Calypte anna = Kolibri/= Anna’s Hummingbird                       


Vergleich: Colibri amazilia (= Kolibri).

Insects    Humming bird   Aves

Siehe: Aves


[Medicine Cards]


Hummingbird is associated with the Ghost Shirt religion, which taught that a certain dance done properly would bring about the return of the animals, and that the white people would disappear; the Indian race would be restored and a regenerated Earth would come into being where the pristine conditions of life would prevail... a message

of salvation. Once again the Original People would know the joy of the old ways. In Mayan teachings, Hummingbird is connected to the Black Sun and the Fifth World.

(We are now in the Fourth World, moving into the Fifth World of peace, healing, and transformation. The end of this the Fourth World is a time of great transformation

and change, of what some say is the coming of the Black Sun.)

The song of Hummingbird awakens the medicine flowers. Hummer sings a vibration of pure joy. Flowers love Hummingbird because nectar-sucking brings about the reproduction of their families.

Plants flower and live because of Hummingbird. Hummingbird can fly in any direction. Hummingbird can also hover in one spot and appear to be motionless. Great Spirit created Hummingbird to be slightly different from other feathered creatures.

Because of their magical qualities, Hummingbird feathers have been used for millennium in the making of love charms. It is said that Hummingbird conjures love as no other medicine does, and that Hummingbird feathers open the heart chakra. Without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. To Brother and Sister Hummingbird, life is a wonderland of delight - darting from one beautiful flower to another, tasting the essences and radiating the colors.

If Hummingbird is your personal medicine, you love life and its joys. (Do you take the time to manifest this joy in your life?) Your presence brings joy to others. You join people together in relationships which bring out the best in them. You know instinctively where beauty abides and, near or far, you journey to your ideal. You move comfortably within a beautiful environment and help others taste the succulent nectar of life.

Hummingbird holds the Bow of Beauty which is delicately inlaid with gold and silver flowers, pearls, and precious jewels. Hummingbird disdains ugliness or harshness, and quickly flies away from discord or disharmony. If Hummingbird has flown into your cards, get ready to laugh musically and enjoy Creator's many gifts. Drop your judgmental attitude and relax. Hummingbird will not doubt give you a flash of the spirit, darting here, there, and everywhere. Get ready for a strange new burst of energy which may send your senses reeling.

Hummingbird hears celestial music and is in harmony with it. Hummingbird may invite you to an art museum or a concert. Hummingbird energetically embraces the highest aesthetics.

Never be coarse in front of Hummingbird, for this is a fragile Medicine which may have no understanding of worldly affairs. Beauty is the target, and its mission is to spread joy or to be destroyed.

It quickly dies if caught or imprisoned. Follow Sister Hummingbird. Be filled with joy and experience the magic of living.


If contrary Hummingbird is in your cards in any configuration, it speaks to you of matters of the heart. How or why has your heart center been closed? Have you done something callous to another, causing them to shut off the love they once felt for you?

The contrary Hummingbird may presage sorrow and the inability to see the many blessings we two-leggeds have been given and the primordial beauty that surrounds us.

If contrary Hummingbird sings its forlorn song, perhaps you should journey into your personal pain and know that your sorrow is your joy in another reflection.


The hummingbird is a magnificent little creature that, unlike any other bird, can fly in any direction and even hover. Its long beak enables it to draw succulent nectar from every variety of flower.

Its movement from one flower to another is a dance of delight, and its singing is a melody of ecstasy.

In American Indian folk stories, the hummingbird is associated with love and joy.

Its appearance as a power animal is indicative of the sheer delight of living, and of living the bliss of loving. It implies an ability to see beauty in everything and it is concerned with bringing out the best

in people and the good in every situation.

Hummingbird embraces the highest principles and brings the magic of the spiritual realm into earth activities. Hummingbird can help you make the progress of living a Dance of Beauty. Dance in beauty.

Embrace what makes you happy. Be joyful. Count your blessings. Open yourself to pleasure.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David


[Cynthia A. Shepard]

There are over 319 species of hummingbirds – and all are native to the new world (North, Central and South America plus the Caribbean islands). Anna’s Hummingbird is

one of the 17 species of hummingbirds known to breed in the US and Canada. Native to the chaparral-clad slopes of the Pacific coast and to the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of western North America, these birds have prospered from increasing urbanization. Landscaping/gardening has expanded both the variety of nectar-producing flowering plants and extended the seasonal availability of nectar. In the last half century, Anna’s Hummingbirds have expanded their range northwards along the coast to British Columbia and inland towards Arizona.

Physical description:

Often referred to as ‘chunky-looking’ hummingbirds, Anna’s range from 3.5 - 4 inches in length with a wingspread of about 4 inches. They weigh between 3.5 and 4 grams, less than a nickel.

Their medium-length straight to slightly decurved bills are specialized for sipping of nectar. Both sexes have bright metallic green to bronze green backs and a slightly forked tail. The male, unlike most other hummingbirds, has both a brilliantly iridescent red colored throat patch (the gorget) and crown. The overall resulting appearance is that of

a dark hood (Calypte is derived from the Greek, meaning hidden, covered, hooded or veiled) which flashes rose-red to coppery-red when the bird is facing towards light.

Females and immature males are plainer looking but their throats often show patches of bright rose red to coppery iridescence.

Migration, Breeding and general biology:

Other temperate hummingbirds make long distance migrations between their breeding grounds and tropical non-breeding habitats. Not so for Anna’s who are year round residents within their range.

They are one of the earliest breeding birds in all of North America with the complete clutch of two tiny eggs being laid as early as late December. Under the sole care of the female, the young will fledge about 40 days later. In spite of their small size and extremely high metabolism, hummingbirds have surprisingly long life spans. Some species have been documented to live up to twelve years.

Males, with their aggressive territorial behavior and more conspicuous plumage, often live shorter lives than females.

Because the male plays no part in raising the young, this disparity of survival rates makes no impact on the reproductive success of the species.


Abdomen: cramps + hunger; gnawing sensation with it (almost like nausea).

Burping with evening drink. Also had intestinal rumblings off and on today.

I have not been eating much (due to lack of appetite from crisis with partner - normal for me); rumbling at tea-time.

25 minutes after waking, gripping, cramping pains in lower abdomen (over bladder?); feel heavy a pressure on labia; feel the need to go pee. Flatulence with pains, better bending over.

Colicky, gripping pains in lower abdomen; need to pee. At same time having tingling sensation in anus and buttocks; need to have bowel movement.

Colicky cramping in lower abdomen, need to pee; + tingling in anus and across buttocks.

Intense pains with urgent need to defecate.

Upon waking, colicky pains in abdomen, need to go pee. + tingling in buttocks and anus. Need to go to bathroom, but too tired to get up to go. Try to go back to sleep.

Stomach bloated with crampy pain across tummy [diagram in journal actually indicates a band of pain across the inguinal/hypogastric region].

Cramping pains in abdomen, accompanied by tingling sensation across buttocks and anus - know I should go to the bathroom.

Upon waking I have colicky, cramping pains across ovaries and uterus.

Feels like I'm going to get my period, but I end up going to the bathroom Instead.

Still having lower abdominal cramping after urination (no bowel movement this morning). With the abdominal cramping there is some slight pain and cramping in lower back.

Woke with feeling low energy and stiff everywhere. Felt wave of pain in limbs. Skin still itchy but tolerable.

Extremities/Skin: looks REALLY dry today. Skin flakes are falling off when I rub it. Not itchy any more.

Affected skin area on right hand feels really tight, evening.

Affected skin is not as tight. Looks like it will be clearing up soon - I hope so, anyways.

My skin was incredibly itchy over night. I had to rub it really hard. Not itching any more this morning, but it's a little sensitive to touch - probably from the scratching. Skin feels better when I apply cold (such as ice cubes).

Skin is itching on and off during the day today. It's spreading over to my middle finger now. I wonder if it got worse from wearing rubber gloves at my cleaning job or maybe it's worse from the emotional stress?

Didn't sleep that well last night because the skin was soooo itchy. Had to get up to get a cloth with an ice cube in it. Cold really works well for the itching. Kept on putting

my hand on the outside of my bedding, because it was nice and cold, but I had to move it often to keep it cold. I'm surprised how fast it gets better when I put cold on it.

The amelioration is instant - it stops itching right away.

It's not as itchy this morning. It's obvious that the itching is < heat of the bed.

Skin is starting to itch a lot again this afternoon. There's also a little burning sensation.

Skin is really itchy tonight and in the afternoon. Put a cloth with an ice cube on it, but the wet made it worse - it started to burn. Instead I blow on it a lot making burning and itching a little better.

No itching or burning overnight - or this morning so far (now 11 h.). Looks like it's drying up again.

A little itching and burning later on, especially when having gloves on while working in the garden - had to take them off. Affected skin is a little more red again.

Took photos of the skin eruption on my hand.

Skin was OK overnight, not itching or burning. Still OK this morning, but it's a little red and dry and there are also little honey-colored spots.

I was worried about having to wear rubber gloves for work today because I wasn't sure if they would aggravate my skin, but there was no problem from wearing the rubber gloves today.

Skin on my hand looked good this morning before washing hands, but it was worse after washing; looks more red again, but no itching or burning.

Skin feels dry and tight in the afternoon; also there is a tiny pinpoint of blood on the margin of the lesions on the little finger. Skin not as red any more.

Skin seems to get better. Affected skin not itching, but quite tight at times. Just a little bit of burning after being in contact with water.

Skin looks good this morning. No itching or burning. Had a bath and no burning after being in the water. Still a little red and dry.

Skin a little itchy this morning in bed, but feels more like a 'healing' itch. It was really itchy again during the daytime and later on it was quite tender. Feels like it's going dry again between the ring and the middle finger.

Didn't sleep well last night because the skin eruption on my hand was itching a lot. I rubbed my hand against my bedding and then put my hand on the cold bedding which helped a little with the itching. No itching during the daytime but it was tender.

Slept OK; no itching on skin eruption. Skin not so tender any more and was fine during the day.

Area of skin eruption looks VERY good this morning. No itching and not tender.

Skin looks really good this morning; not as red, more dry.

Skin looks good - only a little red and dry, no itching.

Skin looks good; a little red and dry this morning.

Skin started to itch again a little later on in the day.

Skin at area of eruption looks worse again. It's itching a lot and is red.

When driving in the car I was holding my hand outside the window and the cool air felt so good - it made the itching better. Later had to put an ice cube wrapped in a towel on affected skin (which made it better).

Skin was quite itchy overnight; had to put hand on cool covers. Itching throughout the day; red and dry and a little burning sometimes (in contact with warm or hot water). I now have to wash my hands with cold water.

Skin not itching and had no burning after having a hot bath. (So even though the water was hot there was no burning). [Early on in this skin eruption, prover 6 noted that washing her hands with warm water was uncomfortable - almost painful].

Skin is doing OK - no itching, looks better, not as red.

Skin is looking good - no itching.

Skin is looking good - no itching, but it's dry and flaky.

Skin looks really good - ALMOST back to normal.

Skin eruption on hand is starting to flare up again. This is the fourth time that the skin eruption started to heal and then flared up again. It's very frustrating. Since the proving is almost over and I don't think I want to go through this again I decided to put calendula cream on it. After putting the cream on it, it started to burn for about five minutes and after that it felt so good. I felt kind of guilty after - almost didn't want to write it down in my journal that I put the cream on my skin, but I'm so tired of this!

Skin calmed down; it looks better again, which helps me not to feel too guilty.

Skin still looks good; no itching, no burning, not as red, but still dry and something there.

Skin looks good - lighter color.

Skin looks good - pretty much back to normal, light pinkish color, the best so far.

Skin looks really good - just slightly pink, no itching.

Skin is fine today and yesterday.

MY skin is back to normal, - but now my dog's skin is a mess!

Skin looks great - back to normal.

Skin is back to normal.

Skin is fine even though I've been painting for the past three days. No reaction to hot water, either. Seems that it is truly back to normal. I noticed with the skin eruption on my hand that it would seem to come and go. It would be looking good and then it would get red, bumpy and itchy, and then progress to one big affected area rather than individual little bumps. Then this would seem to get better, only to get worse again after some time. It would come and go.


Heavy-lidded and feeling tired.

Rather than getting the itchy eye thing, I have dry eyes; when I blink it stings, burning like.

Before going to sleep eyes are sore and tired, rolling around in sockets; could not move them around without pain, a dull ache. Feel better for closing them.

Eyelids feel heavy while reading.

Eyes feel heavy; outside it is gray but in spite of this it seems too bright. Seems like there is a fog in the room - a white fog. Inside it looks foggy.

Puffy in right eye.

Twinges of tension around and above right eye, though not often.

Crying all day, but eyes did not burn. Usually tears cause a sore burning sensation on skin inside lids: today this was not so. Later in the evening I felt a burning in my eyes –

I was not crying at the time. This is at approximately the same time as the previous night when my eyes felt dry, and burned upon blinking.

My eyes have 'sleep' in the corners and the right eye is feeling like there is a heavy film over it. There is a bit of clear gelatinous 'sleep' there.

Stinging in eyes; it feels better when eyes are closed. They feel as if they're dry. Worsens as day goes on.

My eyes feel like there is 'sleep' in the corners of both of them. Eyelids feel hot, puffy and there's a film over my left eye. Corners feel gritty but it's only clear gelatinous substance (no grit) in corner.

Eyes feel dry; lasted twenty minutes.

Eyes stinging again; seems to get worse as day goes on.

Lying on left side, it feels like I have grit in lower corner of left eye but nothing's there.

Right eye puffy and gritty in morning on waking; I can feel discharge dried around it - minimal, though.

Eyes stinging (closing eyes feels better).

Strong desire to close eyes - to relieve stinging and because of tiredness.

Just before sleep my eyes were achy and really wanted to shut and rest.

Eyes stingy (today, a little more stinging).

Sore eyes - could be fluorescent light; tired, achy, pain inside up to top part of eye - dull pain. Feels better to close eyes.

My eyes feel kind of sandy today. I can feel it when I blink - feels like there is something under the upper eyelids.

Still a sandy feeling in eyes but a lot less than yesterday.

Eyes extremely itchy in response to eating some chocolate. Scratching and digging with my fingers and rubbing my eyes felt soooo good but it aggravated the condition immensely. Left eyeball really aching under brow. Compelled to lie very still. Gentle pinching/massaging of eyebrow area temporarily relieves symptoms.

Eyes worse today; feels like something under my upper lids again, worse right eye; I feel it when I blink.

My eyes are heavy. Lights are on in kitchen - they're too bright for me, it hurt my eyes. They didn't want to move in my head without dragging and complaining.

Eyes are good today.

Eyes are fine.

My left lower eye-lid has been twitching, on and off, today. [OS: Prover 6 had this symptom many years ago, when she was 13 or 14 years old].

Left lower eyelid is still twitching, on and off, today.

My eye-lid is twitching on and off throughout the day.

Eye-lid is still twitching on and off.

Still a little twitching of eye-lid on and off. No twitching in the morning.

No twitching of the eye-lid.

Stinging eyes subsiding.

Summation: The stingy eyes is something new to me. I'd never had it before the proving and never since.


Itching of my face and scalp, for about one hour (until I went to bed.) Tingling feeling - right upper lip, moving above the lip; a little bit like when the freezing is leaving

after dental appointments. Lasted about forty minutes, on and off.

Twitchy eyebrow (left).

Sensation as if right side of face is drooping down. I felt the features on the right side of my face were going to slide off the bone structure.

Tight jaw, like past experiences when doing cocaine. Experienced tight jaw, at the same time as ragged breathing and feeling stoned, twitchy, dazed and confused.

Droopy right eye.

Stretching jaw, in response to the tingly warm sensation which radiated from back of throat to inner ear, to outer ear and cheeks, then to jaw, jaw joint area and then down

the outside of the neck.

Press on jaw joint and ear and feel sensation of thick tingles, not mucus.

Heat in cheeks. All the surface of the flesh where tingling is felt is also warm, after which it goes cool. Lasts about fifteen minutes.

Pimple, like a little flea-bite on my neck under my chin, near my throat.

Also two little pimple-like bumps on right cheek near jaw. I scratch them; they didn't stay itchy and subsided after about an hour.

Skin on face and neck a little blotchy-looking.

Rubbing my head, pinching eyebrows and pulling hair gently all felt good. It eased the mild headache and soreness of eyes.

Just finished eating and my face is red and hot. I put cool water on my hands and hold them to my face - face cools down quickly, more quickly than usual.

Skin on right face looks sallow but cheeks are pink.

I felt hot in my face this evening.

Slight twinges of dull ache at left jaw joint in the morning.

This morning while talking with supervisor I have a hot thing happening - face, on right side, and clammy hands.

Cold sore on lip, bottom left, near corner. It feels hot; I put some beeswax on it and it feels better. Have not had a cold sore for over a year. Cold sore started at 11.30 h.; usually start in the morning.

Cold sore on lip is sore and throbbing. Put beeswax on.

Cold sore is hot and throbbing after having breakfast; lasts for half an hour.

Hot and throbbing sensation returns at 1:15pm, after another meal, and lasts for another twenty minutes. Cold sore is milder than usual, smaller, less active, and going away more quickly.

Skin around chin and cheeks smoother to shave. Shaved closer and cleaner with less friction on razor. This is new to me!

(This symptom continues throughout the proving and carries on even after other proving symptoms dissipate).

Red in face while cooking dinner.

Cold sore is smaller than usual, healing faster than usual, and not throbbing after eating (breakfast).

Last night little bumps on right face, like flea-bites, reappeared in the same place. Still there now.

Forehead very itchy.

Face flushed, red and hot after eating. This has happened twice in the last two to three days; only occurs after eating the evening meal. It's not an emotional thing. (I didn't 'eat until I was too full' - usually that's connected to emotions or excitement). It wasn't due to the particular food, either.

Bumps on right face still there.

Cold sore, never had one so small or which healed so fast and throbbed so little. It's 'quieter' than usual. Usually it oozes, and wells up, but not this time. Not itchy or red.

Perspiration, just on face; happens sometimes when face is warm or red after dinner.

Shave still close and smooth. Have always been a bit sensitive to shaving - usually a slight irritation or rash after shaving but now there is none.

Itchy forehead.

Got a couple of painful pimples on my forehead and one on neck. There is no head to them and nothing comes out of them. They are very tender to the touch and last a couple of days.

Rubbing on lump at back of my head pops the sinus on my left side, makes my sinuses crackle. [See also Head Pain for accompanying symptoms].

Pimples on my nostril came up yesterday, white heads today.

Got pimples all over face; one of the flea-bite type of bumps became a pimple. Five on right side, one or two on left side - on chin, cheek and nose. Some are unusual-looking.

My face is flaming red and hot; again, this is after the evening meal.

Cold sore is gone.

I have a pimple on my face right beside my nose - it came in the night.

Pressing on my cheek makes a crackling sound. Also pressing tender spot on back of skull and rubbing it also makes sinus crackle. [These symptoms accompany a headache - see Head Pain].

Cold sore is totally gone and hasn't left a mark. (Usually my lip stays red after).

Prepared supper and afterwards, while I am writing journal, my face is flushed.

Face clear of pimples now.

I have noticed a little more facial skin complaints. There seem to be more pimples cropping up. I usually get pimples once my period has started but this month they seem

to have started before my period.

Lump in front of each ear just above jaw joint. Nothing visible and not tender; no sensation on touching. Lumps are about and eighth of an inch in diameter.

Lumps in front of ears near jaw joint are smaller.

I developed a nervous tic on Saturday, and didn't put it together until now.

Tic on outside corner of my left eye and face. Trembled a couple of times.

Tic came on while eating, drinking or talking and was better shutting eyes and relaxing. Tic comes on and off, between 14.30 and 16.30 h. Have not experienced this symptom for over a year.

Tic comes on a couple of times while having lunch with my son.

I had wondered if my easier and smoother shaves were due to a new brand of razor blades - until now. I realize it must have been the remedy, and that the remedy has now stopped acting, because I cut myself shaving four times last week. I never do that. I'm now getting back to my old shaving experience; I had gotten used to a smooth face

and easy shave. During the proving, after I shaved, my face felt smoother, skin was softer; it was a closer shave, no cuts, easier to shave.

Female Organs:

Twinging pain across lower back, <: l. side/standing/moving around; 'like a low spike,' feels weak and achy like I'm premenstrual, as if my period would start.

Was actually playful and vocal during intercourse. New for me. Also very sweaty!

Even though I was very upset (due to crisis with partner) I felt very sexually aroused; very confusing. Never felt it so extreme like this. When depressed usually not sexually aroused.

Heavy pressure on labia felt with gripping, cramping pains in lower abdomen (over bladder?).

Thick, white gelatinous substance discharged from vagina while having bowel movement ( comes out in a rush).

Sexually excited, not so intense (as noted earlier) but - yes!!!

Noticed some sensitiveness between my vulva and anus - kind of a raw feeling; it may be a little crack. Seemed more sensitive while taking a hot bath. Similar feeling after childbirth (burning during urination). Out of bath, and a short time later, I no longer feel it.

Still feel easily sexually aroused; more than I would like in life. It's boring, too dominating - seems to interfere with other interests, like, 'Oh my god, is this all there is in life?'

Felt like having sex with my husband when he came home in the afternoon, but the kids were around. Waited and had sex when we went to bed for the night.

Upon waking I have colicky, cramping pains across ovaries and uterus. Feels like I'm going to get my period, but I end up going to the bathroom instead.

Got my period this morning, two days late. Feel I'm bleeding more than usual and lighter colored blood.

Drops of bright red blood on toilet paper after urination - maybe I am going to get my period today?

With urination, note medium brown, old-looking blood on toilet paper - must be about to start my period.

Menstrual cramps begin, centered around left hip and ovary (OS), radiating down side of leg. Feels heavy, crampy, painful. Feel restless from the pain (Rhus-t,). Getting < as the day progresses.

Leave coffee shop after feeling hot, sweaty, nauseous; cramping across ovaries and uterus, radiating through to lower back and butt. Cramps come in waves, like labor contractions. They last for about 10-30 seconds, ease up for about 10-30 seconds and repeat. I have walked outside to get some fresh air. Feel better for cold air, but then become extremely dizzy (NS), rising in waves and pulsating from my feet to my head. I have vertigo and feel like I am going to pass out. I'm sweating all down my back (OS) and on upper lip. My face is grey and I have to sit down, and am breathing heavily and rapidly (NS). I have to focus to keep from losing consciousness. (The excruciating menstrual pain is an OS, last experienced fifteen years prior).

Symptoms were similar to past ones with the difference that this time the cramps came on quickly and went quickly, more intense, 'like I was in "hyper-drive".' Also the dizziness and heavy/rapid breathing is new.

Back home, thank God! Have walked, doubled up, into house, clothes drenched in cold sweat. Chills and goose bumps all over me. Air not cold enough. I am in agonizing lower abdominal pain and want to DIE!!

Going to crawl into bed, curl into the fetal position and die!

No sign of any relief - have thoughts of cutting into my ovaries and uterus with a knife to stop the pain (OS). A hysterectomy would be a great idea about now! This has reinforced my idea of 'no more kids because labor sucks'! The only thing that relieves >>> COLD, [old modality for this prover], especially cold air, but also cold sheets, pillow, etc.

Female organs: 16

12:30 - Have broken down and taken a Tylenol 3 with codeine, but no sign of relief yet. Pain makes me feel like I want to throw up - concentrating very hard not to!

13:30 - Finally able to fall asleep, curled up in a ball. Awake with some cramping.

14:08 - Get out of bed: menstrual cramps gone, but whole body, every muscle, feels like I have been run over by a MAC truck. I NEVER WANT TO HAVE THIS FEELING EVER AGAIN! I would rather die than wish it on my worst enemy!

14:09 - Gone to bathroom: menstrual blood is dark red, almost burgundy color (usually it is light red).

17:00 - Feeling somewhat my 'normal' self again - glad those cramps, nausea, vertigo, sweats, pains, etc., have gone!

Menstrual period started, but not really. Some spotting, but goes no further. Usually within a few hours time it is fully started, with cramping, backache, bleeding, bloating. This is just spotting - no pains, no bloating, nothing. Spotting doesn't continue either. Seems stalled. Also on the first day of my period I'm usually very tired but not today.

Menstrual spotting has increased. Don't feel like period has really started until approximately mid-morning when cramping starts, as do backache and bloating. Bleeding increases but not by much. Blood is red in toilet bowl (normal) but dark, almost brown on pad. Normally, bleeding would be a lot more than what it is at present. Tiredness is present, which is usual for first day, except today is second day.

Period is a little more normal today although I'm still having some slight cramping. Unusual for me as I never get cramping on second or third day of periods, only on the first day.

Flow is not as heavy as it usually is but finally flowing freer than yesterday and the day before.

Sex drive has gone down a little bit (compared to earlier in the proving), but on the weekend (day 14/15) it was really intense and consuming, even on Monday. This is still out of the ordinary.

Period seems like it's almost done - flow has slowed down quite a bit. No other symptoms related to that.

Feeling a little sexual tonight - thinking maybe it would be nice if we could get to bed early. I'm not a very sexual person, rarely one to have a thought like this pop into mind; unusual for me.

Still have higher sexual arousal than prior to taking the remedy.

Got my period today no problem, but two days early.

Full moon now and I have none of my bloating or swelling which typically accompanies the full moon. Abdomen is flatter than usual which is unusual because it usually bloats and swells at the full moon.

19 h. - Got my period this evening (19. h. just approximate). No pain - minimal achy, crampy feeling in lower back and down legs. Basically the same or better than normal. Thank God it wasn't like last one! Yeah!

First day of period; starts a bit then almost stalls - flow doesn't get heavier or lighter. Cramping is as usual for me on first day.

4 h. - Had some abdominal cramps early this morning, at about 4 h. Almost feeling like I would get my period but this is only sixteen days since start of last menses. I used

to have abdominal cramps with my period when I was younger, but have not had any cramping for years. This is unusual; menstrual-type cramps mid-cycle.

Fever: Slight fever; doesn't progress. Stalled.

Slight fever. Feeling chilly, shivering.

Had a slight fever last night, 100° C; went to bed early, very achy - flu.

The flu was one that was going around, but what I noticed was that the flu, and the fever, would stop and start. Stalled feeling again.

Slight fever this evening again.

Generalities: 1:30 Feel stoned.

02:23 I am in such a state. I feel twitchy, stoned. Hemispheric variations are skewed. Dazed and confused. Tight jaw; breathing ragged. Wiry energy in legs.

03:20 Bones still feel achy.

03:38 Shiver ran down left side of body, three times in succession.

04:02 Feeling very tired. Need to curl up and close my eyes for the next little while.

04:23 Chilled and cold.

04:45 Still tired, in spite of mini catnap. Feel tired and heavy-lidded.

6:00 Went for a walk: yawning a lot, felt achy, breath short; heart and chest feel heavy; flu-like symptoms.

06:10 Ten minutes into walk, feel dizzy; hard to catch my breath, tired, and want to go home.

06:24 So hot now - not just my face.

06:39 Tingling sensation radiates from back of throat to inner ear. Ear tingly warm, mostly on right, a little on left. Sparkly, tingly sensation like a little bit of movement, like small particles - they are dancing around. Radiates to outer ear and cheeks, then to jaw joint and then down the outside of the neck. First thought: it's like I'm getting a high - 'Cocaine?' I wondered.

08:46 Now feeling a lot more grounded and alive! Previous feeling was discombobulated! Raining outside. Feeling heady, though, and would like to cocoon.

09:17 Temperature hot, with swollen hands.

16:50 Still hot.

Work out at gym (6-7:15 h.), felt really good!

19:55 The tingly sensations in ear, throat and jaw area are coming and going. Area still gets warm and cool.

21:25 Writing in journal first time in morning (6:25am); as I sit here writing I feel light headed - 'not enough sleep' feeling. I want to go back to bed and sleep. (Time: 6:25 h.; Elapsed Time: 21:25)

22:38 Sitting and reading and feeling very tired again, lots of yawning, eye-lids feel heavy.

Feel sluggish and thick.

15:00 Not much of the tingling sensation now. Within two hours it feels quite normal.

Have been holding my arms very tight today, because I'm so upset. Usual for me to hold myself a lot when upset.

Muscles felt heavy (the whole day).

A lot of pacing. (In conjunction with emotional upset/shock).

Lots of adrenaline. Active, pacing; quickly moaning, making weird noises.

(This is in conjunction/response to learning about something upsetting my partner had done.)

Wanted hot water bottle at night in bed.

Scalp is still a bit itchy and also other parts of my body - collar-bone area, arm. I just scratch a little and then I'm fine.

Shaking with shock; I'm shivering. (This upon learning something shocking about my partner).

Pale all over, like a person in shock. (This in conjunction with learning something upsetting about my partner.)

5:25 Wake up feeling very tense in my whole body except my head. It feels as if it is filling up with air and that it is lighter than my body - only thing grounding it is my heavy body.

6:40 I go for a 6 kilometer run (6:40 - 7:30 h.). Feels great; no aches or pains.

12:30 I feel energized (despite sore body from karate the previous night).

No desire to run since taking the remedy; feel kind of heavy, can't make myself run.

13:30 Hot and sweaty; several episodes in the day, of short duration, 30 - 45 seconds.

17:15 Feel hot in myself.

17:15 Low blood sugar - shaky from no food. Very hungry - "I need to eat." Need to eat right now! (After 4 hours of case taking).

18:22 Body and face feel very hot but my feet are cold to touch. Feel too tired and lazy to remove sweatshirt to cool myself down.

18:22 Want to curl up and sleep.

22:00 Had a bath, because I was cold tonight. Also had fireplace on this morning, again because I was cold. Intensified usual state.

Easier to get up this morning; heavy feeling is gone.

Looking forward to going for a run with friend. Started off OK, but had to walk after 10 minutes for a time, then ran again. It was really windy and we had to run against the wind. That was really hard for me, had to stop again after 5 minutes.

I was hoping the run would have worked out better, but at least I got out. Feel really good after the run.

Slightly groggy on waking up. This is new for me.

Hands are quite cold; have to move around to keep warm.

Stiffness and painful sensation in muscles returned this afternoon for about an hour. I didn't feel very good, dizzy on bending; I've never had this before. Felt "thick", like body swollen - not with liquid, but dry, irritated, swollen as if the internal passages are getting smaller due to swelling.

As a result it's harder to move and breathe; it feels inflamed.

Absolute fatigue; can't go on like today, day after day.

8:05 h. Wake up and get up. I feel stiff everywhere (have not had this symptom for at least 8 years). Hands, legs, ankles are painful to bend. Try to put my socks on and can't reach my feet because I'm too stiff and sore. My back can't bend. It's painful - as if muscles are irritated by something! Really painful; as if poison in the muscles - not in the joints. Moving around helps. About 10 minutes later not so stiff, and I feel symptoms starting to go away. 40 minutes later it feels much easier to move around; hands are not so stiff but not as facile as normal.

13:38 h. After a nap and some chocolate pudding (lunch) I feel like shit. Fucked!

Terrible. I'm freezing cold. I want to sit and melt in the sun - it's cold out and cloudy and I want a hot bath or hot drink - I'm so cold.

13:59 h. On 5 kilometer run, felt very winded running into the wind.

16:16 h. Drinking a cup of fake coffee (I miss my real stuff) I feel very tired. Fed up with neck pain and back/shoulder aches which are constantly there.

20:00 h. For the past 11/2 hours I have been like a zombie. My husband says that he has never seen me like this before - as if I am depressed or down (he says), although I don't feel that way. I just feel wiped - no energy, dozy, lethargic, zoned out. Very hard to describe it. Feel very heavy-like in my body & brain. Feel heavy, spacey. Don't feel like I can help out with anything right now, like putting the kids to bed. Very sluggish. Nothing seems to be going right. I keep dropping, breaking things. Takes me a long time to accomplish a task. Took four times to dial telephone number correctly. I'm very hot, and have flushed cheeks, but don't want to remove any clothing.

21:15 h. Getting tired at 21:15 h., but get up to clean the kitchen and don't feel so tired any more. It seems like I need to be active in order to not feel tired.

Very tired between 13 – 15 h.

I felt cold (early morning), cold in bed. This was odd as I do not feel cold even in winter. I was restless in bed because of the cold.

Cold all over (usually I feel warm). The next night I put an extra blanket on but it was the same, cold again toward morning.

3:12 Feel tired on all levels; don't want to think about what is going on with me all the time.

Very tired between 13 – 15 h.

I need a hot water bottle, while sitting down in comfy chair for afternoon nap, because I'm cold. Had a bath in the afternoon, because I was cold again.

This afternoon at the beach, weather was windy and cold; I was dressed very warmly. Once back in car, partner said, "That was great - fresh!" I wasn't so sure. The sunshine was great! The glistening water was great. The cold I could do without. Then my ears start to ache and my jaw (both sides) aches.

The word that describes the first sensations from the beginning of the proving (in back of my throat, ears and skin around my neck) is SCINTILLATED, SCINTILLATING. Found the word today. Flashing, sparkling, small electrical surges.


15:10 h. Climbing rocks on the beach I felt very hot and was sweating (around my neck). That’s new - I usually don't sweat. Sweating from waist up - shoulders, front and back of neck, upper body.

No trickly sweat or odor. Unusual for me.

Had a bath last night and went to bed. A lot of sweating in my sleep.

17:15 h. Bowel movement at 12 h. (elapsed time 17:15). Didn't have to strain, nice and soft. For days before proving I had hard , sheep-dung like , with lots of straining.

No bowel movement today.

Constipation (usual symptom) not changed.

5:50 h. Tingling sensation over buttocks and in anus, and pressure as if sphincter will open and poo come out - need to go to the bathroom.

Bowel movement softer and easier (usually somewhat prone to constipation).

5:52 h. Burning sensation in anus. Burning sensation worse relaxing anal muscles, worse clenching anal muscles inwards. Ameliorated pushing anal muscles outwards, as if to have a bowel movement. Sensation disappears in 15 minutes.

In the early evening after supper had second bowel movement of the day. Usually only have bowel movement morning. Normal bowel movement, despite it being second of the day.

Constipation continues. Feeling of heaviness in lower abdomen. No urges to go, except for slight ones and those are not very productive.

6:15 h. Tingling sensation in anus and buttocks; need to have a bowel movement. Am clenching my anus to prolong having to get up (out of bed), but when I am passing gas it feels like I will either pass faeces or urine. Lots of flatulence.

6:30 h. Lots of gas, without cramping. Normally would have cramping with gas. Gas was quite smelly, more than usual; disagreeable, smells like undigested food, like rotten old skunk smell. Gas spell lasted for about 11/2 hours. Some gas returned later in the afternoon of same day.

Had bowel movement at 19.30 h. Hard, had to strain again.

Had a lot of gas (not smelly) but no bowel movement.

Bowel movement later than usual (by several hours). Ended with not finished feeling.

5:56 h. Tingling across buttock and anus with flatulence - need to poo. + colicky cramping pains in lower abdomen and needing to pee.

6:00 comes out easily.

14:05 Urgent need to defecate, bad stomach pains, very intense while walking (to the ferry from the car park). light-colored (tan), copious, and long.

Bowel movement later than usual (by several hours) - not finished feeling.

I get gas from the combination of eating Krinkle chips and drinking beer. The amount of chips is the main determinant.

6:57 Upon waking, tingling in buttocks and anus, need to go to bathroom. This is accompanied with colicky pain in abdomen and the need to pee.

7:15 Bowel movement after getting up in the morning. Had to strain a bit in the beginning (hard ), then was getting softer. Little bit of gas with it. No smell.

Still very constipated. A little upset stomach and gas due to meat I ate for dinner the night before.

15:00 Felt the urge for a bowel movement, pressure from colon on, at 15 h. while out walking. The timing is unusual; usually urging is after breakfast.

Quantity of this morning was about one third the usual but in the afternoon it was fully the usual amount.

19:01 Bowel movement missed this morning; comes in the evening instead. hard but comes out fairly easily.

Bowel movement softer. Unfinished feeling gone since day 5.

6:43 Bowel movement, medium brown , stinky; comes out more easily.

Had an INCREDIBLY ROTTEN smelling fart, smells like something died inside. Husband says smells like rotten dairy products.

Another fart, incredibly rotten smelling - the smell clings in the air and is quite eye-watering!

Feel like I have to have a bowel movement but forced air comes out with two tiny pieces of poo.

Tingling sensation across buttocks and anus with cramping pains in abdomen; know I should go to the bathroom, but am really enjoying lying in bed right now

- too lazy to get up.

Initial straining with bowel movement but then fairly large comes out quickly and easily.

Bowel movement was extremely large in length and diameter, and later in the morning than usual. It was twice the size of usual, AND I hadn't had much to eat.

Odor and color unchanged.

Upon waking, slight tingling sensation across buttocks and anus again, but no cramping pain at . With this I have colicky and cramping pains across ovaries and uterus.

Disturbed sleep; waking the first few times from speaking aloud, and later from cramping anus.

Have bowel movement at 17 h., rather than the usual 8:30 h. Perfectly normal otherwise.

Bowel movement with soft, medium brown , came out easily.

Burning around anus persists after bowel movement (began 5 minutes prior); pain better for pushing anus out (rectal muscles) and worse for relaxing them.

This morning I felt the strong urge to have a bowel movement. It was gaseous, soft and some liquid; very small. Then another strong urge about 30 minutes later. a little

larger, not so much liquid.

A couple hours later another strong urge. a little closer to normal size. The urges were controllable, but when 'going' the sensations, waves, went into my thighs.

I had loose s again (normal time, normal color) and lots of gas.

Constipation same pattern. I've taken laxatives, two at a time, and it doesn't really make me go. Stalled.

A repeating symptom (which ended once proving was concluded) was the tingling sensation across buttocks and anus felt always before needing a bowel movement.

This would signal the need for a bowel movement and would generally come first thing in the morning, even while still lying in bed. With the sensation in the buttocks

and anus there were often cramping pains in the abdomen, signalling a need to urinate. Never had experienced any of this pattern before.

Respiration: Breathing ragged.

Short of breath. Hard to catch my breath. Because of this wanted to stop the walk and go home.

Yawn after yawn.

Went for a one hour hike (one that I've done many times before, not a difficult hike) with puppy. This time while 'over-exerting' (which is not over exerting but more walking really fast) there was a burning in my throat, on the left side; a sensation of heat. With this I also felt some heaviness in chest area, heard a slight wheezing as I breathed. Forcing a cough cleared the wheezing. The burning and wheezing disappeared once my hike was done. I've not experienced this before. Summary: wheezing in chest from exertion; forcing cough cleared it; feels like asthma.

It feels really good to take deep breaths once a while. It feels like it stretches back and front (of upper body). Feels like I'm mainly breathing 'just enough.' Deep breath feels better.

Sleep: Feeling tired; seemed later than it really was.

I feel very y, need to go to bed; this is at 9pm, usually go to bed between 20 - 20:30 h.

Seem to have had a mini catnap. Still feeling tired and heavy lidded.

I'm kind of awake since 5am, but couldn't get myself to get up. Dozing off for moments. (Time: 5am; Elapsed Time: 10:15)

Woke easily this morning, not tired today.

Lying down reading because I feel very y. Not sure why it is that every time I sit to read I want to have a nap.

Lying in bed reading, I seem to be doing a lot of that today?! Feeling sleepy.

I feel tired again around 20:30 h. it seems later than it really is.

Had a nap at lunch hour today. Very tired from poor last night. Felt better.

5:00 My morning didn't really start that good. I was supposed to go for a run at 5:30 h. this morning, but couldn't get myself to get up.

7:59 Awoke fairly slowly this morning, slept well but hard to get up.

9:00 Slept late, very heavy .

10:15 Just had a chai tea; feel very y, like I want to go for a nap. Lots of yawning.

15:40 Just ate ice cream sundae; feel very tired again with yawning.

16:07 Going to lie down for quick power snooze. Slept for 24 minutes; awaken quickly/abruptly from nap because phone rings. Still feel y and slow to get out of bed.

14:00 I still feel kind of tired, contemplating if I should have a nap.

18:22 Feel very tired, want to curl up in chair and .

Slightly groggy on waking up. This is new for me.

Just when falling a for an afternoon nap I thought there was a tremor or earthquake; I watched the plants in my room and they did not shake, so it must have been inside

me. Fell a and napped for a time; woke up suddenly and jumped out of bed. I went to the kitchen to eat, had pudding and corn chips; I was probably hungry but didn't

feel it in my stomach.

Easier to get up this morning; heavy feeling is gone.

8:00 late and heavy.

Woke at 5 h. but went back to again. No problems getting up for the day at 7:15 h.

6:45 heavy.

7:00 Awaken very tired, hard to open eyes. Tired.

7:51 I woke up slowly this morning with first light, drifting in and out of dreaming for an hour or more.

13 h. Noticed tiredness from approximately 1pm to 3pm. Very tired, although I had a good last night.

Fitful due to meat eaten at dinner the evening before.

Very tired. Tiredness starts at about 1pm and continues. Starts to get better at approximately 3pm but still remains to a lesser degree after.

8:30 Slept heavy and dreamt lots but cannot remember.

14:00 Usually my best time of day is between 2:30 and 6pm, but since taking the remedy I have twice felt y at about 2pm for about one hour. Felt it in my eyes and on concentrating - comes on suddenly and tapers off.

9:30 Slept late and well!

15:30 Had a nap from 15.30 – 17 h.

6:40 Do not wish to wake up; tired.

Very tired - can't shake it. < 13 – 15 h., then gets somewhat better, but never leaves me.

Slept heavy.

Had a short nap. I awake from my nap suddenly, as I did last week. Very hungry and wanting tea.

Felt very y at 16.15 h., eyes heavy and sleepy.

Disturbed , woke up three or four times. Speaking out loud woke me up. Woke up later with cramping anus. slept all through the night. Normally wake two times.

Very tired, even went for a nap on my lunch hour. Slept for 40 minutes.

14:00 sleepy at 14 h. unusual.

16:00 I was tired when I got home at 4pm and lay down and fell so sound a that I didn't know what country I was in when I woke. That hasn't happened for a long time.

I was really disoriented as if I was coming out of a blank place.

I just got out of bed at 10:30 h. I feel so lazy; I was already awake at 7:30 h. but was too lazy to get up. Dozed on and off, and even though my body (my back) is aching

from lying in bed for so long;

I don't want to get up.

6:45 Wake up tired, not a great night's , kept waking up (not sure why).

9:00 After I got up this morning I fell a on the chesterfield for about 20 minutes - usually only do this if I'm sick, but I didn’t feel sick, just low energy. Felt > after my nap.

Woke up at 2:20 h. after having two dreams. Woke with a dry mouth, felt anxious, left the light on for the rest of the night. Slept horribly after that; felt exhausted after waking; restless .

14:30 sleepy 14:30 to 15 h.; new - don't usually have y spells in the afternoon.

19 Waking from a few times in the night because my skin was so itchy.

6 Didn't well last night; woke up a few times, thought I was hearing owls. Later confirmed that I was hearing owls.

24 Didn't feel like getting up again.

26 Sleep disturbed by skin eruption. Went back to bed and had a nap from 8:30 to 9:50 h.

Not sleeping well after 3 h. due to my itchy skin eruption.

60 Slept good even though I had to get up at 4:30am to go to work this morning; unusual!! Usually if I have to get up early to go to work, I wake often in the night, as if

I'm anxious to not miss getting up in time.

Woke early (often, throughout the proving) about 1 – 11/2 hours earlier than usual. Usually through the night.

Urin: Smelly urine. (Time: 8:54am; Elapsed Time: 23:54)

Speech & Voice:

Left telephone message for my supervisor. Feel speedy, fast talk- fast, fast. With this felt stoned, like I was on speed.

Fast speech.

Voice rough and deep.

Voice gets soft, raspy, and difficult to project.

Voice difficult to project.

7:00 Last two days could not project voice; this morning my voice is really low.

Sore throat is gone but losing my voice. Voice scratchy. Feels like I have to speak loud to be heard.

Voice still scratchy, but improving.

Voice back to normal.


Thirst, > drinking water.

7:10 For about a half hour period felt rumblings in my intestines, a whine in my tummy. Lots of burps.

7:59 Eating cookie and can't swallow without swallowing air. Leads to burping.

10:08 Drinking a hot drink, every swallow makes a noise on the way down. Burp and burp again. That's right - I remember I was burping earlier after eating a cookie. Can't swallow without swallowing air.

16:50 Hunger pain and abdominal cramps; gnawing sensation almost like nausea with it.

22:25 No appetite this morning. (Time: 7:25am; Elapsed Time: 22:25)

23:30 No appetite. (Time: 8:30am; Elapsed Time: 23:30)

Stomach was gurgling, even though I ate.

Had some chocolate but didn't enjoy it as much as usual.

Didn't have much to eat today, not lunch, sandwich at 15 h. Less snacking than usual.

Lunch out, very thirsty.

I've eaten small meals in last few days; I've been so busy, it feels right.

Am eating less food than normal and I feel no emotional quality to what I'm eating.

I'm not having urges to have anything, like desserts. Sometimes I eat more than I want to and I feel heavy in my stomach, but I don't feel I have to do

10:40 Still not hungry.

23:05 Feeling of nausea, lasted for half hour.

No appetite change, except maybe a little more okay with not eating everything off my plate.

Increased thirst.

No appetite; normal for me to lose my appetite when I'm emotionally upset.

Burping with evening drink - not with afternoon drink, though.

12:30 Still not much appetite.

15:00 After waking from short nap was thirsty for a big glass of lemon water.

18:00 I was really hungry for dinner tonight - unusual; felt slightly empty, nothing as negative as pain. I enjoyed the food tremendously.

19:00 I really enjoy the food, lots of variety tonight (pot luck dinner), tasted each one, like a delightful trip around the world. I taste only - I don't need to eat more.

Quite hungry in the morning, had fried eggs at 8:00am when I'd usually have fruit.

Still was not hungry today but had bites to eat. Didn't want to get in the low sugar state like yesterday.

Maybe a bit more hungry. Slightly enhanced. Food tastes good. Enhanced taste. Good appetite. Sensitive to smells of food.

Stomach is making noises right after eating; a feeling like the intestines are working. No pain or discomfort. Noises in my stomach usually happen before I eat, not after.

Not really hungry, had juice in the morning.

1:59 Thirsty for cold water after 5 km run.

22:18 Gas discomfort (not pain) in my stomach, flatulence and burping since dinner at 5:30pm. Gurgling and rumbling, too, although quiet, not too loud.

7:20 Had tea in bed as usual; lots of gurgles while drinking.

Partner made tea and toast. I'm not hungry but made myself eat first piece. Will eat second piece but not from hunger drive. Have to get over the hurdle to eat, then it gets better. Don't emotionally want to, lack the desire to eat. Tea and toast cause noises in stomach.

A little upset stomach due to meat eaten for supper the day before.

Ate two fried eggs before we went out to a banquet.

Still good appetite. Don't like to skip meals. Before proving could skip meals with no problem. Stronger desire for regular meals.

15:10 Very thirsty after returning from my walk, unusual for me. Had a full 8 ounces of water.

Thinking about breakfast this morning, motivated to make it! Yeah! I feel hunger in a normal way again. Happy and relieved to hear my stomach growl with hunger and to feel hunger in a normal way.

Normal hunger has now made obvious the stomach sensations of Monday to Friday - emotional pain emitting heat into my stomach, (with thoughts of needing to eat).

A punishing feeling; self-inflicted punishment to NOT EAT. Physical pain to match the emotional. Yes, there was a real life event that triggered an expected emotional response but there were influences from the proving as well. During the days of lost appetite dinner was the easiest meal to eat.

Food intake has increased but not because I'm hungry. I just want to eat. If the food is there, I'll eat it.

Still noticing hunger before meals. Not a need for more food, just feel hungrier before meals consistently.

Not overly hungry today.

19:00 Felt thirsty again. Same as yesterday after movie. This is new. I have never felt thirsty in my life. Thirst ameliorated by drinking water - only water would do.

Warm, hot emotion in pit of stomach, triggered by mealtime. Not wanting to eat again; loss of appetite.

Food intake still increased.

15:00 Appetite came back around 3pm. Craving sugar because I was low blood sugar having skipped lunch.

16:45 thirsty.

18:05 Feel very hungry. New, never been conscious of feeling hungry in my life. Salivating; wished they'd hurry up and make dinner. Delicious smell of food made me hungry. Aware of hunger in my throat and mouth, not stomach. Yearning in my throat for food. It was not like a craving for something sweet, not just filling the stomach; I wanted food that would be savory, not sweet; nourishing.

I would be nourished through throat and mouth. It's a physical, not emotional, desire to have food in my mouth.

14:45 Had a short nap. I awake from my nap suddenly, as I did last week, very hungry and wanting tea.

Still feeling hungrier before meals, but I'm not a snacker, never have been. But by the time I eat it is like a pang, boy am I feeling hungry! Don't like the smell of fast food, restaurant food. Taste and smell of food still enhanced. Food tastes better.

16:00 Thirsty again today, 4 to 5pm, better for drinking water.

16:00 Thirsty before dinner, 16 - 17 h.

16:00 Still thirstier than usual; thirst strongest before dinner, 16 – 17 h. and after dinner, 19 h.

Need for food has diminished. Not feeling as hungry as earlier in the proving. No special cravings throughout.

Felt thirsty on road trip; never been thirsty on a trip before.

Ate the right amount of food on trip; usually I would eat more because I'd be excited and want to try things, but not on this trip. My sister noticed this difference in me too.

8:15 Feel tired and nauseous after breakfast.

I am eating less, especially of breakfast grains. Ate early at 17 h. tonight and mouth was watering, and had appetite for food even though it was early. Also I didn't need to eat a lot to feel comfortable - new. I've not had such a hungry appetite before in my life (and I'm not wanting to eat a lot at meals).

Still thirsty; increased thirst from before proving, better cold drink.

Still thirsty.

Eating lightly; unusual for me as I'll often eat past the point of need and tend to forget to stop eating if excited.

Feeling balanced with regard to hunger and eating issues.

I am often still feeling quite hungry but at the same time I'm eating less.

Day of extraction meeting: return of hunger, wanting to eat all morning.

5:51 First bowel movement since taking remedy. soft, came out easily, medium brown color, smelly, texture like inside of sponge toffee, i.e., not solid but broken up with air pockets.


6:23 comes out in a rush. Very soft, loose . Medium brown color, not totally solid, broken/jagged around edges. Bowel movement is again softer, 'airy,' strange. Can't tell if smelling because right nostril is plugged up.

6:00 soft, medium brown, more solid than last couple of days but not as dry looking as bowel movements usually are.

14:05 After responding to urgent need to defecate, light tan color and copious and long.

19:01 medium brown color, stinky and hard but comes out fairly easily.

6:43 Medium brown color, stinky.

 softer each day since day 4 or 5. VERY soft now, almost diarrhea.

Bowel movements are reddish colored since beginning of proving. Normally they are a lighter brown to sandy brown; change of color.

22:00 Unusually large , in both length and diameter at 10pm. Both size and time of day are unusual; usually pass in morning after breakfast.

still soft but not as soft as before.

10:35 Lingering stinky smell to .

All weekend (day 14 & 15) was soft, brightly colored and smaller than usual. This preceding more intense rectal symptoms on day 16.

normal, first time in a week (approx.).

back to normal. It is lighter and fluffier now, was more compressed during proving.


19:45 Spaghetti supper, meat tastes 'off' to me, like it is old, past its sell date. Tastes fine to my husband. I eat it anyway; hope I'm not sick tonight.


13:45 While chewing, my teeth on right side (molars) were sensitive to pressure.

Right molar has a swollen, full feeling.

Lying on right side, pain, pressure on upper teeth at the side, mainly right; have the feeling that my teeth are full of cavities and are unhealthy.

7:30 Top right molars feel congested, too. This along with congested right sinus, and right nostril dripping post nasal.

My front bottom teeth were very sensitive tonight when I inhaled cold air.

Teeth not sensitive any more.


Eating brownie, dull pain at left side of throat, < swallowing (food).

3:20 pain, left side; sharp pain when eating, worse swallowing food.

6:24 Sensation in back of throat, tingly, warm, slightly tense, spreading down (not far) the throat. Started in back of throat - sparkly, tingly sensation.

6:24 Tight in my upper throat, near nose. Lasts 15 minutes.

7:59 Eating a cookie, and find I can't swallow without swallowing air; burping also.

10:08 While drinking a warm drink kept swallowing air and burping again, a lot.

Symptoms in throat are gone today.

Having a drink, pain on left side of throat, sharp and sticking, < after swallowing.

Tickly feeling in throat, left side, with dry, short cough.

Drinking tea this morning made gurgles again. Last night, drinking water - lots of noises; however, not burping any more. By mid afternoon seems to be better,

when I drink I don't notice much noise.

Gurgling noises upon swallowing beverages, consistently happens with morning and evening drinks, I don't notice it with afternoon drinks.

No gurgling with swallowing tea this morning.

Went for a one hour hike (one that I've done many times before, not a difficult hike) with puppy. This time while 'over-exerting' (which is not over exerting but

more walking really fast) there was a burning in my throat, on the left side, a sensation of heat. With this also felt some heaviness in chest area, heard a slight wheezing

as I breathed. Forcing a cough cleared the wheezing. The burning and wheezing disappeared once my hike was done.

Summary: Burning/sensation of heat in left side of throat while 'over-exerting/walking really fast.’

Left side soreness of throat, very sore. Feels worse on swallowing.

Awake suddenly, not sure why. Once awake notice I have a sore throat, worse swallowing; tongue feels swollen, especially on top at back on left side. Sharp, shooting

pain in throat. Two minutes later, throat pain is gone – weird!

Woke up this morning with a sore throat. Looks very dark at back with a small white patch on the right. Not specifically painful in any specific way, just slightly sore.

Throat is more sore today, on right side. Just a soreness. < empty swallowing, better swallowing food or drink. No difference on whether it is hot or cold food or drink.

Pain from empty swallowing goes away for a few seconds then returns.

Throat is sore, no particular side to the soreness. It is red. Still this small patch on right side remains.

Throat was very sore today. Craved ice cold, slushy drinks. Didn't help, but craved them. Throat feels better when swallowing food or drinks.

Throat feels a bit better.

Throat is still sore but a little better than yesterday.

Throat is sore this morning, left side, when swallowing empty. Throat got better as day went on.

Slight soreness of throat with sore tongue. Some redness at back of throat; > swallowing something, < empty swallowing.

Throat no longer sore at all.

It seems that my throat symptoms were worse when the general flu symptoms (achyness, tiredness and foggy head) abated. They alternated with each other.


Urine had a strong odor like cooked cabbage and it was darker, richer yellow in color and clear. It was as if I'd not had enough fluids but I had drank a lot.


With headache, feel dizzy, disconnected in my head.

While tossing my hair and head back and lifting motorcycle helmet to put it on, I had a kind of vertigo. Out of the corner of my eye it looked like the motorcycle was

falling away from me. Vertigo intense while making this motion of throwing my hair back to put helmet on. Balance and perception disoriented; leap of adrenaline,

bit of a fright. An extreme sensation altogether.

Hemispheric variations are skewed (along with general state of feeling twitchy, stoned, dazed, confused).

Dizziness. Ten minutes into a walk I feel dizzy; it's hard to catch my breath, I feel tired and want to go home.

Stood in circle holding hands with others at end of meeting. I was very aware of my balance, forward and back over the center of balance. Very aware of my balance.

Felt light-headed and dizzy (Time: 8:45 h. Elapsed Time: 23:54)

Balance problems not there today.

Dizzy on bending; I've never had this before. The dizziness comes with a stiffness and painful sensation in my muscles.

Tired to the point of feeling a little dizzy, not a definite dizziness but more of a wave, just want to close my eyes. Vertigo feels like a wave.

Dizzy today, feeling fragile because of it. Feels like dizziness is in background and every once in a while there's a definite wave of dizziness that comes along. It doesn't

get worse or better and no particular pattern to it. The fragility comes from trying to not have the dizziness wave. I try not to turn my head fast or move quickly, although

it seems to make no difference. Dizziness is just there.

Dizziness is not quite as bad today. I still get 'waves' but they are fewer and farther in between.

Dizziness slightly better but still there.

Dizziness continues. It is definitely worse by bending down, looking down (bending head forward)

This evening I had my head hang off the edge of the bed, therefore lower than my body. It was uncomfortable (unusual) and took me at least 30 minutes to get normal.

I got up to go for a car ride. I was very sensitive to movement (going around corners) I didn't get motion sick but I was nervous that I would. It just felt like the beginnings

of it. Felt like, "Don't drive too fast," and "Don't turn too fast,"

or my head fluids will keep moving and turning inside my skull, putting pressure and vacuums in areas that want evenness.

Dizziness continues.

Dizziness is almost gone.

While suffering waves of excruciating menstrual cramps, I became DIZZY (NS), dizziness rising in waves and pulsating from my feet to my head. I have vertigo and feel like

I am going to pass out.

Dizziness - the more tired I am the worse it is.

Dizziness is pretty much gone.

Felt vertigo, head achy (on fast drive). Wanting to sit down, hold head in palms, be still. This reaction started by having chocolate cake.

Vision: better than normal.

Able to thread a needle well - don’t do it very often, but I think my vision is better.

Vision remains better.

Vision is better than usual since taking the proving remedy. Eyesight is steadier and more consistent. No trouble changing focus from near to far.

Improved vision remains.



Regen kann Kolibris nicht erschüttern

Diese Nachricht passt zum miesen Sommer: Winzige Kolibris können auch bei starkem Regen fliegen - obwohl die Tropfen den kleinen Vögeln eigentlich arg zusetzen müssten. Für besonders schlechtes Wetter haben die Tiere sogar einen eigenen Flugstil.

London - Kolibris sollten im Regen eigentlich Probleme haben: Große Tropfen treffen die nur wenige Gramm leichten Vögel wie wassergefüllte Ballons. Doch selbst schwere tropische Regengüsse hindern Kolibris nicht daran, vor Blüten in der Luft zu stehen und die volle Flugkontrolle zu behalten.

Für die Winzlinge sei diese Fähigkeit überlebensnotwendig, da sie wegen ihres hohen Energieumsatzes nur kurze Zeit ohne Nahrung auskämen - und deshalb auch im Regen unterwegs sein müssten, schreiben Victor Ortega-Jimenez und Robert Dudley von der University of California in Berkeley im Fachmagazin "Proceedings of the Royal Society B".

Anfang Juni hatten Forscher um Andrew Dickerson vom Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta bereits herausgefunden, dass Regentropfen einer Mücke nichts anhaben können - selbst wenn die Tiere 50-mal leichter sind als die Wassertropfen. Die neue Studie zeigt nun einen weiteren Fall von fliegenden Kämpfernaturen.

Ortega-Jimenez und Dudley hatten fünf kalifornische Annakolibris in einem Plexiglaswürfel fliegen lassen. Dabei filmten sie die Bewegungen der Tiere und berechneten die Kräfte, die auf sie wirkten. Mit einer Dusche simulierten die Wissenschaftler leichten, mittleren und schweren Regen.

Regentropfen werden aus dem Gefieder geschüttelt

Die Forscher fanden, dass leichter und mittlerer Regen - etwa sechs und 15 Millimeter Niederschlag pro Stunde - die Tiere kaum störte. Ihre Flügelschlagfrequenz nahm etwas ab, die Auslenkung der Flügel dafür leicht zu.

Bei starkem Regen von etwa 22 Millimetern Niederschlag pro Stunde änderten die Tiere dagegen ihren Flugstil. Sie orientierten sich eher waagerecht, die Amplitude ihrer Flügelschläge nahm stark ab, die Frequenz dagegen zu. In allen Fällen behielten die Tiere die volle Kontrolle über ihre Flugbewegungen, berichten die Forscher.

Offensichtlich kompensieren die Kolibris sowohl die störenden Effekte nassen Gefieders als auch die Kräfte, die der Regen auf sie ausübt. Selbst bei extremen Duschen von 270 Millimetern pro Stunde behielten sie die Kontrolle. Dabei spiele sicher eine Rolle, dass das Gefieder etwa die Hälfte der direkten Kräfte der Tropfen elastisch abfedere, schreiben die Forscher. Zudem seien die Vögel in der Lage, sich mitten im Flug fast alle Feuchtigkeit aus dem Gefieder zu schütteln.

Diesen Aspekt hatten die Forscher bereits in früheren Arbeiten untersucht. Die Mikrostruktur ihrer Federn erlaube den Kolibris, effektiv Regenwasser loszuwerden, vermuteten Ortega-Jimenez und Dudley damals.

Die extreme Biegsamkeit der Federn steigere die durchschnittliche Geschwindigkeit an den Spitzen um bis zu 36 Prozent. Im Schnitt hätten die Tiere bei leichtem Regen 67 Wassertröpfchen pro Sekunde abschütteln können, was etwa 2,2 Milligramm Wasser entspreche.


Allerlei: Mythos: Menschen töteten viele Kolibri`s, ein Pechsee entstand und die Bösen versanken darin.



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