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[Dr. Vikas Sharma]

Homeopathic Remedies For Palpitations

“Getting palpitations” ahead of an interview, or an examination or a result is a commonly used phrase to describe a feeling of tense anticipation which is accompanied by the heart beating faster

than normal. That may be the general use of the term, but Palpitations is not a medical condition to be ignored. Palpitationis the feeling where a person feels a violent, throbbing or fluttering

sensation in the heart. Some describe it as the pounding of the heart, or fast or forceful heartbeat. Palpitations can be benign and harmless in most cases without any underlying heart disease. However, in other cases,it may indicate heart pathology. If Palpitations are accompanied by chest pain, dizziness, fainting and blackouts, the condition should never be ignored because it is

an indication of a heart condition. This needs serious consideration. Palpitations can be triggered by various factors and the Homeopathic mode of treatment is very beneficial for curing

Palpitations. Made of natural substances, the Homeopathic medicines have no side effects and are completely safe.


Factors triggering Palpitations

    Stress, anxiety, emotional excitement - anger, fright, grief and even joy.

    Exercise and physical exertion.


    Caffeine, nicotine, alcoholic drinks, certain allopathic medicines.

    In women, Palpitations can be experienced during pregnancy and menopause.

    People with anaemia and hyperthyroidism can also complain of Palpitations.

    Dyspepsia can also lead to Palpitations in a few persons. Having a high fatty diet may also excite Palpitations.

    Arrhythmia, heart disease, including heart block, congestive cardiac failure, coronary heart disease.

Homeopathic remedies for palpitations triggered by emotional excitement.

Due to anger: Staph.

Due to fright: Acon. Op.

Due to grief: Ign.

Due to joy: Coff.

Due to anxiety: Acon. Ars.

Homeopathic medicines for palpitations from intake of stimulants

Due to intake of beer: Sumbul

Due to intake of coffee: Nux-v.

Due to intake of tea: Thea chinensis

Due to use of tobacco: Conv. (“As if the heart is beating in the whole chest”. < by even slight exertion. The pulse is also very rapid.)

Kalm. (Palpitations get < stooping in a forward position)

Tab. (very weak pulse often, which is imperceptible. Pulse may also show intermittency. Palpitations following physical exertion and from slight motion)

Due to physical exertion and from slight motion: Iberis, Digitalis and Spigelia.

Ib.: slightest Palpitations with vertigo:

Dig.  slightest movement causes Palpitations. Feeling “As if the heart will stop its action” when he or she moves and it is better at rest.

Spig.: If along with violent Palpitations. By the least of movement, there is pain in heart region with arm pain.

Natural Homeopathic treatment for Palpitations with anemia. Ferr-met. Nat-m. Ferr-met. due to anemia < movement. The face looks quite pale. Usually the pulse feels very soft and weak.

Nat-m.: along with Palpitations due to anemia, a constricted sensation in the chest. The pulse rate remains high and is often found to be intermittent. A craving for salt

 may be found.

Homeopathic remedies for Palpitations due to over-use of allopathic medicines: Nux-v. Op.

Homeopathic medicines for Palpitations at Menopause: Aml-ns.: Glon. Lach.

Aml-ns.: < even a little excitement. + constricted feeling in the heart region. Hot flushes and extreme anxiety are the other symptoms.

Glon.: Palpitations leading to difficult breathing and < from exertion. Palpitations can be felt throughout the body.

Lach.: Episodes of fainting along with Palpitations during menopause. Aversion to wear any tight clothing.

Homeopathic remedies for Palpitations due to Hyperthyroidism: Iod. Spong,

Iodum works best for palpitations < with the slightest of exertion. The chest feels constricted and compressed.

Spong.: Palpitations on lying down. Walking brings relief to the patient.

Homeopathic remedies for Palpitations with dyspeptic (acidity) symptoms: Abies-c. Lyc.

Abies-c.: overeating is followed by a bloated abdomen with a burning stomach and Palpitations.

Lyc.: excessive gas fills the abdomen, resulting in Palpitations. The gas is not passed easily and remains obstructed with Palpitations.

Homeopathic medicines for Palpitations with Arrhythmias. Arrhythmia refers to an abnormal or irregular heart beat. Arrhythmia can be tachycardia (heart rate increases above 100/minute), bradycardia (heart rate decreasesto as low as 40/minute) or irregular heart action (skipping beats).

Palpitations with tachycardia: Lil-t.: Palpitations with an increased heart rate. The heart beat may even rise to 150/minute. Violent pulsations throughout the body. Fluttering in heart region may be

+ chest pain l. and weight in chest.

Palpitations with bradycardia: Kalm. and Dig. Palpitations with a decreased heart rate.

Kalm.: The heart rate may be as low as 35-40/minute with Palpitations. Flutter in the chest and anxiety.

Dig.: cardiac rate is lowered and Palpitations are mostly excited from the slightest motion. A need to keep still or otherwise the heart will stop if he or she moves.

Palpitations with irregular beats or skipped beats:

Dig.: Palpitations with skipped beats. The pulse is irregular and it intermits mainly at every 3rd, 5th and 7th beat. Mitral Disease may be the underlying pathology with

irregular heart action.

Aur-met.: violent Palpitations with irregular heart action. Feels that the heart has stopped suddenly for a few seconds varying from 2 to 3 seconds and then suddenly

starts beating again. The pulse seems irregular, with high blood pressure.



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