Liliales Anhang


Vergleich: Siehe: Lilienähnliche (= Liliopsida), Lilienartige (= Liliidae) und Lilien (= Liliaceae)


[Stephanie Nile]

Lil-t: Arrogance. Sars: Capricious. Colch: Identity. Paris: Apprehensive.

The Liliales can be taciturn, or sexual, vain, hysterical, alcoholic, and often foolish.


Pervading rubrics:

    Dull. Morose. Angry. Intolerant of contradiction

    Excitable. Loquacious. Shrieking. Hysterical.

    Haughty. Censorious and critical.



Colchicaceae spp. Disporum, Ornithoglossum, Uvularia, Colch.

Colchicum (Meadow Saffron)

Colchicum grows in moist conditions, in meadows and woods. The patient needs liquids to prevent gout, etc.

Farrington: Affects the nerves, in typhoid conditions and debility, e.g. after missing sleep, there is great tiredness, no appetite, and a bad taste in the mouth.

DD.: Nux-v. In typhoid the intellect is clouded. The face is cadaverous. The cold sweat on the forehead is similar to Verat. Tongue is heavy and stiff.

Almost complete loss of speech, and the breath is cold. The body is hot, the extremities cold. Restlessness, retching and vomiting.

The state is very sensitive, she feel unprotected (Naked Ladies). Rudeness is the worst thing, it drives her wild! She does not forgive you.

    Ailments from: Disappointment, bad news, emotions, grief, rudeness.

    Contradiction, intolerant of. Taciturn. Rage.

    Sensitive - to all external impressions. Excitement - nervous. Exhilaration.

    Laughing - sardonic.

Child: upset by injustice. A patient saw her friend cheating at school, she was so upset she couldn't finish her own test.

    Indignation - at misdeeds of others. Weeping.

    Reading - understand, does not.

    Writing - inability, for.

    Speech - finish sentence, cannot.

    Thoughts - disconnected.

Logical thinking becomes difficult when she looses her ability to focus her perception. She will jump from point to point during the consultation. It can be quite difficult to get the story

into anything like a logical sequence (the very opposite of the structured story given by a "mineral" patient).

    Feels mind as a jig-saw, the pieces are there but not all together.

    Confounding objects and ideas.

    Answering - does not answer when questioned.

The gout makes her irritable and bad tempered.

    Despair - pains, with the.

    Discouraged - pain from.

    Contraction of muscles and tendons. Cramps. Rheumatic pains.

Therapeutics: Prostration, Coldness, Gout (muscular tissues, periost, and synovial membranes). Dysentery.

Sensation: pains like electric shocks or like a needle.

Miasm: Syphilitic or Malarial.

Similars: Ant-c. CALC. carb-v. Merc.

All share : anxiety and depression. They are taciturn and tearful.



All-c. All-s. Anthericum, Aspar. Astelia, Helon.

Rx: Verat(?). Par. Colch. Helon. Lil-t. Sabad. Agra. Orni. Aloe.

Rajan: Family Sensations “As if: Squeezing out - like tootpaste”

Theme: Neglected.

Convallaria (Lily of the Valley) Boericke

It affects the female genitals and the heart, and produces lassitude, relaxation and chilliness.

Proving: She feels as if she must protect her heart from painful emotions. As she ages she becomes more and more distant, until the colour of life fades away.


Dull, can hardly think. > Depression. Grieves very easily.

Sensations: As if the heart stops and starts.



Lilium Tigrinum (Tiger Lily)


A sense “As if she were going to be crazy”, “As if she did not hang on to herself and hold tight”.

Profound mental depression; to the prover "the heavens seemed brass and the earth iron;" an apprehension of moral obliquity weighed grievously upon her,

for about ten days after the sexual excitement, and continuing in alternation with the sexual excitement for more than four months after the proving.

< going to bed; can't go to sleep; wild feeling in the head as though I should go crazy and no one would take care of me; thoughts of suicide; how much Opium would put me to sleep forever,

and who would find my body, and who would care; a new train of thought for her.

While attending a lecture, desires to hit the lecturer, and in the evening desirous of swearing and damning the fire and things generally, and to think and speak obscene things; disposed to strike

and hit persons; as these feelings came, the uterine pains passed away.

It is a glamorous flower, and the woman can be passionate and beautiful. She has a strong sense of her own importance. Her personality can be haughty and domineering, her presence makes

others cower. She has mood swings and is impatient and easily provoked; she is oversensitive. Once she takes offence she can be quite nasty - you might get a slap!

            Busy, fruitless > Amusement, averse to. > Business, averse to. > Aversion, (to being approached).

Everything is pressurised and hurried, so she cannot tolerate dithering. They can get flustered by a 'wild' feeling when thoughts come all at once, its just like trying to spin too many plates at once.

It may bring on a headache.

            Haughty > Snappish >Throws, things, persons at. > Tears her hair > Head Pain, blinding.

Flow of the process: Thoughts Rush > Wild feelings > Confusion > Hysteria.

Imagines she is attractive, but flirtation is restrained by religion or just keeping busy (the theme of penance has been recorded). They can be Evangelists, or join the Salvation Army. They may

find the bands and the uniforms exciting! The sexual feeling come from a hormonal imbalance ... not from emotional desire.

            Fancies, lascivious. > Despair, religious, alternating with sexual excitement. > Self torture.

Sensations: Throbbing. Cramping. Pressing. Dragging down.

Therapeutics: Menopause. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Antiversion of Uterus.

Miasm : Sycotic (Compare with Medorrhinum)

Similars: Pall. Plat. Iod. share irritability, depression, constriction of the heart, heat and a liking for cold air.



Aloe (Aloe vera)

Adapted to sedentary, "weary" persons; averse to either mental or physical labor. If he sits he deliberates about standing up.

Lassitude # mental activity, depending on his digestion. The state is changeble, hypochondriacal, from contentment to discontent, with a repulsive, anthrophobic mood.

The misery is out of proportion to the complaint!

            Kent: Hates people, repels everyone. > Restrains himself from voilence

            Life is a burden. > Death, thoughts of. > Death, presentiment, predicts the time.

            Hatred, revenge, and. > Contemptuous. > Contradiction, is intolerant of. > Cursing, swearing.

            Timidity > Fear, people, of.

            Thoughts, intrude, sexual. > Lascivious, (lustful).

She can become self-absorbed when she feels insecure, and fearful of failure.

Sensation: Heaviness (Digestion, Colon).

Theme: Security and Belonging.

Miasm: Leprosy

Similars: Aloe vs. Am-m. both suffer from irritability and a sense of heaviness and flatulence - < sitting around!



Trillaceae        Inset: Trillium erectum

Trillium pendulum

    Confusion of mind - identity, sense of duality.

    Sadness. Irritability. Taciturn. Anger. Anxiety. Anguish.

    Fear of impending disease and of death.

Therapeutics: Haemorrhage. Nosebleed. Bloody expectoration. Leukorrhea bloody or offensive. Metorrhagia, bright red.

Sensations: Falling apart, as if broken (bandaging amel).


Paris Quadrifolia (Trillaceae)

Plant lives on calcium rich soils in damp and shady woods. The rubrics conjure up the image of someone not quite with it (in a social sense). An only child (Calc.) who talks to himself

all the time. He may even imagine he has friends to play with in his imaginary world.

Because his social development is poor he becomes a shy and inadequate teenager, who's antics and clowning give everyone the impression of some kind of fool.

His behaviour becomes quite tiresome to his friends.

    Egotism, speaking always about themselves

    Delusions, person, two personalities opposing. > Thoughts, two trains of thought

    Delusions, strange land as if in a. > Delusions, home, away from, is.                                              

    Loquacity, foolish. > Haughty > Rudeness. > Mocking.

The remedy may help him to be more aware of how others feel.

Similars: arg-n. nat-c. Merc. CALC-P.

Shared Sx: Taciturn. Vexation. Hysteria. Frightened. Desires company. Despair. Foolish. Alcohol.



Sars. Smilax.


Smilacaceae Rubrics ...

Anger, former vexations


Summary of the Proving: Inactive, languid, indisposed to work, awkward. Dull and muddled in the head, all the forenoon, in the afternoon peevish and ill-humored.

Sullen. Readily insulted by a word. Very much vexed and cannot forget vexatious matters.


The soul is extraordinarily affected by the pains, the spirit is oppressed, the mind troubled; he feels unhappy and groans involuntarily. Disgusted with everything, she has no pleasure in anything.



    Mood alternating, changeable. (Morose fly on the wall, by)

    Aversion to everything. (Conversation agg.)

    Doubt of recovery or Fear of not recovering.

    Delusions, dead persons sees. Spectres, ghosts sees.

Miasm: Syphilis or Ringworm.


Melanthiaceae            spp. Helonias. Melanthium. Aletris. Trillium. Veratrum (pic)

Rx: Verat. Sabad.Verat-v. Helon. Xero. Alet. Polygo-o.

N.B. the Cronquist system places the Melanthiaceae in the Sapindales!


Top (core) Melanthiaceae Rubrics ...

Unconsiousness (coma stupor)




Answers, refuses

Aletris (Colicroot) Boericke

Rubrics: Concentration difficult. Discontented, Sulky.

Therapeutics: Debility with scanty menses.

Sensation: Heaviness (uterus).


Veratrum album (Hellebore)

Farrington: Used for cholera since Hahnemans time. It seems to act prominently on the abdominal organs, probably through the splanchnic nerves. When these nerves are paralyzed the

blood-vessels becomes over-charged with blood and pour forth their serum. The prostration the coldness and the terrible sinking sensation that belong to Veratrum all start from these nerves.


It is indicated in delirium when there is restlessness, with desire to cut and tear the clothing, with loquacity and rapid, earnest, loud talking; he strikes those about him; anxiety; frightened at

imaginary things; lasciviousness; lewdness in talk; he springs out of bed and rushes about the rooms if thereby to obtain relief.

DD.: Verat. Coldness (cold sweat on the forehead).

            Bell. less cold

            Stram. Less cold

Image: We can visualize Veratrum as someone attractive who has grown up with every comfort of privilege (Contemptuous: "Do not contradict me! I'm never wrong"),

who realizes she isn't really wanted anymore.


She loves routine and fears loss of wealth and status because they make her feel that she "belongs". She would loosing everything if she was pushed away - as in a divorce. Holding on to

a egotistical attitude doesn't help much!


When the bubble bursts it all ends in a state of shock and depression. Verat. might fall back on a sense of Spirituality if he has the delusion that he is doing Gods will here on earth.

Deep down he knows he is deluding himself to some extent ... which another source of anxiety. (DD.: Nux-v. Lyc.)

    Uses every possible means to reach his goal.

    Restless activity, works her way up         

    Boasting: Spending money. Wishes to be considered rich

    Delusion, she is distinguished, a great person

    Delusion: religious, appointed by god

    Contemptuous, censorius, haughty, righteousness - hard on inferiors.

    Flattering, affectionate, embraces everyone - respects superiors


Theme: Anxiety of being pushed away and abandoned. In Lac Caninum there is a sense of inferiority and dependence, which could manifest as the fear of being abandoned

Therapeutics: Cholera and intussusception (telescoping) of the bowels, with vomiting and purging, rice-water stool, colic and cramp.

Similars: Ars. Carb-v. Kali-c. MERC. Ph-ac. Sil.

Shared Sx: Foreboding. Cheerful or discouraged. Hurried Obstinate. Rage. Mania. Insanity. Alcoholism.



Closely related to Verat. The state can be brought on by fright and hysteria. It may be used (Verat.) in cases of imaginary diseases, e.g. false pregnancy.

Proving: The mind seems overexcited, tense, the disposition however is little sensitive, cold; but after several days the understanding is decidedly depressed; he can with difficulty

comprehend many things, thinks slowly; the disposition, however, is more easily excited, everything deeply affects him.

Strange thoughts, confusion of identity, (Thuj.) mixed with revulsion of ones body or sensations of deformity (shrinking or enlargement).

Proving: He imagines all sorts of strange things about his own body, for instance, that it had shrunk like that of dead persons, that his stomach was corroded, that the scrotum was swollen,

etc.; he knows that all this is fanciful; he continues to imagine it,

The sensation of enlargement can be experienced mentally as a belief that he is appointed (or deserted) by God.

Rubrics :

            Gloomy mood, as if he were the greatest criminal. > Vexed at every trifle.

            Insensible to sexual excitement; he is even nauseated by amorous caresses

            Delusions, separated, thoughts are. > soul, body was too small for or separate. > Delusions, thoughts being outside of body.

            Fear, death, of. > Religious, (affections). > Has deserted the true faith > Has broken his vows

            Fancies, exaltation of, sleeplessness, with.

            Haughty > Unfeeling, hardhearted. > Vehement.

            Vivacious > Passionate

            Generals: Periodicity, 4th day. - 7th day.

            Dreams: Busy. Amorous. Anxious (business)

            Female/Male: Sexual aversion- > desire-increased.

Sensations: Separated (from goodness). Enlargement vs. Shrinking.

Beating dull stitches in several parts of the body, almost like pressure, and sometimes pinching, intermitting several times.

Therapeutics: Hayfever with violent spasmodic sneezing and lachrymation.

Miasm : Sycotic and Syphilitic.

Similars: CALC PHOS merc.

Shared traits: Anger, fear, sexuality, guilt, confusion, obscessions, hallucinations and alcoholism.


Veratrum viride

Farrington: produces congestions of the base of the brain and of the upper portion of the spinal cord. It this interferes with the function of the pneumogastric nerves.

At first it seems to produce engorgement of the lungs, just such as we witness in the beginning of the pneumonia. We have dizziness and faintness on attempting to sit up, nausea,

cold sweat and orthopnoea (has to sleep propped up - a symptom of heart failure), and in fact every symptom of paralysis of the heart from over-exertion of that organ.

Thus you will see that Veratrum viride comes in as an invaluable remedy in those violent congestions which precede pneumonia. It may even abort the whole disease.

Similars : Hydr-ac


Helonias diocia

Boericke: Very worn out but unable to sleep. Restless, moving about amel. Will keep busy to get through the tiredness. Which means she won't stop, even when told

that she is wearing herself out.

Proving: Prior to taking the remedy I never felt better; soon after taking there was an entire change in the surrounding circumstances; I very soon became irritable, gloomy,

and dull; could not endure the least contradiction or receive any suggestions in regard to any subject; all conversation was unpleasant, and what I most desired was to be left

alone, reserving to myself the privilege of finding fault with everything around me;


            Ailments, from joy, excessive. > "Enervated by indolence and Luxury"

            Restlessness, women, in. > Industrious, mania for work.

            Censorious, (critical). > "Suggestion will not receive"

            Sadness, company aversion desire for solitude.

            Sexual desire-diminished.     

Therapeutics: Conscious of womb, (prolapse). Backache, dragging in pelvis. Repeated miscarriage.

Sensations: Dragging downwards.

Compare: Sepia. Miasm: Sycosis



Themes from the Synonym database: Iris and Vanil, Cheerful, Amative. Croc: Religious.

Dr. Sankaran: Liliflorae Themes:

Forced out. Squeezed.  Oppressed, constrained. Constricted. Excluded.

They hold on -> attractive behaviour to be included.

Alliaceae: Rx: All-c, All-s, All-u. Now Includes the Amaryllidaceae, (spp. Amaryllis, Galanthus: Snowdrop, Narcissus, Leucojum.)

Family sensation: Sinking

Top (core) Alliaceae Rubrics ...





Allium cepa (Onion)

Therapeutics: Excoriating coryza. Acute hay fever.

Allium Sativum (Garlic) Boericke

A feeling of restlessness with impatience, worse when alone.

            Fear, alone, of being. Weeping in sleep. Fear, death, of.

            Menorrhagia. > Menses, acrid, excoriating.

            Urethra:Pain, burning. > Urine: Albuminous or Dark.

            Eye: Agglutinated > Nose: Coryza > Larynx: Scraping

Therapeutics: Affinity for mucous membranes.

Sensations of: Ailments: gluttony! Incarcerated flatus. Distension.

Astrid Süßmuth




Order Asparagaceae e.g. Aparagus. Agavaceaea (e.g. yucca), Hyacynthaceae sometimes included.



Asparagus contains anti-oxidants, chromium and nickel.

Proving: A peculiar anxiety, with palpitation of the heart, and ill-humor.


    Anxiety.> Irritability. Restlessness.

    Morose.> Carried, desires to be.

    Excitement. > Cheerful.



    Cutting and burning in urethra.

Miasm: Sycotic.

Similars: Ferr-pic. Pic-ac.

Shared Sx: Sycosis. Weakness and heaviness. Taciturn averse to company. Sexuality.

Hyancinthoides non-script (Agraph. or Scilla nutans - Bluebell)

It relaxes the whole system. Chill from exposure to cold winds.


Therapeutics: Catarrh.



            Thoughts, wandering. > Fancies, lascivious.

            Mood, changeable, variable. > Irritability.

Therapeutics: Pain in the liver.

Gonorrhoea: Erythematous redness of the genitals.


family Iridaceae        

spp. Crocus etc, Rx: Croc. Iris-t, Home, Iris-fa.

Top (core) Iridaceae Rubrics ...


Morose (peevish)

Anger (easily)


Crocus Sativus (Saffron) Boericke

A capricious and impressionable state. A very sensitive person. They are sexually attractive, exhuberant and extravegant. She loves music and laughter. Intense affection which

doesn't last. The excitement transforms into vexation and hysteria.

    Impressionable. Sensitive. Ailments, from joy, excessive.

    Ailments from abuse, reproaches, emotions, anger.

    Anger, alternating with repentance quick > Anger, trifles.

    Contemptuous. Hardhearted.

    Sympathetic. Offended easily.

    Dreams: The dead. Fire. Misfortune. Striving.

    Extremities, numbness. Pain: paralytic, aching, burrowing, tearing.

She can be a bit spaced out, and confuses past and present. The dreams are anxious, full of striving. Her Ladyship may have difficulties of a financial nature!

Theme: Rapid change. Neglect vs. Belonging.

Therapeutics: Metrorrhagia. Asthma. Rheumatism.

Miasm: Sycotic.


Iris Versicolor (Blue flag)

Very similar to Crocus, but a deeper state - dreams much more vexatious and frightening.

An aristocratic and showy flower, which reflects in the patients dress sense. Moods displeasure and irritability # liveliness (parties, joking, laughing). They care for others, but keep

their existential maliase to themselves. They feel that life is useless.

They are afraid of growing old and death (dreams of digging, graves and autopsies) ... the Greek goddess Iris leads the souls of dead women and lays Irises on their graves. (Joy Lucas)

    Nervous fretfulness. Irritable. > Suicidal, thoughts.

    Censorious. Anger, easily. Discouraged.

    Sadness. Company, aversion to.

    Laughing. Amourous.

    Dreams: The dead. Graves. Fire. Fights. Amorous.

    Affinities: Liver. Thyroid. Burning (GI tract).

Therapeutics: Headache or periodic Migrane with blurred vision. Vomits bile. Sciatica. Rheumatism.

Sensations: As in Crocus there are stitching, tearing and shootings pains.

Miasm: Syphillis or Malaria.



Top (core) Orchidaceae Rubrics ...


Ennui or Ecstacy

Spiranthes (Ladies tresses)

Complaining mood with melancholy thoughts. Affinity: Eyes, liver, kidneys.

Anxiety of conscience.

Complaining. Ennui. Sadness, Weeping. Hysteria.

Sexual desire increased or wanting. Dreams, amorous.

Delusions, brain seems to wobble. Vertigo.

Male, coition averse to. Sexual desire wanting or increased.

Leucorrhoea. Dryness. Itching.        

Sensations: Heaviness. Pressing.


Cypripedium (Ladies slipper)

Restlessness and irritability (hysteria) then debility and profound indifference. Amenorrhoea.


Corallorhiza (Crawley root)

Restless fever.


Dipodium puncatum (Hyacinth Orchid)

Rubrics: Generals - weakness. Sleeplessness.


Vanilla aromatica

Material Perfection (Stepford Wives), bland, normal, but sensual.

Mind - mental power increased.

Male/Female genitalia - sexual desire increased (or decreased).

Therapeutics: Anaemie.



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