The urine was also colourless.

Bladder: Frequent micturition (at night). Sense of hurriedness with the urge to urinate with great quantities of colourless urine.

Male Organs: Dull aching pain was experienced in the left testicle ext. hip joint and buttocks. There was also an increase in libido.

Male Organs: Stitches in the penis and involuntary emissions with burning of the urethra.

A hydrocele is also present with pressure and tension in the testicles and spermatic cord.

Female Organs: Menses were of a spotting nature at first, followed by a heavy flow with clots. Cutting pain from side to side above the pubic bone > bending double.

Cramping in the stomach was also felt with the discharge having a fishy odour.

Female Organs: Much itchiness and burning of the vagina. Menses late, short, scanty and difficult. Leucorrhoea burning, excoriating as well as slimy and milky. A bearing down pain in the pelvis is experienced < standing with the mammae having a sharp burning discomfort.


Cough: A dry violent cough at night while loose coughs in the mornings The dry cough comes on with hoarseness and dryness of the throat along with a watery coryza and pain in the sternum.

Respiration: Breathless + sweating and a sharp aching pain in the shoulder, back and arm.  The chest had a tight feeling over the area with pains like daggers. Palpitations were also present of a pounding nature and were better for rest.


Coughing was experienced in both remedies. (Vermeulen, 2000:925).

Temperature: The expectoration greenish and purulent and sweetish in taste

Respiration: Experiences difficulty and wants the windows open. Shortness of breath from talking or when walking in the open air.

Breathless + sweating and a sharp aching pain in the shoulder, back and arm.  The chest had a tight feeling over the area with pains like daggers. Palpitations were also present

as in Sulphur but were of a pounding nature and were better for rest. Coughing was experienced in both remedies. A dry violent cough experienced in the night while loose coughs in the mornings. The dry cough comes on with hoarseness and dryness of the throat along with a watery coryza and pain in the sternum. Expectoration greenish and purulent which is sweetish in taste.

Chest: Similarity to Sulph. also experienced breathlessness and battled to get enough oxygen into the lungs, < walking or running.



Chest: “As if oppressed with a burning heat-like sensation throughout the area”. The heart feels large as if a load is present along with palpitations which are worse on lying in bed at night. The pulse is more rapid than normal in the mornings and evenings with stitching pains in the heart region. < walking or running.

Cough: wet cough felt as if razor blades were scraping the throat with each cough while the dry cough caused much itchiness in the trachea. The phlegm was of a green to a yellow colour salty in taste.



Back: Lower back or lumbar region affected. A deep aching pain was found in the neck, shoulders, scapula and lower back. “As if the bones were twisting and grinding against each other” Pain < lying on the back. In the left scapula region Ubiquinone also experienced a sharp stabbing pain as compared to Sulphur which showed a tensive pain.

Back: Pain in the lumbar region with backache at night and the small of the back feeling bruised which prevents sleep. The pain is so intense that the person walks bent and can only straighten up once in motion. Tensive pain and heat between the scapula (l.) in motion and lying down with stiffness of the nape.


Limbs: In the upper arms of the right arm experienced a deep aching pain ext. to the shoulder. The body had a general bruised and fatigued sense.

Burning lacked a certain timing in which the burning <.

Limbs: In limbs a sense of weakness with a drawing pain. “As if having a band around the bones”. In the upper extremities there is a weakness and weariness in the arms as well as a paretic feeling with numbness of the fingers.

In the lower extremities burning in the calves, > movement and < legs were stationary. Ext. ankles with the joints feeling achy, like they were being tightened on the inside.

The soles of the feet had a burning sensation < standing. Stiffness of the knees and ankles with a heaviness in the feet.

Cramps in the calves “As if the muscles are short as well as burning of the soles and hands”, mainly at night.


Temperature: fever was experienced with perspiration on the face, back, abdomen and armpits. This could alternate with a cold sweat or with a sense of heat (face). With the fever the body ached with pain and flu like symptoms.

Temperature: Flushes of heat which can result in fainting. The heat is felt throughout the body with perspiration of single parts. A strong odour can be detected in a Sulphur person. A chill can also be experienced that spreads up the back followed by a rush of blood.


Skin: Vesicle eruptions with a clear fluid were seen. Itchiness of the skin is present as well as the skin being dry and scaly as in Sulphur. Skin could become red and swollen due to scratching < warm water and > cold water.

Skin: Very dry, scaly unhealthy. All injuries to the skin suppurate. Itching and burning of the skin < scratching/washing; vesicles with a clear fluid were seen. Itchiness of the skin and the skin being dry and scaly. Eruptions be nettle-like or have a fine papular appearance with offensive odours.

Sleep: Difficulty in falling asleep despite how exhausted the person is. Awoke many times in the evening at no specific time so the person also awoke unrefreshed and yawns throughout the day, wanting to sleep.

Sleep: Sleeping patterns in Sulphur are quite disruptive as there is a frequent breaking of the sleep and the person becomes wide awake. The main time in which a Sulph. cannot sleep 2 - 5 h.  The slightest noise can along with them awaking unrefreshed.

Dreams: Familial, repetitive, nostalgic or anxious and paranoid.

Dreams: Vivid





Mind: a need for attention and recognition was seen in the proving, yet at the same time they wanted to be alone and isolated from others. Being in the company of others caused

much agitation whilst being silent or in the dark improved their irritability.

Much anxiety and paranoia was seen. A prover was paranoid that they have forgotten to lock the car, or someone was watching them or even messing with their food. Fears experienced: being socially rejected/seeing a cobra if one closed their eyes. No comparison can be drawn from the two remedies with regard to the above.

Apathy and prostration. The mind felt exhausted, they lacked motivation with an inability to focus on the tasks at hand. Dullness of mental faculties

Mind: mental faculties dull. Desires to be quiet, to not engage in any conversation or have anyone near them. Sense of apathy regarding their illness. They experience emotional excitement or fear which bring on physical ailments. Many fears (appearing in public/death/ordeals/losing self-control and pains). They have a lack of courage and anticipation of any ordeal results in diarrhoea. In this state languor and listlessness

is seen. There is an incapability to think, a vacant feeling on attempting to concentrate, or

a vanishing of thoughts upon mental exertion. Flow or order in their thoughts.

Vertigo: < sudden movement and walking + weakness of limbs..

Vertigo: With visual disturbances. Light headedness and dizziness. < sudden movement and walking.

Head: Pain started on the right hand side at the base of the neck/and described as being dull, aching and pulsating. Pain intensified with any movement (movement of the eyes)/> resting/applying pressure/being in the dark. Bruised sensation > pressure. Pain like throbbing, splitting “As if the head was splitting down the middle to the temples” and the brain was going to fall forward.

The frontal region of the head suffered a pulsating, pounding feeling > resting, the dark and cold applications.

Head: Heaviness with a sensation of a band around the head. Extends over the eye < with a tight cap and > shaking the head or after urination. has a dull heavy ache and heaviness of the eyelids. Bruised sensation > pressure and > lying with the head high.

In vertex a pressing pain. Fontanels pulsate strongly and can be < at night.

Much pain with headaches in eyeballs and headaches can be preceded by blindness.

A dull headache follows with a fever.

Face: warmth. Heat and perspiration on the head and face.

Jaw clenched tightly. This stopped the person from engaging in a conversation.

Face: warmth. A hot, flushed confused look. Contracted facial muscles around the mouth.

Eyes: Pain in the r. corner of the r. upper lid. A sensation of having a stye in the eye even though it was not present < for touch. Redness, watering, burning and itching.


Eyes: eyelids heavy. Suffer with double vision, ptosis and deep serous inflammations.


Ear/Hearing: Similar to Gels. Blocking of the ear was experienced. A sense of compression is felt as if there was boiling water under a tight lid (r. hand side). “As if hearing running water” despite the blockage.

Ear/Hearing: Sudden loss of hearing for a short duration along with rushing and roaring sounds.

Nose: A coryza is present with a thin watery discharge from the nostrils. Fluent but non burning coryza with yellow mucus. A dull congestion of the sinus cavities with tension at the base of the skull. Itchiness of the nostrils ext. Eustachian tube.

Nose: fullness at the root of the nose, with a watery, excoriating discharge.

No itchiness.

Mouth: A burning, tingling sensation of the lips with a cold sore. More itchiness and swelling of the tongue and mouth area ext. to the nostrils and ears.

Was increased and running out the mouth. Difficulty swallowing solids and liquids.

Mouth: Dry. Lips are dry with dark mucus. In the mouth Gels. suffers with a putrid taste and breath. Tongue is numb and thickly coated.

Difficulty swallowing warm foods. Itching and tickling of the soft palate and nasopharynx with a feeling of a painful lump in the throat.


Throat: Feels rough and burns. A hoarse dry, itchy feeling of the throat + “As if someone

was tickling the throat with a feather”. There was an intense feeling that razors are scraping the back of the throat creating “As if the diameter is decreasing with each breath”. 


Stomach: Was different with a ravenous hunger at first which rapidly diminishes and small portions of food seems to sustain.

Thirst for cold water but not for huge quantities.

Stomach: Emptiness and weakness at the pit of the stomach or a sensation of oppression that feels like a heavy load < for the pressure of clothing. A small appetite but can still take in food or drinks. Not usually thirsty or has a thirst with a sweat.

Abdomen: “As if liver enlarged” with a dull pain in the r. hypochondrium that ext. to the back. Pain described as a cutting pain beneath the umbilicus radiating to the appendix.

Abdomen: Passive congestion of the liver with a spasmodic pain in the upper region in turn leaves a sensation of contraction. Soreness in the abdominal walls.

Rectum/Stool: Diarrhoea and constipation. The diarrhoea was passed after each meal and brought some relief with no strong odour. Colour varied from muddy to a smoky brown.

Rectum/Stool: Diarrhoea from emotional excitement, a fright or even bad news. stool is a cream or a tea green colour and is easily passed.

Urinorganen: Frequency and urgency to urinate. The urine was clear even when not much liquid was taken in.

Urinorganen: Anxiety + constant urination. Profuse, clear along with chilliness and trembling. There can be incontinence from excitement

Male Organs: Dull aching pain in the left testicle ext. down to the hip joint and buttocks with an increase in the libido.

Male Organs: Dragging pain in the testes and all sexual power is exhausted.

Female Organs:

Female Organs: Dysmenorrhoea and a scanty flow with the menses being delayed. “As if the uterus is being squeezed”.

Limbs/Back: Delay was seen in the in the scapula. Moving down to the limbs, in the right hand side was more affected than the left hand side. The right arm had a deep aching pain extending down to the shoulders while in Gels. cramps are felt in the forearms

The lower limbs cramps and there was a burning sensation inside the calves > movement.

This sensation travelled down to the soles of the feet with aching in the ankles and joints.

Limbs/Back: Cramps in the forearms. There is a loss of power of muscular control with excessive trembling and weakness of all the limbs

Fever: Aches and pains in the body with a general feeling of being miserable. Some did show a cold sweat. Perspiration on the face and body.

Fever: A dull headache follows with a fever. Perspiration on the face and body.

Mostly a chill that is experienced. Chilliness up and down the back with a small amount of

perspiration. Heat can come about with one being drowsy and prostrated. Paroxysms of fever recur from 15 – 17 h. in the afternoon.


Skin: Dry and itchy. Eruption of vesicles, white in colour with a clear fluid oozing from it.

Skin: Hot, dry, and itchy with an eruption similar to measles.

Sleep: Cannot get fully to sleep. Insomnia from exhaustion or uncontrollable thinking.

Sleep: Cannot get fully to sleep. Insomnia from exhaustion or uncontrollable thinking.

Cold: Sensitivity to cold. The cold weather could not be tolerated as well as cold drinks.

Cold: Sensitive to cold and dampness which bring on many complaints. They can get a cold at the slightest change of weather.

Generals: Much exhaustion with body aches. A general run down feeling with the muscles being tight and bruised. Increased amounts of energy, can to accomplish more in a day.

Generals: Lacks the energy and has more prostration and a dullness of mental faculties.




Pulsatilla pratensis

Mind: Hypersensitivity with irritability with the external environment and to people around them. < being in the presence of others and preferred to be on their own. A need for recognition and attention from loved ones yet they had an aversion to people.

The anxiety and paranoia centred on a feeling that one is being watched, someone is messing with their food and forgetting to lock the car doors. Fear of being socially rejected and the need for company in order to overcome their fear.


Mind: very timid, emotional and tearful being. Extreme hypersensitivity is seen where one can be moved from laughter to tears whether it be a joyful or sorrowful occasion.

can be quite irritable and easily offended along with wandering thoughts, and >> consolation. Anxiety > open air and motion. Fear: afraid to be alone, insanity and of the dark. Wants to hide and run from ghosts and a delusion of being alone in the world.


Vertigo: sense of dizziness, which was short lived, along with weakness in the limbs.

Vertigo: + nausea, gastric disturbances or menstrual disorders. < sitting, looking up, stooping or in the morning and > open air.

Head: Pain began at the top of the head and radiated down to the temples. A throbbing pain was felt where the head feels cold, with the sensation that it would split down the middle with the brain falling forward.

Occipital head pain started at the base of the skull moving up to the neck.

The pain was of a dull pulsating nature < any form of movement.

In frontal region a pulsating, pounding feeling and < for any eye movement and pressure.

Head: Headaches caused by overwork, suppressed sexual excitement and indigestion. Head seems heavy and one cannot hold it upright along with a dull aching pain in the eyes. The headache can also be of a pulsating nature, and > for pressure or tight bandaging.

Neuralgic pain in the temporal region, in the right temple + scalding lachrymation.

Pain is shooting. Occipital area aches and < coughing while the vertex area experiences pressure upon it.

A bruised, pressing sensation felt in the forehead and above the orbits, the pain < on raising the eyes with a headache on one side as if the brain would burst and the eyes will fall out


Eyes: “As if having a stye” even though one was not present.

R. upper lid in the r. corner experienced some degree of pain with burning and itching.

Eyes: Thick, yellow, bland discharges with profuse lachrymation. Lids inflamed and agglutinated with burning and itching of the eyes. Styes recurrent in the upper lids.

Ears/Hearing: Blocking of the ear with a sense of intense compression which was compared to a sensation of boiling water under a tight lid. This indicated the intensity of the compression. Hearing was also magnified as opposed to the difficulty in hearing experienced in Puls.

Ears/Hearing: Difficult hearing “As if the ears were stuffed”. “As if something was being forced outwards”.

Nase: Coryza fluent with a clear watery, non-burning discharge that turns yellow was seen. A dull congestion in the paranasal and frontal sinus was experienced with tension at the base of the skull.

Nase: Coryza. Pressing pain at the root of the nose with a loss of smell. Mucus mainly a yellow to a green colour with frequent sneezing. < lying down, being indoors and > being outdoors.

Face: A sense of heat in the face along with a clenched jaw. The lips had a burning, tingling sensation and the appearance of a fever blister.

Face: right sided neuralgia with lachrymation.

Mouth: an allergic reaction in the mouth. Swelling and itchiness of the mouth and tongue.

The gums had a torn feeling and burnt upon brushing. Gums have a torn feeling.

Saliva dripping out of the mouth.

Pain felt in the front upper region of the tooth radiating from one incisor to another.

A sensation of vibration was felt in the tooth < blowing the nose.

Mouth: Dry with a yellow or white tongue covered with tenacious mucus. They have an alteration of taste with the tongue feeling scalded. The gums sore with a gnawing pain.

Tenacious saliva like frothy cotton. A toothache: pain is sharp, shooting, drawing and jerking as if the nerve was stretched and then let loose. The toothache > for holding cold water in the mouth and < the warmth of the bed or warm air.


Throat: Hoarse dry throat and experienced pain on swallowing both liquids and solids. The pain is a pressing type of discomfort along with an intense scraping of the back of the throat as from razors. A sensation that the diameter of the throat diminishing with each breath.

Throat: Dry sore throat. Covered with tenacious mucus and feels raw and scraped. Upon swallowing there is pressure and tension in the throat.


Stomach: 1. limitless appetite, never satisfied after a meal and felt as if more could be

eaten. 2. a decline in the appetite and small meals were sufficient to satisfy hunger for longer. Nausea was experienced < upon motion and vomiting of food, even after a small meal brought about relief. An increase in thirst.

Heartburn was another symptom experienced which was described as a sensation of heat that moved between the stomach and oesophagus and > drinking cold water.

Stomach: Vey sensitive stomach. Desires tonics with an aversion to fatty and warm foods as well as warm drinks. Thirstless. Heartburn and a lot of bloatedness after a meal in which they must loosen their clothing. Vomiting of food eaten long ago with the stomach experiencing cramps and pressing pains after eating.

A lack of thirst with all complaints.


Abdomen: Ubiquinone on the other hand suffered with a dull right hypochondrial pain that extended to the back. The pain was of a cutting nature similar. The liver feels enlarged with pain radiating to the back. An increase in flatus with audible borborigmi.


Abdomen: distended with loud rumbling noises. Cutting, drawing and bearing down pains in the lower abdomen along with the abdominal wall being sensitive and swollen.

Much flatus moves around in the abdomen.

Rectum/Stool: Diarrhoea and constipation. Diarrhoea was mainly after every meal. A loose, smoky, muddy appearance of the stool with no foul odour was noted. Bright red blood in some stools were also seen. Much straining with an unsettling feeling. Bright red blood in some stools. Stools hard and brown.

Much straining with an unsettling feeling.

Rectum/Stool: Diarrhoea and constipation. Diarrhoea in Puls. consists of watery stools with much rumbling < at night. There can be dysentery with mucus and blood.

Stools can be green and bilious along with a discharge of blood from the rectum without a stool being present. With regard to constipation, difficult evacuation with a painful pressure in the back. Stool mixed with white mucus.

Male Organs: A dull aching pain in the left testicle ext. hip joint and buttocks upon waking.

Male Organs: testicles suffer with pain and swelling extending to the spermatic cord (r. hand side).



Female Organs: menses 1. suppressed and delayed, 2. vast amount of blood was expelled. A heavy flow with clots was seen with pain of a cutting nature from side to side above the pubic bone which was better for bending double..

Female Organs: Amenorrhoea. Menses suppressed, late and scanty. The discharge can be thick, dark, clotted and intermittent. A downward bearing down pressure is felt with pain in the back and exhaustion.

Cough: Dry cough which caused itchiness in the trachea just below the larynx above the sternal notch. < talking/exertion/night; > eating and drinking both hot and cold liquids.

Cough: A dry cough in the evening in which one has to sit up in bed to get relief. The cough is short and dry which < becoming warm and < after sleeping.

Dryness from the larynx and trachea increases the cough and < eating and lying down.

Breath: Breathlessness < walking or running.

Breath: Shortness of breath with anxiety and palpitations (lying on the left side).

Expectoration: Copious, bland, thick and bitter.

Expectoration: Salty and yellowish and green.

Chest: Stabbing pains felt in the chest region ext. down the neck and left arm. A tight feeling over the chest area < on inspiration along with palpitations and a rapid pulse was also present.

Chest: Pressure and soreness upon the chest as from a load. The pain is behind the sternum as if ulcerated, and the person can suffer with stitches in the chest and sides when lying down, at night or from inspiration or coughing. All chest symptoms < lying on the painful side whilst shortness of breath is > pressure of the hand and walking. Stabbing pains were felt in the chest region ext. down the neck and left arm. A tight feeling over the chest area < inspiration along with palpitations and a rapid pulse was also present.

Back: Backache as a deep ache in the lower back, neck, shoulders and scapula and not a shooting pain. Pain so tender that one could not lie on their back, < any movement.

Back: Shooting pain in the nape of the neck, back, between the shoulders and the sacrum, (< after sitting). “As if cold water is being poured down the back”, along with backache from prolonged stooping < lying on the back and > lying on one’s side or changing positions. The back feels bandaged, with stiffness in the muscles and difficulty in moving the neck. Pain so tender that one could not lie on their back.

Limbs: More right side. The right arm experienced a bruised, deep pain which ext. down to the shoulders. All muscles in the body had a general fatigued feeling, with the joints aching as if they had been tightened from the inside. The calves had a burning.

The heels had a burning sensation < standing. Icecold feeling.


Limbs: Pain that shift rapidly and < at night/warmth and > uncovering. Drawing, tense pain in the thighs and legs. The arms feel broken and dislocated and the joints are red and swollen. The heels had a burning sensation < standing.

Lower limbs feel heavy and weary. The knees awollen with tearing, drawing pains.

Numbness in the legs when standing for a long period of time and red hot swelling of the feet which ascends up the calves with a shooting pain. Coldness of the hands and feet is felt or a feeling of heat in the feet leading the person to uncover them.


Skin: Dry and itchy. Extreme itchiness led to the skin becoming red and swollen. Little round weals were found on the arms after scratching. The itchiness < warm water and > cold water. Vesicular eruptions were also seen with a clear fluid oozing from it.

Skin: Urticaria, especially after rich food, The skin itches when becoming hot and < in the evening and when in bed and > when scratched. The entire body burns on becoming warm in bed and < scratching.

Sleep: Great sleepiness during the day. Both awake unrefreshed in the morning with frequent yawning throughout the day. Once asleep there is much restlessness. Dreams that anxious and paranoid.

Sleep: Great sleepiness during the day. Both awake unrefreshed in the morning with frequent yawning throughout the day. During sleep much restlessness: talks or whines during their sleep and can experience a sensation of heat. Dreams frightful, disgusting and confused.

Fever: Sweating on the face, back and abdomen. Fever along with body aches and pains.


Perspiration: Perspiration ranged from being sweaty and miserable to being cold at times.



Cold: more of a chilliness even in a warm room < evenings. Heat in parts of the body with coldness in others. They can suffer with an intolerable burning heat at night with distended veins

Generals: The mind and body shows excessive exhaustion with the individual wanting to rest the entire day and not being able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Bones feeling like they were twisting and grinding against each other.




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