Vergleich: Siehe: Haut


Erfahrung: Ich bekomme während eine Notaufnahme wegen SCHWÄCHE mit Zittrigkeit nach Durchfall und Erbrechen eine Infusion mit Panthoprazol.

Ich hatte Panthoprazol schon über Monate genommen und abgesetzt wegen Verschlimmerung der Beschwerden (Magenbrennen/Aufstoßen).

Dann eine Magenspiegelung mit als Befund Gastritis. Esomeprazol wurde verschrieben und genommen. Danach folgte der Notaufnahme.

Noch in der Ambulanz entstanden riesengroße Rote Flecken mit unerträgliche Juckreiz und Quaddeln. Ich wollte kratzen und die Haut aufreizen.

Eine Infusion mit Cortison habe ich abgelehnt.

Im Internet fand ich eine Hinweis auf Astacus.

Astacus 1 M half beinahe sofort, aber nur 2 Tagen. Dann habe ich es wiederholt und Astacus half kurz sofort. Leider habe ich erst danach gelesen, dass

Cancer astacus (in der Form von Silex-Lapis Cancri Solutus w) vielleicht das bessere Mittel sein könnte. Das stimmte.


Vergleich: Rumx mit Rhus-t. in Nesselfieber.

Rumx. Nesselfieber < in kalter Luft und beim Ausziehen und > Wärme. Es sollte dann mit Rhus-t. verglichen werden.

Rhus-t. Nesselfieber mit als Auslöser Nasswerden, Schwimmen, Schwitzen oder bei einer Grippe auftritt.

Rhus-t. reagiert auch sehr empfindlich auf kalte Luft, kalten Wind und ist besser durch Zudecken, jedoch fehlt die für Rumx. typische Reaktion auf das Entkleiden.

Das Nesselfieber von Rhus-t. wird von einer ausgeprägten Unruhe begleitet, was bei Rumx. nicht anzutreffen ist.


[E.A Farrington, MD]

Apis.: urticaria appear suddenly on the surface of the body long pinkish-white blotches raised above the skin. The itching, burning and stinging are almost intolerable.

Terebinthina: urticaria after eating shellfish.

Kali-br.: hives occuring with nervous diseases.

Rhus-t.: + ague or rheumatism.

Bov.: + diarrhoea, the stools being followed by tenesmus and burning.

Puls..: from gastric or uterine origin.

Calc.: chronic cases

Sep.: < in the open air. (Rumx.)



urticaria due to gastric derangement - Ant-c.

urticaria due to allopathic drug reaction - Antipyrine (urticaria with large red patches. come and go frequently).

heat in the affected part and uricaria in the whole body with intense itching - Apis

After bathing. <: warmth - Bov.

urticaria associated with liver affection - Cancer astacus

urticaria due to alcohol/exposure to cold - Chloralum

urticaria with fever and constipation - Cop.

urticaria on undressing and <: wet weather - Dulc.

urticaria on undressing and >: warmth - Rumx.

urticaria <: warm clothing and >: cold - Hygrophilla

urticaria after mosquito bite - Led. Staph.

urticaria due to milk intolerance - Sep.

chronic urticaria - Skookum chuck. Stroph.

urticaria with dropsy and great emaciation - Uran-n.

chronic urticaria with frequent urination and rheuma - Urt-u.


(< alcoholic drinks/exposure to cold)

Urticaria: Ant-c. Apis. Antip. Ars. Bombyx. Bov. Camph. Chlora. Cim. Cop. Dulc. Frag. Icth. Nat-p. Puls. Rhus-t. Sulph. Trios. Urt.

Chronic: Anac. Ant-c. Ars. Astac. Bov. Dulc. Lyc. Rhus-t. Sul. Urt-u. etc.

Nodosa: Bov. Urt.

Tuberosa: Anac.


From emotion: Anac. Bov. Ign. Kali-br.

From exertion: Con. Nat-m. Pso. Urt-u.

With oedema: Apis.

From menstrual condition: Cim. Dulc. Kali-c. Puls.

From shellfish: Camph.

From suppressed malaria: Elat.

From sweat: Apis. Rhus-t.

With catarrh: All-c. Dulc.

With Constipation. fever: Cop.

# Croup: Ars.

# Asthma: Calad.

# rheuma: Urt-u.

Asthmatic troubles in: Apis.

With erosion on toes: Sulph.

With itching, burning, often scratching, no fever: Dulc.

With Liver Disturbance: Astac.

With Petechial disturbance or erysipelatous eruption: Frag.

With rheumatic lameness, palpitation. diarrhea: Bov. Dulc.

With sequel from suppressed hives: Apis. Urt.

With coming sudden & going: Antipy

Wine from: Chlol.



Periodical - every year: Urt- u.


At night: Ant-c. Ars.

At climacteric: Morph. Ust.

At menstrual periord: Cim. Dulc. Kali-c. Mag-c.

From bathing. walking in morning: Bov.

From cold: Ars. Dulc. Rhus-t. Rum. Sep.

From exertion, exercise: Con. Nat-m. Psor. Urt-u.

From open air: Nit-ac. Sep.

From wine: Chlol.

In children: Cop.


Cold water : Apis. Dulc.

Hot drinks: Chloral.

From open air: Calc .

From warmth: Ars. Chloral,


Materia Medica:

Ant-c.: Excessive irritability and fretfulness together with a thickly coated white tongue are truly guiding symptoms of Ant-c. Urticaria itching when warm in bed.

Skin symptoms with gastric derangements. Skin is sensitive to cold bath. <: evening/heat & cold bathing; Acids; >: open air/rest/moist air;         

Antip: It acts especially on the Vaso-motor centers causing dilatation of capillaries of skin & consequent circumscribed patches of hyperemia & swelling. It is useful for acute erythema multiforme. intense itching. Urticaria which appears & disappears suddenly with internal coldness. Angioneurotic oedema. Dark blotches on skin sometimes with oedema.

Apis: Acts on cellular tissues causing oedema of skin and mucous membranes. Ailments from bee stings. Swelling or puffing up of various parts. oedema. red rosy hue. stinging pains. soreness. intolerance of heat and slightest touch. and afternoon aggravation are general guiding symptoms of apis. There is extreme sensitiveness to touch and general soreness is marked. Erysipelatous inflammations. dropsical effusions  are characteristic pathological states corresponding to Apis. Useful for Urticaris. Hives with intolerable itching. oedematous swellings. Netle rash after perspiration.

<: late in afternoon/r./heat in any form/touch/pressure/after sleeping/in closed and heated rooms;

>: in open air/uncovering/cold bathing;

„Skin has a transparent waxy appearance. Erysipelas, carbuncles, ulcers, bites from insects, edematous swellings, all with stinging, burning pains. The patient will not let you touch these areas, she will scream, so sensitive and raw does it feel. Urticaria caused by warmth, physical exertion, fever, perspiration or allergy; can occur with many diseases“(Vithoulkas, 1992). 

Bov.: It has modified affects on skin producing ertion line eczema. Urticaria on excitement with rheumatic lameness. palpitation and diarrhea. Blunt instrument leave deep impression on the skin.

<: walking in morning/from bathing;

Ars.: Debility. exhaustion & restlessness <: at night. Itching/burning/swelling. Oedema <: by cold & scratching. Urticaria with burning & restlessness.

Asthma or Respiratory symptoms # Urticaria.

<: wet weather/after midnight/from cold (drinks/food/season);

>: from heat/warm drinks;

Anac.: Skin symptoms similar to Rhus-t. intense itching (with mental irritability)/swelling/eruption looks like that of Poison Oak.

<: application of hot water; >: rubbing;

Calad.: Itching rash # Asthma. There is burning sensation and erysipelatous inflammation. Sweet sweat attracts flies in Keynote of Caladium.

<: after sweat. after sleep in daytime; >: motion;

Bombx: Urticaria with caterpillar itching of whole body. Is related to Astacus fluviatilis.

Astac.: Nettle rash all over. There is erypsalasis and liver affection with nettle rash all over body. Urticarial symptoms with Liver derangements. Very sensitive to cold air.

<: uncovering;

Camph.: Skin cold, pale. bleed. livid. Can not bear to be covered.

<: at night/motion/contact/cold air; >: warmth;

Chloralum: <: spirituous liquors/hot drinks. Erythema <: alcoholic drinks with palpitation causes pain in tendons & extensions. Intense itching with surface of body cold. Wheal come on from a chill,

<: at night/after hot drinks/stimulants; >: warmth;

Cimic.: Urticaria from suppressed menses.

Dulc.: Hot days & cold nights towards the close of summer are especially favourable. Diarrhoea # skin symptoms. Urticaria from change of weather when weather suddenly becomes cold. damp cold weather. before menses. Urticaria in which red spots brought on by exposure on sour stomach. There are humid eruption on face. genitals. hands etc. Anasarca.

<: at night/from cold in general/damp, rainy weather; >: from moving about/external warmth;

Frag.: Useful for Urticaia rashes just like Strawberry Anaphylaxis. Urticaria from eating strawberry. There are petechial and erysipelatous eruption. swelling of whole body.

<: strawberry;

Grind.: Urticaria in which skin rash look like rosacea with severe burning & itching. In poisoning from Poison oak Grindelia could be used locally as wash.

Ichth.: Useful for chronic hives. Urticaria. There is itching. heat and irritation.

Ign.: Caused by grief & worry. Especially adapted to nervous temperament, women of sensitive. easily excited nature. dark. mild disposition. quick to perceive. rapid in execution.

Urticaria during fever with itching. nettle rash all over body.

<: morning/draft of air/open air;

Medus = Schirmqualle/= Aurelia aurita/= Jelly fish/= seanettle.  [E.A.Farrington (Medus.: effects nearly identical with those of Urt. Produces a nettle-rash/a slight action on the kidneys).

Nat-m.: Oversensitive to all sort of influences. Useful for urticaria with itching. burning worse by eating salt. at seashore. Urticaria. wheal. Hives itching after exertion.

<: at seashore. mental exertion. Heat; >: open air/cold bath;

Nat-p.: Useful for Urticaria in which ithching in various parts especially ankles. Skin is smooth. red. shining.

Burning pain <: night.

Puls.: Mild, gentle, yielding disposition. Changeability of symptoms are marked.

After eating rich food. Urticaria with Diarrhoea. Urticaria from delayed menses. <: undressing.

<: from heat. rich fat food. after eating. towards evening. warm room; >: open air. motion. cold application. cold food & drinks;

Rhus-t.: Urticaria from over exertion. getting wet while perspiring. Urticarial eruption are red. swollen. intense itching <: during sleep. cold. wet rainy weather. after rain. at night. during rest. drenching when lying on back.

>: warm. dry weather.

Sulph.: an great Hahnemannian Anti-psoric. It is having an elective affinity for skin producing heat & burning with itching <: heat of bed. Urticaria with itching. burning <: scratching & washing.

<: evening/spring time/warmth/damp weather;. >: dry, warm weather;

Urt-u.: Returns at the same time every year. Violent itching. blotches. burning heat with formication. Consequence of suppressed nettle rash. Rheuma #  nettle rash.

<: snow air/water/cool moist air/touch;


[Farrington/Dr. Subrata K. Banerjee/und andere]

Acon.: Red. broad pimples like fleabites and a crawling sensations in the skin with agonising itching. not changed by scratching and desquamation

Anac.: Urticaria tuberose; eruption like Poison-oak; burning. itching and intense redness of skin

Ant-c.: White lumps with red areolae and fearful itching; tongue white coated. gastric derangement

Ant-t.: Rash red/itching whole body. comes and goes. hot/thirsty

Apis: Rheumatic + oedematous Diathesis: a) Swelling & oedema after insect bite. b) Soreness. Stinging. Sensitiveness. c) Rosy hue;

<: heat/covering; dyspnoe

Ars.: Cause: shellfish; burning. itching. restless; croup # asthma

Bell.: During profuse menses. after eating cabbage (sauerkraut)

Bov.: Chronic. Urticaria with diarrhoea. palpitation; covering the whole body (after Rhus-t. fails). excitement with rheumatic lameness/on

            waking. <: bathing. Itching on getting warm

Calc.: Disappears in cool. open air; white in children; itching intolerable. chronic hives

Caust.: Chronic. coming out more in fresh air. <: heat of bed

Chloralum: Urticaria (in large wheels)/intense itching and oedematous swelling of face (cheeks)/eye-lids/ears. caused by chill; >: warmth;

<: spirituous liquors/hot drinks. Itching <: at night/cold.

Cimic.: Urticaria with menstrual disorders or rheuma

Con.: Caused by violent bodily exercise with painful. pricking itching of the skin; <: scratching

Dulc.: Miliary nettle-rash with dryness and hot skin and fever; from taking cold. + griping pain in bowels. nausea and diarrhoea; with much

            Itching; burns after scratching; >: warmth/in bed

Elat.: Urticaria after dropsy and continuous fever. From suppressed intermittent fever. <: damp

Hep.: Urticaria with violent itching and stinging. disappears as heat begins in intermittent fever; chronic.

Hydr.: Urticaria. eruptions raised/nodular/scarlet; excessively irritable. over whole body. preceded feeling ill; general digestive disorder

            (vomiting); <: scratching/at night;

Ichth.: Chronic urticaria.

Ign.: Urticaria during the chill period of intermittent fever.

Kali-br.: Patches slightly elevated/smooth/red with hard base; itching at night in bed/in high temperature; appear in winter.

Kali-c.: Miliary during Menses

Linu-u.: Urticaria.  asthma. hay fever. Severe allergic disturbances. Intense irritation.

Lyc.: Chronic with burning and itching in daytime. on getting heated/in evening before lying down

Nat-c.: Blotches red hard with dry skin and itching over whole body (“As from fleas”)

Nat-m.: Miliary eruption with shooting pain and itching and pricking in skin; rash over whole body and whitish hives on arms and hands;

            Urticaria after violent exercise.

Petr.: Urticaria military and skin SENSITIVE; chronic;

Psor.: Urticaria frequently attacks (regularly after exertion) after suppressed itch with fine vesicles on top. dry out. peeling in fine scales

Ptel.: Violent itching. after itching burning sensation like fire. reddish eruptions. Urticarious eruptions often concomitant with affections  of

the liver.

Puls.: Hives of gastric origin. during delayed or scanty menses; chilly (in a warm room). rheumatic tendency

Rhus-t.: Urticaria vesicular. itching and burning. skin swollen. red; after getting wet. <: in cold air; fever; thirst

Sars.: Urticaria military. going into fresh air from a warm room

Sep.: Urticaria chronic; begins during a walk in cold air. disappears in warm room (face. arms. thorax); Eruptions like wheals similar produced by a blow of a whip or a amall rod.

Skook.: Urticaria. Dr. de F. Cole gave Skookum 3x in water to a girl who had severe urticaria which did not yield to Apis or Urt-u. Cured the urticaria/improved the patient’s health.

Till.: Urticaria/Nesselsucht. heftiges Jucken und Brennen wie Feuer nach Kratzen. Kleiner. roter. juckender Pickelausschlag

Trios.: Urticaria from gastric derangement. Great itching at night with welts all over surface.

Tub.: Scrofulous & allergic diathesis: a) Itching in flexor surfaces & joints. b) Itching <: night. c) Local blush (red).

Urt-u.: Gouty& uric acid diathesis: a) Urticaria → heat →formication → itching. b) Shellfish allergy. c) Rheuma. Urticaria (raised red blotches)/ Urticaria: suppressed/# or + rheuma




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