Aconitum ferox (Acon-f) = Bikh/= Bish/= Nabhee/= Ativisha


Vergleich: Cur. Phos. Siehe: Ranunculaceae


= Acon-ähnlich + Angst + Atemnot;

Negativ: Geist aktiv/Redeschwall/gutes Gedächtnis, intellektuelle Arbeit unmöglich, brenNEN, Furcht (ersticken), Durst, > liegen/sitzen/kaltes Getränk, Fieber niedriger als

bei Acon. geschwollene Drüsen/Neuralgie durch Kälte.

Rather more violent in action Acon. It is more diuretic and less anti-pyretic. Valuable in cardia dyspnoea/neuralgia/acute gout. Dyspnoea. Must sit up. Rapid respiration. Asthma bei Anstrengung.

Anxiety, with suffocation from feeling of paralysis in respiratory muscles. Cheyne-Stokes breathing;

[Farokh Master]

Powerful burning in the mouth and which also has the concomitant of respiratory problem dyspnoea.

Respiratory  rate  accelerated, > sitting, can not  lie down, there are clinical signs of left ventricular hypertrophy, they usually have a history of hypertension and have grade

3 to grade 4 type of dyspnoea and they love cold water.

[Harvey Farrington, M.D./Presented by Sylvain Cazalet]

Cheyne-Stokes respiration;


Gemüt: Verlangt nach Aktivität/geistige Anstrengung

Angst/Furcht (zu Ersticken)

Gedächtnis gut, aktiv/Gedanken vergehen, schwinden/geistig verschwindet


Ruhelos (schmerzhaft)


Schwindel im Allgemeinen

Auge: Pupillen träge

Sehen: Flimmern, Flackern

Nase: Niesen

Gesicht: Ameisenlaufen

Mund: Schmerz < kaltes Wasser (brennend)

Innerer Hals: Schmerz (brennend)

Magen: Aufstoßen/Hitzewallungen erwachend

Schmerz < nach Essen (drückend)/< nach Frühstück (drückend)/ziehend

Übel > liegend/erbricht

Bauch: Angst im Abdomen/Gluckern; Gurgeln

Stuhl: Dunkel/wässrig

Urin: dunkel

Atmung: Atemnot, Dyspnoe, erschwertes Atmen (> sitzend)/Atmung beschleunigt/Atmung oberflächlich


Brust: Angst in der Brust

Herzversagen in l. Herzkammer/Herzklopfen/ Pneumothorax           

Herzbeschwerden + schwieriger Atmung/Herzbeschwerden in l. Herzkammer akut

Liegen unmöglich

Schlaf: Schlaflos/schläfrig

Glieder: Kribbeln in Fingerspitzen/schwach/zittern

Frost: im Allgemeinen/eisige Kälte des Körpers

Haut: Ameisenlaufen/trocken

Allgemeines: 23 h

Ameisenlaufen - äußerlich/ innerlich

Gefühllos, taub äußerlich/Hypertonie durch Dialyse

Schmerz [neuralgisch/äußerlich (brennend)/innerlich (brennend)]

Speise und Getränke: <: warme Speisen; >: Kaffee/kalte Getränke, kaltes Wasser;

< Entblößen

Schwäche (< gehend/< liegend)/Stehen - unmöglich

Zittern äußerlich.


[Drs. Aadil/Fatema Chimthanawala]

Mind: Cheerful and felt like laughing, Irritability < noise (2), Homesickness

Vertigo: on standing up that lasted for 1-2 minutes.

Head: Pain left temple to occiput, continued for 10 hours - 2 days, tearing left forehead that started 2 hours after drug ingestion for 20 minutes

Eyes: Burning & Irritation in l. eye, > pressing eyeball

Ears: Hot Sensation in left ear lasting for 2 days; burning sensation (10); itching in the left auditory meatus

Nose: Initially profuse sneezing but then decreased, followed by thin watery discharge from l. nostril < evening. Lasted for 2 days. Next day, posterior nasal discharge,

thick white sputum became thin again in the evening.

Mouth: Bitter taste in the mouth started 25 minutes after drug intake for 3-4 hours. This was repeated after the 2nd dose (2). Tooth ache left side < chewing.

Throat: discomfort lasting for 3 hours.

Stomach and Abdomen: Craving for Rice for which she was averse to. Discomfort after eating food

Stool: unsatisfactory; had to strain. Dark brown

Male Sexual Organs: No symptoms noticed

Female Sexual Organs: menses began with average flow that lasted for 3 days.

Cough: Dry started in 2 hours and lasted for 7 days

Chest: Pain in left side after passing stool.

Pain left chest, an area that could be covered with the tip of the finger

Extremities: Crackling sensation in the upper limbs.

Sleep: Great sleepiness during the day even in the morning, with late going to sleep at night.

Restless, disturbed sleep at night and sleepiness in the morning

Skin: Boil at the tip of the nose. Itching in between fingers of the left hand that started after 3 hours and lasted for 4 hours

Fever: Great Chilliness. Feverishness just after the first dose (9, 14) Running nose with sneezing

Conclusion – We agree with Dr. T.F. Allen who pens in the preface of his Handbook of Materia Medica – “Much might be said concerning the reliability of our symptomatology, the errors that have been perpetuated from year to year in old material and in new material obtained by faulty methods are well known. There is no

doubt that some of even Hahnemann’s symptoms were observed in the sick both as apparent results of drug action and as probable cures, it is also true that most provers

have allowed themselves to record as effects of drugs taken for experiment, symptoms which would have arisen spontaneously or which were suggestions of a mind

watching for such effects. There is no doubt that many if not most symptoms have been observed in only one or two persons as the effect of the drug and that many of

these would fail confirmation by repeated experiment. But after all these allowances have been made there remains a good and true pathogenesis sufficient for a working Materia Medica and capable of justifying itself by unfailing results when put to the test of homoeopathic therapeutics. Numerous provings each consisting of but a single observation even the result of but a single dose appeal to our knowledge of the effects of analogous drugs as genuine; they must be utilized, their symptoms guide us unerringly to the saving of life and they cannot be discarded.”

In the short reproving of Aconite ferox, few symptoms that have already been proved by previous provings have been found in our provings too. Many new symptoms

include sustained hypertensive state lasting for 3 days in provers who previously were not hypertensives and Partial Right Bundle Branch Block which reverted back to normalcy in a week’s time.


[John Henry Clarke] 1900

Tincture of root.


Burning pains. Cheyne-Stokes breathing. Chill. dyspnoea. Gastralgia. Neuralgia. Numbness.


 *A. *ferox was proved by Dworzack, who also proved *Aconitine. The *Ferox developed burning pains in greater intensity than the alkaloid, more intense mental activity followed by greater depression. The *Aconite note of unendurability of suffering was marked. Anxiety and fear of suffocation from paralysis of respiratory muscles, obliged to breathe half-sitting up with head resting on palms of hands. Cold drinks better, sitting up better, warm food worse, coffee better.


DD.: Curare and Phos. (respiratory paralysis, Cheyne-Stokes breathing).

Mind: Very active, sequence of ideas rapid, talked constantly, remembered easily the minutest circumstances of his former experiment, compared them with present one,

and readily drew conclusions (6 h.).

In intervals of relief from distressing symptoms laughed and joked about his very comical condition, but when the dyspnoea, anxiety, etc., returned, he could not seem to endure them, and abused heartily Aconite and toxicology in general (4 to 6 h.) Incapable of any mental work, even the simplest addition, comprehension and understanding confused (2nd day).

Mouth: Tongue almost insensible, feels like a piece of raw leather in month (6 h.).Tongue covered with a thick yellowish-white fur. Violent burning in mouth (after 2 minutes), renewed by eating (2nd day),

> drinking cold water.

Throat: Violent burning in pharynx.

Stomach: Pressure in stomach with pain. Warmth in stomach. Violent drawing pain in region of stomach and sacral region, soon spreading over whole abdomen, < pressure on epigastrium. Pressing on stomach =, internal, dull pressing pain.

Abdomen: Rumbling in bowels (5 m.), constant gurgling (4 h.).

Stool: Two half-watery, dark, not copious Stool (2nd day).

Urinary organs: Frequent and copious evacuations of urine.

Respiratory organs: dyspnoea increased to such a degree that he was obliged to breathe half-sitting up, with head resting on palms of hands, constantly feared suffocation from respiratory paralysis.

Limbs: Gait tottering, remarkable weakness in lower extremities, especially right.

Generalities: Formication spread over whole body, least noticeable on parts that had been cold, < or excited by change of temperature or motion. Having changed from one nerve to another, reached its greatest severity from 19 to 19.30 h. It caused a painful unrest so that he could not possibly lie quietly more than a few minutes. Getting up set up all the train of symptoms, which were > immediately

on lying down. Benumbed sensation, as if he had on gloves, on pinching cheeks no pain felt, seemed to walk on woollen carpets (2nd, 3rd, and 4th day).

Sleep: Sleeplessness. On waking, violent burning in mouth and throat, warmth in stomach, dull sensation in head.

Fever: Icy coldness of body (4 h.), objective and subjective, no amount of wraps and external warmth relieved. Desire to get warm drove him to get out of bed and sit near stove. Tottered to stove and warmth was pleasant, but vertigo, trembling, oppression, and nausea ensued and compelled him to return to bed. This experience was repeated. Fierce heat (calor mordax) on forehead, cheek, and hands, with sensation as if numerous glowing hot wires were stuck into him, better by perspiration (4 to 6 h.).


Allerlei: Himalaya/Shiva geweiht



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