Cypripedium pubescens Kind Anhang


= Jal-ähnlich; Nervous child (teething/intestinal troubles)/intelligent, spielt alleine/mit Spielzeug kleinere Kinder, lacht, bricht Dingen, wacht nachts zum Spielen auf/cerebral

hyperesthesia in young children often the result of over stimulation.

[Misha Norland, Peter Fraser]

The Lady Slipper Orchid, Cypripedium, has a history of use as a remedy for nervous excitement and particularly for sleeplessness in children.

[Louis Klein]


•Case of a 4 year old child •In 2003 Cypripedium pubescens, described in the classical literature, was successfully given for a 4 year old child with autism. 

Prior to age 2 she was progressing very well but then

•The child’s condition started after frequent episodes of waking at night wanting to play and being joyful with active laughing

•After a period of months the child’s speech stopped developing and she began to stim, be out of touch with those around her and stopped developing mentally/emotionally

•She came into the interview and stood off by herself, she would at times squeal and have a blissful expression while shaking her hands.

 She is very sensitive to certain foods like milk and wheat

•She hit her chin with a strong bruise a few weeks prior.

•After Cyprepidium200c a number of doses over a period of times she started to progress to the point where she would have a conversation

•Clarke Materia Medica:

“It is indicated in the brain-hyperesthesia of children who wake in the night lively and full of play.”

•Choudhuri: “Little babies are often seen to wake up in the middle of the night and laugh and gambol in the bright light; if this continues night after night, the parents should take warning, as often such functional irritability and cerebral hyperaesthesia end in convulsions...

In respect of sleeplessness it compares well with Coffea and Scutellaria.”

•Hale: “Profound indifference to everything, even to his studies duties, and the common courtesies of life.”

Excessive Cerebral Activity


“Temporary Exhilaration”

•Sleepless at night

•child or adult wakes happy and exhilarated and joyful

•“rush of thoughts”

•wakes laughing and giggling

•desire to play at night

•cerebral activity

•pleasant ideas and disposition-overcrowd and lead to sleeplessness

•rush of thoughts at night

•cerebral inflammation


•viral encephalitis

•various stages and worst is autism

•Hilarious dreams

•hilarious pleasant disposition, giggling easily

•laughing in sleep


•fear at night; shrieking (can alternate with laughing)

•sensitive to touch- impelled to touch

•desire to touch, sensual touch, soft;

•sensitive to things not feeling good; has to have things feel right

•ailments from teething; convulsions

•happy children who masturbate constantly (Oregano, Bufo)



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