Rubiaceae Anhang


Enthalten fäkalische und harnstoffartige Substanzen

Überstimulation/viele Bedürfnisse/viele Ideen/Einbildungen/viele Phantasien/Hunger, < Alkohol/Sex/Tabak/Stimulantia/Freude;

The basic vitality of the very self (physically/mentally) weak and prone to insults of various sorts and therefore reacts violently to the slightest external stimulus.

It reacts intermittently, or in short paroxysms, because the feeble and tired self cannot afford to be continuously agitated. Even this intermittent reaction leads to

eventual exhaustion and enfeeblement.

Irritation, excitement and oversensitivity soon followed by debility, exhaustion of vital powers. Eventually leading to a totally collapsed state.

Easy exhilaration and excitement leading to exalted fancies, making verses, everything looks beautiful.

Low vitality. EXhaustion, debility, prostration, insomnia.

Mental over-stimulation/plannING/too much creative activity/sleepless.

SensiTIV to noise, touch, odor, etc.

Irritation and excitement of the nervous system.

Congestion of the head and lungs due to irritation of the brain or bronchi.

Irritated and inflamed eyes.

Sleepless due to excitable state.

Nervous diarrhoea/nausea/vomiting, etc. Profuse discharges/weak digestion/distension of abdomen.

Severe inflammation of affected parts leading to either collapse or gangrene.

Intermittently spiking fevers

<: exertion/long travelling/over-excitement/discharges;

Easily angered with desire to vex and hurt others.

Complete apathy, dislike for everything, beside oneself, inconsolable.

Conceal: Much of timidity/cowardice/want of self confidence, shows: being haughty/jealous/malicious/calling oneself unfortunate/being contemptuous/hurting or vexing

others or by rejecting consolation and sympathy.

Probably fear of being pitied explains the amount of false egotism required by these remedies to cover up their weak, exhausted, cowardly side.

General periodicity.


Sleeplessness and lots of thoughts and activities of the mind as it belongs to the Coffea family, Rubiaceae.

[David Quinn]

The primary emotional state common to all remedies of the Rubiaceae family is something close to the feeling of apathy. A kind of not wanting to do anything.

Dr. Sankaran gives the outstanding sensation of the remedies here to be that of stimulation or ‘overstimulated’. Similar to Vithoulkas referring to China as a ‘nervous erethism’. This over-stimulation or nervous erethism is the opposite to apathy. Coffea of course is known for its effects as a stimulant. I think what this means is that the suppression of feelings we have leads us into an opposite state to the primary feeling, which is comparable to the artificially induced effects of taking substances for their secondary reaction, an effect that is also the opposite to the actual main feeling of the substance.

[Ruth Heather Hull]

Comprises an estimated 13150 species of shrubs, climbers, trees and herbaceous plants (Vermeulen and Johnston, 2011c:583). According to Sankaran (2005a: 467)

this family includes the following remedies:

Main chemical constituents: iridoid glycosides, anthraquinones, coumarins, xanthine alkaloids, quinoline alkaloids and indole alkaloids (Vermeulen and Johnston, 2011c: 585).



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