Lyssinum Kind (= Hydrophobinum) Anhang




Kind vom Hund gebissen o. Mutter vom Hund gebissen: Lyss.

"Schreikinder"; Säuglinge, die sich nicht beruhigen lassen, wenn die Vorgeschichte der Eltern eine Belastung durch Tierkontakt oder z.B. Zeckenbefall vermuten lässt.

[Elaine Lewis]

Lyssin (= Hydrophobinum) is homeopathic rabies. Here was a case of mine, a child with uncontrollable anger, yelling, throwing, banging things, kicking,
poking, hitting… all the usual bad behavior….

How did I know it was Lyssin? When the child was 1 year old, he was bitten by a dog and given 8 rabies shots! How many times have I said, “Etiology over-rules symptomatology”?  A very clear etiology here!

Whenever you see violent behavior and a dog bite in the history, think of Lyssin. Something to look for in Lyssin cases: anger, raging, swearing, followed by

non-stop apologizing; fear of water, bathing, dogs, the dark; also, dog-like behavior such as barking and growling. None of this was reported in the above case

but the etiology (the cause) was apparent and sufficient.



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