Difference in fever between Apis and Bryonia



15 h., 15 -16 h. Prodrome: Free from pain. Sudden vomiting. Chill: With thirst always in chill, absent in heat and sweat. Begins in front of chest, abdomen, knees. Oppression of chest as

though he would smother. Sleep and urticaria as chill passes off. Heat: Oppression of chest with burning, smothering. Heat worse in the chest, abdomen, epigastrium. Urticaria, Sleep. Sweat: This stage is usually wanting. Sleep, Urticaria. Apyrexia: Soreness in spleen in all limbs and joints, feet swollen, urine scanty, urticaria.


All periods. Prodrome. – Stretching, and drawing in the limbs, headache, vertigo, and great thirst.

Chill. – With great thirst in all stages. Begins in tips of fingers, toes and on the lips. Violent, dry, racking cough, with pleuritic stitches. Stitching pain in hypochondrium.

Heat – Cough, with pleuritic stitches. Heat “As if blood in the veins was burning”, headache and vertigo.

Sweat – Profuse, sour, easily excited by exercise. Thirsty. Irritable. Apyrexia. – Constipation of dry, hard, lumpy stools. Exceedingly irritable, everything makes him angry. Analysis:

The time 15 h. is guiding. Chill with thirst < in warm room/from external heat;

Chilliness with heat of hands and feet, the opposite of Belladonna, which has cold hands and feet and heat of head and face. No thirst with heat or sweat. Burning, oppression, smothering sensation in chest with chill and heat. Sweat with urticaria.



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