Dysprosium metallicum



Comparison. Dysprosium - Holmium - Erbium

Siehe: Lanthaniden


[Annemiek Klitsie]

Why a Lanthanide?

Autonomy: Goes her own way, aversion to conventions. For example: She was invited to the wedding of her nephew, very high class with a special dress-code, gala or full dress. “No way”, she said, “I’ll choose my own clothes: a fine pair of blue jeans with a neat blouse will do.” She can hardly stand authority, when her chief says right, she will try left first, for example. She doesn’t accept anything for granted.

Spiritually interested; reading spiritual books and discussing them with friends.

Among the symptoms around the problems with sugar there are problems according to the eyes (blurred vision after sugar-use) which fit into the Lanthanides.

Also the migraine headache fits into the Lanthanides.

Why Dysprosium? Stage 12 is a stage in the periodic table of the chemistry which stands for fighting to retain, to hold something. She was fighting to retain herself, fighting to stay with her own self, to stick to herself.

Why metallicum and no salt? She is busy with herself, not with mother or father or brother or work.



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