Vergleich: Arge-mex.: (= Stachelmohn/= Fischkraut/= Teufelsfeige/= Crested prickly Poppy/= Cowboys' fried egg).

Siehe: Aves + Reptilia + Schlangen + Spinnen + Insecta + Futter + Allergie


[David Sloan Wilson]

Speaking on the first day of the Mind and Life Conversation at His Holiness the Dalai Lama's residence in Dharamsala, HP, India on October 30, 2019.

David Sloan Wilson took up His Holiness’s theme, expressing his admiration for His Holiness’s love of science, his truth telling and his call for ethics for a whole

world. He admires his courageous stewardship of Tibetan religion and culture and the humility with which he says he thinks of himself as just another human being.

“I’m a scientist who studies evolution in terms of variation, selection and replication. Due to these three opportunities organisms are shaped by their environment.

When I was a student, evolution was only about genetic evolution. Everything was said to be selfish and to have no higher purpose. These theories have given way

to ideas of compassion, transformation and so forth, I’m proud to say.

 “I’d like to tell you about some experiments we’ve done with chickens. What we want is for chickens to lay more eggs. We chose the most productive hen to create

the next generations. At the same time, we chose the most productive cage of chickens and bred others from them. It turned out that the most productive individual

hen was a bully and after five generations we had produced a sociopath. On the other hand, the most productive cage or group turned out to be the most peaceable

and after five generations seemed almost compassionate.

“We discovered that egg-laying is not so much an individual achievement as a social process. Natural selection is based on relative fitness. On an individual or small

scale, it can be negative and destructive. Natural selection in terms of groups favours cooperation.”

In relation to evolution His Holiness remarked that our sun is about 5 billion years old, but life seems to have emerged 1 billion years ago with the appearance of

micro-organisms. What he wanted to know was what differentiates particles that create the conditions to sustain consciousness. What is it that gives rise to an

organism that is capable of supporting consciousness? Does it just happen at random? Wilson replied that evolutionary selection is not necessarily conscious.


Alle lebende Wesen produzieren Eier!






            Chameleon an egg-laying species of chamaeleon


Aepyornis maximus = Elefantenvogelei/= Bird Rock, Ovum Aepyorni maximi = Fossil./Ausgangsstoff = Eischale

Arion vulgaris.

Calcarea ova tostae. (Calc-o-t) = geröstete Hühnereierschale           

Camelina (= false. flax./= Leindotter/Brassicacaea./in Gebrauch Lin-u.-ähnlich).



Eier (Ostern/Grabbeigaben)



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