Python regia = Würgeschlange/= shamed snake


Brigitte Klotzsch, Hauptstr. 371, D-51465 Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany

Quelle: Helios Pharmacy, England.

Python regia has rudimentary legs/= closer to evolutional origin than the venomous snakes. Snakes developed in evolution from tetrapod to snake-like animals. Missing extremities enables them to have flowing movements of which no other earth bound animal is capable. It is a wave-like movement. There are even swimming or flying snakes!

Pythia regia  is 1.25 m long. Vision and hearing senses not very well developed. Instead special organs: the Jacob’s Pit for smelling. Even with her mouth closed, she can put her tongue outside and bring the smell to the Jacob’s Pit. With these special organs for infrared she gets a mental picture of her prey.

They are thigmotactic = search for strong structures for example rocks or trees in order to lean against them. They have a desire to press themselves against solid things, for example, into a small hole.

They need this contact. They need a narrow and hidden place to withdraw in.

The Python lives in equatorial Africa. She prefers temperatures between 24° and 36° with a humidity of 60 - 95%. She lives at the border of dry and humid savannah. There she is able to get warm/has

a good view from a tree or rock/has many opportunities to hide.

When there is a dangerous situation for the Python she rolls together like a ball. That is why the German call her "Ball Python" and the English call her "the shamed snake".

Python swallows her prey (rodents) as a whole without doing it any harm or hurting it. They make their throat slimy with special mucous glands. Snakes have developed different strategies in order to protect themselves from the repelling prey. The venomous ones poison their prey and swallow then. The strangulating snakes suffocate their prey with their immense muscular force. They strangle until

the mouse lies loose and lax in the spiral body sling of the snake.

She digests bones and tissue with her strong stomach juice. She becomes bloated and flatulent.

It is quite difficult to convince a captured Python to eat. She might be very sensitive about capture/loss of freedom. She can starve for 22 - 24 months. Forced eating is not successful.

Snakes cannot regulate their blood temperature/adapt to the outer conditions. They do not hibernate but rest in appropriate shelter to minimise cold. At copulation time the male snakes do combat dances. They erect one third of their body length and try to press the rival away from themselves.

The female lays her eggs into a hollow, winding her body around them so she can protect and give the brood a suitable temperature.

Young snakes cast off their skin 10x a year/older one does 3x a year. It starts with a dead look of their skin, the eyes look milky. Her eyelids are overgrown and transparent. In that time she doesn’t eat,

is aggressive and withdraws. The process begins at the head and the lips. The skin peels back and then strips off totally. She is active at dawn.

[R. Sankaran]

• Bewegt sich langsam, Einzelgänger

• Guter Schwimmer

• Sehr kräftig

• Gutmütig; flüchtet beim kleinsten Anzeichen von Gefahr

• Zittert, um ihre Eier mit Wärme zu versorgen. Große mütterliche Fürsorge


Diseases of captured Pythons:

Ektoparasites, endoparasites, wounds heal slowly, abscesses and cysts, gastritis/gastro-enteritis.

Maulfäule/Lungenerkrankung (Pneumonia)/bakterielle o. durch Einzeller verursachte Hauterkrankung

Python has coagulating power as part of its remedy picture. I noticed this when I cut my finger while laying mosaic tiles and didn’t have any plasters to hand. I had a vial of Python C 200 on the table.

I put the vial in my hand and observed how my blood coagulated within seconds. The bloody wound crusted over.

Concerning Greek mythology

The oracle. of Delphi belonged in the beginning to the Earth Gaia, a female god. An earth dragon., the Python was also female and guarded the oracle.

Out of revenge Apollo killed the Python and became the master of the oracle. As he felt guilty towards Gaia he decided to let a female priest do the prophesying. Her name was Pythia. She was inspired by the earth’s forces and by Apollo.

Apollo also founded the pythic games: this meant muse and sport competitions. First every 8 yrs/later 4 yrs.

Melissa Assilem writes in her book ‘Women ripening through menopause’: "At Delphi (which means womb), the main oracle for the ancient Greeks, pythons were kept. They were said to coil around the omphalos, or the navel of the mother. These were womb serpents, who whispered the secrets of the goddess.

Oracle at Delphi proclaimed: „That which makes sick shall heal."



Fear: to hurt other people/to be hurt by others/to show negative emotions/of syringes/injection/of sharp objects (knives)/of snakes/of vortex (being drowned into it)/of losing partner or parents/of marriage/of living/life/death (heart-attack/stroke)/of bleeding to death during menses/of losing too much blood/of heights (cable car/glass elevators/bridges)/panic attacks in dark/of water while washing hair/of catastrophe/of starving/of suffocation/to take too much medication/of being devoured

Delusions: something bad will happen after something good/something bad happens taking the remedy/woman will force men to have sex/will get lost and not arrive somewhere on time/life is passing by/transfixed under the bedclothes/has a sling round her neck and her throat is compressed/she is being sucked in by a whirlpool/is under a bell-jar/mother will destroy her/is controlled by partner/is controlled by another/his wife has abandoned him/partnership is a prison/her child is more valuable than she herself/eye = separated from the head/will die sleeping/

„As if hovering in the air“/“As if under a blanket“/“As if rooted to the spot“/“As if she were a snake“/“As if the body had a life of its own“/“As if he were a drop, when lying down“/“As if her arms and legs were paralysed“/“As if l. side extended and r. side contracted“/“As if a line dividing l. and r. side „/“As if one leg getting longer than the other“/“As if r. side of the body were paralysed“/“As if his arm were a tree-trunk“/“As if his foot made of cement and his calf of wood“/“As if l. ear were in the world and the r. ear were not“/“As if his l. hand is a well“/“As if teeth dissolving“/“As if teeth were becoming loose and were being pulled downwards“/“As if he were an old man“/“As if she were a young girl“/“As if entering lukewarm water“/“As if information had to be drawn out from the patient’s nose“

Mood: laid back/enthusiastic/about things which usually burden or bother her no longer do/mood sinks/feelings more intensive, both negative and positive/everything he doesn’t like surfaced (self-sacrifice)/mothers exist only for their children/sociable

depressiv: sad without reason/deeply depressed/lies down in her bed, stares at the walls + unable to work, feels guilty for that/feels alone and forsaken, family doesn’t support her/realises her husband is dependent on her, thinks he clings to her/doesn’t want to be touched by husband/mentions he is tied to his wife because she can`t be left alone at night/feels she carries the burden of everything/suicidal but won’t act because of children/doesn’t want to be an old man who sits and stares at the ceiling and who wants to be ill/emotional withdrawal/always busy, cleaning up all the time/completes outstanding tasks/can’t concentrate when studying/suppressed hysteria/bashful/ashamed (of being poor/crazy/so faat)/clairvoyant/foresees negative events/wants recognition by authorities

Forgetfull (names)/forgets to give things back/arrives late for her appointment/unreliable/confuses words: "Python" for "Boa", "in" for "out" says: "I have a heart in my cramp" instead of "I have a cramp in my heart"

Laughter: for no reason/in embarrassing situations/laughter is infectious/derisory laughter/until the eyes water

Head: Heat (“As a wave“/“As if has a temperature“)

Itching: r. side of occiput

Pain [+ pain in neck/from cheekbone to temple/from fontanelle l. side of face to l. cheekbone/l lower jaw)/pressing (above nose/pushing from behind forehead outwards/above eyebrows/agaainst top of skull/against occiput/against temples)/pulling on temples/pulsating in scalp/numb (r. cheekbone/cold (tipp of nose icy cold)/acne in face]

Ears: noises [roaring (r.)/tinnitus shifts r. to l.]­/pain (pressing/pulsating/cramping)/itching (l.)

Teeth and jaw: Pressure on teeth/teeth clenched tight/â mouth with determined expression relaxes/release of locked jaw during pain attack (cured)

Taste and salivation: „As if furred“ o. thick (mouth/tongue)/mucous membranes taste bitter, like a battery/Mouth dry # salivation/SALIVA/less saliva during conflict

Nose: Coryza/sneezing + runny nose/allergy (nasal/+ in eyes)/sinusitis (l./r.)/pain/burning

Throat: scratchy

Face: r. cheek, („As if a lump“), swollen jaw joint

Eyes: Movement visible twitching of eyelids („As if in REM sleep“)/“As if eyes twitch“ l./rolling of eyes/“As if eyes are turned downwards“/lids restless/inflamed/itching (l.)/watering without cause/puffy in morning/stuck together with pus in morning (l.)/

Vision:  Field of vision extended/dim at dusk/“As if r. eye is hollow and eyeball is lost“/“As if r. lower lid swollen/pressure/aversion to opening of eyes in morning/numb around eyes

Vertigo: nausea/“As if spinning around“/objects seem spinning in all directions/faints when she hangs up curtains/dizzy/everything goes black/moving „As if toing and froing (= hin und her“/waves of nausea from r. to l./chilliness sweeps from top to bottom/heat sweeps over from bottom to top/cold/icy cold feet

Nape of neck/neck/throat/shoulders: Heat in neck region/nape of neck hot/pain in neck ext shoulders/cramping in neck/cramp begins in trapezium muscle in shoulder area, moves across collar bone ext vertebral-column/pressing in throat/troat constricted/„As if lump in troat“/“As if troat comprwssed“phlegm loosening/relaxation in brochial region (asthma)/breathing out is fine/breathing easy + deeper/stiff/“As if weight (yoke) on/could not raise arm above shoulder/laying on the side changing position hurts/ext heart/ shoulder/shoulder area tense/stabbing in l. shoulder/pressing shoulder + arms/“As if shoulders pulled out of sockets“/irritation in throat when in uncomfortable situations

Stomach/Bowels: „As  if about to retch“/retching without effort (driving in a car)/eructations/nausea/heartburn in oesophagus/pressing on stomach ext to heart/“As if heat in stomach“/“As if stomach feels bigger“/“foreign bodies in stomach stitches, stones lurching from side to side“/eructation and flatulence/wants to vomit to feel better/audible gurgling of stomach/gurgling in abdomen, wind working its way out/ appetite/weight (loosing/gaining)

Abdomen: swollen/ abdominal pains 1. like bloating, 2. cramps like a clenched fist, pulling sensation/heat in abdomen/burning in abdomen

Rectum/Stool: diarrhoea (watery, yellow-green/makes weak)/digestion incomplete (lettuce visible in stool)

pressure in anus, „As if hard motion at night“/stool resembles sheep-droppings

flatulence/violent movement of bowels/haemorrhoids


Arms: Heat (warmth in l. lower arm)/numbness and twitching/vibration and itching/hands and arms numb „As if paralysed“/twitching in r. upper arm/twitching in l. arm/“As if r. arm longer than“

Elbow: pain r./pressing/“As if crawling r.“heaviness

Hands: cold feeling/“As if in a freezer“/slowly crawling or pulsating/pulsation of heart in hand/“As if electrical impulses in r.„ of little finger and thumb/numb without feeling (r.)/fingers stiff (Tipps)/“As if r. hand open + exposed without muscles and blood is flowing out/As if too tight gloves on hands“

Pain in joints of finger on moving (finger/little finger)/l. hans swollen/finger injured by cut: bleeding stopped/deep wound in r. thigh: bleeding stopped at once/chronic nose bleed stopped /fingernails suddenly soft and break

Legs numb and twitching/“As if numb“/heavy/prickling/chaky/r. leg is lame/twitching

Warmth in legs/coldness in upper thigh +/o. lower leg“As if r. leg is lower than l./“As if legs stiff/

Knees heavy/twitching/pain in (r.) knee

Feet: „big toe and foot heavy“/As if someone is pulling at toes/r. foot“/feel cold/pricling (r./r. outer foot“/lamesness/“As if ankle is chained“/pressure on instep, like cramp/stinging pain in l. instep/faint cramp in r. foot/painful toe joints in arthritis/insect bite on left foot almost as abscess, takes long time to heal

Lungs: pressure on sternum or lungs/“As if a gigantic stone on chest“ (breathing difficult)/

body has to fight to breath downwards/*“As if corsetted when taking deep breath“/asthma brought on by exposure to allergens/> bronchial asthma/< breathless when climbing stairs/

suffocative feelings/ dry cough

Brust: „As if heart pierced“/heart rhythm = difficult/heart „As if compressed“

Desires fresh air, need to be able to breathe

Back: cold/waves of chilliness from l. to r. one sided o. rhythmically//warmth from back to loin

Pain in spine (improves on awakening)pain in small of back ext. hips r. l./trapezium muscle hurt/lumbago 

Female sexual system:

In pelvis downward pulling/pelvis feels wonderfully soft and warm/“As if enveloped and cradled“/pain in hips /pressing on pelvis/prickling like needles in pelvis/itching in pelvis

Menses: flow very heavy menses „As if pouring out“

menses painful/menses reappears after menopause and decreases/menses one week too early

leucorrhoea white discharge/lump, clear, sticky jelly

„As if uterus were turned inside out“ and she were losing all her blood

failure to reach orgasm/orgasm absent

„As if pelvis and genitalia stimulated, as if life is entering, great strength“,

Sleep: > evening, < morning/falls asleep late/falls asleep quickly/hard to fall asleep 

Wakes between 2.45 – 3.00 h. 1 h. - 2.30 h.

wakes up earlier/later than usual in the morning

“As if pinned down by bed covers“


Modalities: > in a humid room/dark room/being outdoors/walking; < in humid forests; craving: cold food/fruits/apples/choc; aversion: milk

Generals: has much more energy/has much energy for work/totally exhausted  (from work/disease/pain)/lots of energy even though hasn’t eaten much/suddenly full of energyy/

suddenly fidgety/abundant energy/


What follows is a short sketch of the remedy picture, gleaned both from the proving and clinically:

Mind: Depression: feels others’ emotions and forgets or loses her own. A lonely feeling; feels betrayed by the family. They feel as if they are drowning in their suppressed desires. Other mental symptoms include memory problems: they forget essential things like their car key, their purse or the number of their account. There is a confusion: they come too late for their appointment; they mix up words like "hot" and "cold", or "on" and "off".

Fear: of being strangled/suffocation/marriage/losing too much blood/whirlpools/starving/catastrophe/hurting others

Head and eye-region: Pressing headache, vision restricted, strabismus. The eye waters (often one eye); oedema of the lids. The eyes are purulent in the morning, and provers could not open them. (I took this to possibly symbolise a narrow or one-sided view of the world, which was certainly evident in some of the provers).

Stomach: Feeling as of stones in the stomach after eating. Belching, heartburn. Pressure on the stomach, which radiates to the heart region. (Symbolic of not wanting to "ingest" other peoples issues).

Female Sexuality: orgasm absent/Menses painful and crampy/much blood flows in dark red clots“As if the lining of the uterus is turned inside out“

Heart and lungs: Oppressed feeling. Panic attacks in the night, with a choking feeling in the throat. On taking a deep breath, she felt as if there were a corset round her chest. Fainting. (Might express the idea of loss of self).

Shoulder and neck region: Stiffness and pain in those parts, mostly one-sided (possibly expressing the idea of having to carry someone else’s burden on one’s shoulders).

Extremities: Paralysis; limbs heavy and hard to move because of pains in the joints. (expresses inability to act). Also, the provers experienced shooting pains in the knees (one-sided). Pressing pains, or an insensible feeling, in the knees and legs.

Sleep: Falls asleep late, and then wakes up at 1-3 o’clock in the night.

Generals: Thermal regulation disturbed: Spells of cold or heat. Ice-cold hands or feet (like the adaptable blood temperature of the reptiles). They need warmth from an exterior source. (literally depend on other people for their energy).

Fluid balance: Oedema in face and feet.

Wounds: Bleeding stops very fast (clinical).


The essence of Python regia is that the powerful and the powerless exist in a mutually dependent relationship where the former smothers the latter. The python is dependent on her rodent prey, but in order to use them she must smother them.

There is a state of clinging to/being addicted to their partner and in the relationship one is powerful and one is powerless (D.D. Adamis = diamond). The partners may lose their own feelings and take on those of the other. The powerful feels as bracketed together and dependent as the powerless, so it is a remedy to consider giving to both partners. The child may feel totally addicted to the parents and have to visit them frequently (Puls). There is also a male/female power struggle. There may be too much responsibility expected at a young age, or a refusal to accept responsibility.

Other themes that emerged included;

The need to bear another’s burden and hence lose your own energy,

Depending on others for your energy,

Inability to act,

Abandoned and betrayed by family,

There is an interesting rubric "her arm doesn’t belong to her". This implies that she can’t use her arm for her own needs but only for others.

Dreams include divorce and betrayal by family.


Gut gefolgt von: Acon. Arn. Aur-mur. Chin. Portia fimbriata


Antidote. Heroine


Vergleich: Morelia viridis (= Baumpython/Quelle: Vip-d. (looks like a harmless snake - like a baby python/looks like one thing, but can be completely different).

Siehe: Schlangen allgemein + Druckgruppe + Anhang. (?/Sigrid Häse)


Wirkung: tuberkulin

Allerlei: der griechischen Mythologie eine Schlange, die das Orakel von Delphi bewachte/Kind von Gaia und Schlamm/von Apollon getötet.



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