Lac caprinum Kind Anhang


[Farokh Master]

Kees Dam introduced this remedy. The main use of this remedy belongs to the field of depression with personality disorder and mania.

• becomes angry very easily; anger at trifles; anger is uncontrollable and anger usually arises from interruption.

The child is extremely censorious, hurried and impatient.

• Whenever the child becomes angry the child wants to go to the bed and lie down, he then becomes rude, snappish and angry.

• Suspicious and mistrustful behaviour; the child always feels that my friends are saying bad things about me.

• Malicious - till the people are good to the child the child is very nice to them; the moment people try to hurt him he will become their worst enemy.

• Quite restless and anxious, the child travels from place to place; the restlessness is worse between 16 – 23 h.

• In the phase of depression the child feels lonely.

• Most of the ailments come from missing his family. Situations where the father is working abroad or single parent syndrome or the child is staying in the

boarding school away from the family, these are the situations which will usually invite the Lac caprinum state.

• There is a strong preference for green colour, the child likes to wear green colour.

• During migraine the child weeps in the headache < morning on waking and after exposure to the sun.

The state of mind comes in the picture when dreams are very anxious, dreams of being pursued.

• Strong desire for fried food, milk, spicy and sweets;

[Astrid Süßmuth]

Geschichte: Der Ziegenhirte Melampos gibt eine Ziege Helleboris zu essen und heilt die Töchter des Königs von Argos, die an Wahnsinn litten, mit der Milch dieser Ziege.


Lac caprinum the sexually precocious but backward child clinging to its mother;



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