Neurological Conditions


Vergleich: Siehe: Apoplexy + Alzheimer + Carpaltunnelsyndrom + FSME + Hypotension/Bluthochdruck. (Shreekanta Ram/Fernanda Abrao) +


[Dr. Hawk]

Arn.: able to absorb blood extravasations. During attack it may be alternated with or followed by Bell. (fullblooded persons). It is also valuable when paralysis follows, but must be given for a long time in higher potency.

Bell.: Face very red; conjunctivitis; brilliant eyes; pupils dilated. Illusions and hallucinations.

Chin.: Patients is weak and exhausted, anemic, has congestions to brain.

Coff.: Has emotions followed by intense sensory irritability and insomnia.

Gels.: Apoplexy is due to nervous exhaustion. Paralysis of upper eyelids with speech interference and dark-red face. Motion of eyes is painful.

Glon.: Brain congestion, with pulsating temporal arteries and vertigo. Sensation as if brain were flapping loosely around, worse from shaking head.

Hyos.: Apoplexy where patient cries out when falling, with twitching, followed by snoring, and rattling in throat.

Nux-v.: Indicated in apoplexy of drinkers, after errors in diet; haemorrhoids. The attack is often preceded by headache and head noises. Paralysis in organs of deglutition; lower extremities are cold and numb.

Op.: Red face, deep sleep in which even loud noises do not disturb; loud snoring, and upon awakening beclouded sensorium with usually dilated pupils. Before attack: vertigo, insomnia, agitated circulation and general heat

Phos.: In lung edema; overcomes quickest brain congestion, thus preventing renewed cerebral haemorrhage.

Tartarus emeticus = Kali-tart.: Unconscious, has rattling respiration with danger of asphyxiation. It also can absorb smaller haemorrhages.

Caus.: Paralysis of muscles of extremities and face; patient gropes for the right words.

Cupr-met.: Stiffness of crooked joints which cannot be bent. Choreic jerking.

Plb-met.: Similar to Cuprum, only the muscle atrophy of the afflicted side is more pronounced.

Zinc-met.: Indicated when Cuprum seems to be insufficient. Prominent indications are: formication, worse from rubbing and pressure; trembling vibration all through body.



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