Blumea odorata (Blum-o) = Kukunder (I)/= Kuksima


Negativ: 2. Controlling hemorrhages from the uterus, piles and dysentery.
4. Results in diarrhea or dysentery mixed with blood.
5. Miscarriage where there is copious bleeding.
6. Effective in bloody leucorrhoea.
7. It is capable of arresting profuse bleeding in case of hemorrhages.
8. Tertian fevers. Even the swelling of its leaves checks the appearance of such fevers.
9. Cough and hoarseness. Its cough is associated with barking sound and hoarseness;

[Farokh Master]

Another rare and acute Indian homoeopathic drug that I use in my practice is for the cases which usually have severe bleeding or hemorrhage from the rectum, with or without

diarrhoea or dysentery. Now here the hemorrhage color is usually dark red and clotted and the hemorrhage is usually a painless hemorrhage;
Repertorium:                                                                                  [Master Farokh Jamshed]

Gemüt: Angst/sorgenvoll

Kopf: Leeregefühl, „Wie hohl“ nach Blutung

Schmerz l. # r.

Auge: rot (Venen)

Schmerz (brennend)


Nase: Nasenbluten (Blut geronnen, klumpig) langsam


Schmerz (stechend)

Rektum: Blutung aus dem Anus/Hämorrhoiden

Schlaf: Schlaflos

Allgemeines: Blutung


Vergleich: Siehe: Asterales


Allerlei: Ödland


Phytologie: Blutung (Hämorrhoiden/Magen/Uterus/Abort)/brennen (+ Rheuma/Ödem)

1. This drug has been found useful in the burning of the body.
2. It has pain due to rheumatism and ordinary or dropsical swellings.
3. It was also used by the Hindu physicians for the purpose of aborting abscess and bubo.
4. It was used in Syphilis, Itches, Gonorrhoea, Dysmenorroea, and Constipation, Worm complaints of children, Sunstroke and in fevers appearing every other day.
 controlling hemorrhages from the uterus, piles and dysentery.
 diarrhea or dysentery mixed with blood.
 miscarriage where there is copious bleeding.
 bloody leucorrhoea.
 tertian fevers.

cough and hoarseness + barking sound and hoarseness.



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