Tricyrtis hirta = Japanische Krötenlilie/= Hairy Toad Lily Quelle:


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[Martin Jakob]

I don't know who I am: a case of Tricyrtis hirta (= Japanische Krötenlilie/= Hairy Toad Lily/Quelle:

Woman, 25 years old. She comes with burn out syndrome, vertigo, fear of diseases, a recurring fungal infection in the genital area and bacterial vaginitis.

She feels petrified from fear when she is dealing with sick people. Often, there is a fear of contagious disease as well, as if she could be taken over by something.

She can suddenly become dizzy, for instance when driving. It is as though she had no firm ground under her feet or if she were out of balance.

Her sister died after a long chronic illness when she was a child, and then she suddenly became “grown up”. The family did not speak much about her sister after her death,

but she then began to feel the whole focus of her parents on her; today she still feels very committed to her parents. While her sister was ill, most of her parents’ attention

was focussed on her sister. 

She feels alone because she lives without a fixed relationship. In her work in the marketing department, she suffered a burn out due to the bullying of her superiors; she

feels attacked and has too much work because their department is completely understaffed. Due to the exhaustion and  associated dizziness, she is afraid of not being able

to practice her profession. The doctor diagnoses the dizziness as iron deficiency. Later, when she recovered from the burn out, her work had been given to someone else,

and it made her feel like "my place is gone."

She often wonders what she really likes, whether she should start a new training or how she wants to go on with her life. She is easily influenced by her friends. She wonders also who she is and where she belongs. She feels like she is constantly losing her own inner voice, with so many people wanting to have their say, so she does not know what she wants. It is like hearing only the voice from above, like with her parents, when she was a child and didn't know which clothes to put on. She is unhappy with her figure

and thus feels unattractive. She looks younger than she is. She wonders if her current boyfriend has a relationship with another woman. In her relationships, it often feels like

a “to and fro”; sometimes, it works and sometimes it does not. It feels to her as though it is only half a relationship. In a previous relationship with a younger man, she was excluded from his circle of friends because they thought she was too old for him. In this present relationship, she is often displaced; she gives the feeling of being too insecure and adapting. Her first long relationship ended suddenly, shortly after they had talked about having children and a flat together. He decided to go on holiday and he ended the relationship. It took her a long time to get over it.

Food: aversion: cheese, milk; < garlic:

Female: painful menses, lumpy blood, back pain, headache before menses

Weather: < sun headache, > sunglasses.

Time: 24 h.

<: carousel/roller coaster;


Carbon series: death of her sister, fear of diseases, not much has been spoken in the family.

Liliidae: feels alone, without fixed relationship, relationship problems, looks younger than she is, infection genital region

Phase 6 (Liliales): sudden end of a relationship, without explanation, the partner has another relationship, she is often displaced, bullied by her superiors, her work had been given to someone else; much attention went to her sister, excluded from friends, unhappy with her figure, feeling unattractive

Subphase 3: vertigo,< carousel, roller coaster; relations to and fro, only half of a relationship; easily influenced by friends, taken over by something, no firm ground

(DD.: Boron), she often wonders about things (one could say “she is confused”); losing her inner voice due to so many people wanting to have their say that she does not

know what she wants; very committed

Stage 3: wondering how she wants to go on, what she really likes; whether or not she should start a new training, wonders who she is (DD Boron), triangular relationship

Prescription: Tricyrtis hirta

Follow up

I had prescribed many different remedies over the years: Boron, Borax, Alumina, Aluminum sulfuricum, Scandium, Aristolochia clematis, Agraphis nutans, etc., without really seeing a deeper change in her condition. With Tricyrtis hirta, she says that each time she takes it, an incredible boost of confidence and joy manifest. She feels much more authentic and does not have to adapt so much anymore. She is much more herself, knowing much better who she is and what she wants, where she belongs, and where she wants to go, also in relationships with men and friends. Her dizziness, her fears, and the infections in the genital area are as good as gone.


The interesting thing in this case is that it is possible to successfully prescribe a remedy that was completely unknown to me. I had seen the stage 3 theme clearly, and prescribed a lot stage 3 remedies, as well as Oxygenium and Oxygenium compounds, without success. The theme of all the individual elements in this case are however present, and the plant Tricyrtis hirta, with the number 633.63.03, covers the totality of this case:  number, 6 angiosperm, 3 Silica series (family, relationship), the next 3 as emphasis on the Silica series (double family and relationship), then phase 6, the Oxygenium quality and the Subphase 3, the Boron quality and stage 3, the way she really

acts. In a very complex case, it could then be useful to look for a plant-remedy.



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