Kind und Spinnen


Children requiring spider remedies can easily be confused with:

Ars. children, because of the anxieties.

Phos. children, because of the hyperaesthesia.

Zinc. children, because of the restless body.

Strong sense of rhythm in music


Kind extrem schnell/heftig.

Hyperactivity. Restless. As they get older, destructive energy will come out and will hurt others. Bright children; teacher doesn’t go fast enough for them.

See ADD, ADHD. Kids do well with computerized self-learning. Big rages; very demanding. Hard to settle kids down at night.



A strong feeling of being forsaken seen in many spider remedies. This can be symbolized either in the form of ailments from [ailments from unrequited love: (Tarant)],

Delusions (strangers seem to be in the room: Tarent), or dreams (death of relatives: Aran-ix).

Always want to keep fingers and hands busy. They play with rope strings;

Girls prefer to knit constantly.

Children usually love to play with colors, marker pens, etc. They are extremely attracted to dark or strong colors like black, red, green, etc.

Cunning and deceitful. They know how to get what they want; great manipulators.

Full of energy. People around the child wonder where all this energy comes from.

Imitate the parents, teachers, school friends very well.

Strong sense of rhythm in music (Aur-met. child usually prefers religious and symphonic music, whereas Nat-c. child enjoys romantic music).

Tend to make up stories, as expression of imagination or to fool somebody (can be compared to making webs).

Delusions and illusions of hearing; talk seems distant. Here, the rubric indicates that the voice of the person they love the most sounds far away.

Their own voices, however, can seem unreal - a sort of forsaken feeling.

Love to feign sickness; lament and exaggerate their symptoms.

Mental retardation.

Require a lot of attention.

Restlessness leading to hurry and impatience.

Strong impulse to touch.

Throw temper tantrums, and are very aggressive and destructive.

They are interested in playing electronic games like Game Boy and Nintendo.

Useful remedy for conditions like attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.

Young children love to be carried about on their parent’s back.



Prefers liquid food to solids.

Strong tubercular traits.

Child easily inclined to abuse drugs, and start smoking at an early age; high inclination for sex, seeking pornography at an early age.

Epilepsy, chorea, and various other forms of dyskinesia.

RESTless entire body (hands/feet/head).

Many species of the spider stiffen when threatened or exposed to light;

similarly a child needing a spider remedy too dislikes light, is comfortable in the dark.

Not much appetite, or has various appetite disorders.

Strong craving for fruits, and milk.

Tendency to catch cold easily and develop febrile convulsions.

Tendency to emaciation (except in case of Aran-ix, where there is a tendency to obesity).

Tendency to hysteria and fainting.

Twitching and jerking of muscles (sleep).

Usually hairy children (like spiders, which are usually hairy).




Dreams: Flying (making long trips in search of dead parents, dead relatives, dead friends or acquaintances).

Here the spider remedies come very close to Convo-d. and Rhus-g. (dreams of flying could be related to the child’s interest in UFOs.)



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