Nosoden and Minerals


[B. + C. Joshi]

Minerals come very close to nosodes because in the minerals the feeling is - 'I am incomplete, I am lacking' and in the nosode the feeling is - The problem is within.' The nosodes might very

often also use this word - 'Is there a problem? Am I lacking somewhere?' Hence to differentiate the must not analyse just in terms of words but really understand what the issue is within.

The feeling in the nosode is that 'Yes, the issue lies within' which is very similar to the feeling in minerals. But in the minerals there is a specific incomplete issue within, that they talk about.

What ever the situation may be, they come down to a specific issue of a specific row. Take for example when the problem within is the issue of one's own independence - 'Can I stand on my

own two feet? Can I make it on my own?' You can clearly notice that this is an issue of an incomplete feeling of a specific kind.

It is the issue within of being dependant or independent, of being able to stand separately on your own which would take you to row two. Or the patient would say that the issue is within.

'Whenever I don't get appreciated in a situation and others do, I feel what is it that I am doing wrong or how can I change it?' If you ask the patient to describe further at this point, he says,

 "I always wanted to be recognised, to be accepted and acknowledged because then that makes you feel that you are an entity. It makes you realise that you are something by yourself."

So here the feeling that there is an issue within has a specific quality and that is the quality of needing identity which is an issue of the third row. The incompleteness in minerals is about independence, security, existence, or about challenges or power.

But in the nosodes, there is no specific quality like that of dependence-independence, challenge-power, existence, separation and identity. There is only a feeling that There is a problem within.

I am abnormal whereas others are normal'. The polarity: there is a problem within from which you need to come out. There is disease on one side and health on the other side where one wants

to reach.



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