Vergleich Belladonna und Bryonia


Here’s the opposite of Belladonna–Bryonia.  Bryonia has a slow onset.  They are not the least bit frantic; in fact, they are lying quietly in a dark room and they don’t want

to be disturbed; not because they are resting peacefully; no, not a bit.  They are very sick!  They are so sick, they can’t even move or talk!  < Any movement. 

< Any conversation.  < Breathing!  They can’t take a deep breath.  Robin Murphy says, “Any pneumonia with pain!”  Pain is always a big part of a Bryonia case.

Trouble breathing, dryness of mucus membranes, dry mouth, dry tongue, and because of that they’re thirsty, very thirsty.  They won’t ask for water often but when they do, they’ll drink it down.  Moderate fever.  Lungs feel as if they can’t expand.  Dry, hard, hacking, painful cough.  They must hold their chest when they cough.  Sharp, stitching pains in chest (also Aconite and Belladonna).  Breathing makes the pain worse.  They want to lie on the painful side which is often the right side.  A Bryonia virus often includes a very bad headache as well.



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