Differentiate Vip. + Hyper. + Bell. + Puls. injured Nerve(s)


Differentiate Vipera from Hypericum. Hypericum is the main remedy considered for crushed and injured extremities, I actually think of Vipera just as often.

Both: Sharp pains. Injury to the nerve.

In cases where  Hypericum did not help the injury, or did not help as much as could be expected. If that injured part looked mottled, if it got inflamed

quickly and if there was intense throbbing, most especially when the injured site was hanging, then Vipera was probably a better choice. Pain have the same

stitching quality that we find in Hypericum, but if you combine the throbbing of Belladonna, with > cold water and ice of Puls. injuries (another remedy often

neglected for injuries and skin infections) Vipera is the remedy.

The most similar remedy to Vipera is not Pulsatilla, but Hamamelis, which shares a similar cycle but for completely different reasons.



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