Uranium nitricum Anhang


Homeopathic Remedies for Gulf War Syndrome

[Erika Price]

Illnesses: from Depleted Uranium, uranium and radiation. Great emaciation with ravenous appetite, debility and general edema. Weakness and lassitude, on rising, daytime, after eating, during menses. Pain burning internally, tearing away. Excessive thirst and appetite. Kidney and bladder ailments including diabetes. Dry mucous membranes

and skin. Skin cancer; lupus exedens; discoloration from bruises; white vesicles on arms and legs with red areolae that itch and burn. Swelling of glands. Liver degeneration. Nausea, vomiting, with blood. Abdominal and stomach pain with sinking sensation; acidity; burning pain in stomach; gastric and duodenal ulcers; belching; indigestion; ascites (accumulation of a serous fluid of a watery nature in the peritoneal cavity which is the serous membrane lining of the abdominal cavity); sharp colic with tenesmus and raw feeling in rectum; enteritis and peritonitis with meteorism and great prostration. Sleepiness with extreme lethargy, especially when rising from bed, during menses; insomnia with restlessness, with heat and shivering, waking frequently; dreams are vivid, busy, and of fire. Male impotency with nightly emissions that are unconscious; can be complete without erections at all; genitals are cold, relaxed, sweaty. High blood pressure. Heat flushes.

Bladder and Kidneys: pain sore, tender; urging at 2 h.; urination frequent, <: daytime; urine incontinence and bedwetting, involuntary at night, with pain when trying to retain; kidney inflammation (nephritis); glycosuria, excretion of glucose in the urine as in diabetes; diabetes mellitus and insipidus; phosphaturia (phosphates in urine); containing casts and bile; acrid, milky; albuminous- consecutive to heart disease, in pregnancy; alkaline; dark or greenish color; copious, night, with headache; odor fishy, offensive; sediment flocculent, mucous, purulent; sugar.

<: Night; left-side; walking (headache); (after) sleep; getting up; during menses;

>: Open air; deep breathing; continued motion; hot bath; lying down; pressure;

They suffer ill humor, are fretful, peevish, and morose and they do not feel well all day. They feel confusion after sleeping, and general sluggishness with difficulty thinking and aversion to work.

Restlessness in general, which is < at night. There can be despondency dejection depression and sadness. They can feel stupefied as if intoxicated, and comatose.

Perspiration smells sweetish.



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